Air Gear

Author: Oh!Great

Publisher: Kodansha Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 208

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Ikki Minami is a junior high school student with a dream – to become the best Air Trek rider in town. It won’t be easy, as he faces a lot of competition from boys and girls alike. What is Air Trek? Just the latest craze that involves taking a two-wheel inline skate and adding a motor, suspension and a shock absorber to enable the wearer to execute the wildest, wackiest, most aggressive moves you can imagine. Ikki has a lot to learn as he fights his way to the top in this wild, sexy manga from the creator of Tenjho Tenge! TRIED AND TESTED Time is running out before Ikki and Team Kogarasumaru face off against uber-villain Sora. Before they’re ready to take on the big boys, the team has to learn how to function as a team – something they hope to show off in a preparatory match against the White Wolves, a company team run by Kururu’s father. Does Kogarasumaru have the wings it needs to soar, or will it come crashing to the earth wth a resounding thud? This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the story! SEE LESS PRAISE

Air Gear Omnibus

Author: Oh!Great

Publisher: Kodansha Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 592

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The 20-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

A Practical Observing Guide

Author: Peter L. Manly

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Science

Page: 284

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A complete 2004 how-to guide, packed with advice on the most popular telescope in the world.

Douglas A-20 Havoc Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Author: United States Air Force




Page: 127

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Designed by Douglas Aviation engineer Ed Heinemann, the A-20 Havoc and its variants served in the U.S. Army Air Force and those of several allies. The plane was configured for attack, night fighter, and bomber roles, and nearly 7,500 were built from 1939 through 1944. The first order for the Havoc came from the French, who extensively tested the prototype aircraft after the USAAF failed to place an order. The French insisted on modifications that included new 1000 hp Pratt & Whitney engines (later upgraded to 1100 hp) and a narrower fuselage. The improved A-20¿s speed and handling compared favorably to a fighter aircraft. Little wonder it became one of the most extensively-built light bombers of WWII. Originally printed by the U.S. Army Air Force and Douglas, this handbook provides a fascinating glimpse inside the cockpit of this warbird. Originally classified ¿Restricted¿, the manual was declassified and is here reprinted in book form.

Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists

Air Conditioner, Campact [sic] Vertical, 208V, 3 Phase, 60,000 BTUH Cooling; 49,000 BTUH Heating (Trane Models), 50/60 Hertz Model MAC6V60-360-2, FSN 4120-935-5416, 400 Hertz Model MAC4V60-360-3, FSN 4120-935-5417




Category: Air conditioning


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History of Air-To-Air Refuelling

Author: Richard Tanner

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 352

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This is a unique account of the development and operational use of air-to-air flight refuelling since its early beginnings in the USA and the UK to the equipment that is in use today. The author draws upon his life-long career as senior design engineer with the successful British company In-Flight Refuelling who were responsible for the development of the hose and drogue technique now preferred by many of the world's air forces. The story begins in the early 1920s when the art of air refuelling was part of the Barn Storming record-breaking attempts that were popular in the USA. It continues into the late thirties when successful experiments were made. Amazingly, the Royal Air Force were not interested in pursuing this great technical advantage during World War II and it was the USAAF who requested the British invention to experiment with on their B-17s and B-24s. The Korean War saw extended use of operational air-to-air refuelling for the first time and now the 'tanker fleet' is an essential unit in major air-forces around the world.