Against the Mark

Author: Kat Martin

Publisher: MIRA


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Read the final book in New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin’s thrilling Raines of Wind Canyon series! In one catastrophic instant, Haley Warren’s father was taken from her. She knows the explosion that killed him was no accident. Tyler Brodie, the provocative and handsome P.I. hired by Haley, discovers that her father was investigating a suspected art theft. As Haley and Ty get closer to the truth, the truth gets ugly: Did Haley’s dad know too much…or was he in on the take? And although Ty’s a consummate professional, he’s having trouble focusing on the facts of the case, and not the figure of his gorgeous client. The two are determined to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means they die trying. “Kat Martin is a fast gun when it comes to storytelling, and I love her books.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller Originally in 2013.

The Mark Curtis Hoax

How the Socialist Workers Party Tried to Dupe the Labor Movement

Author: Martin McLaughlin

Publisher: Mehring Books


Category: Labor movement

Page: 253

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Mark Taylor: Genesis (Prequel in the Mark Taylor Series)

(A Supernatural Thriller)

Author: M.P. McDonald

Publisher: MP McDonald


Category: Fiction

Page: 150

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When Mark Taylor witnesses the drowning of a little girl whose death appeared to him in a photo taken the day before, he discovers that the camera he found in an Afghan bazaar has a strange and unique ability—it produces photographs of tragedies yet to happen.Tragedies that he is driven to prevent. Wary of his new super-hero like power to change the future, Mark keeps the camera a secret--even when it means risking his own life. But with only 24 hours to act, what if he fails to prevent the greatest tragedy his country has ever experienced? Key words: Free, thriller, paranormal suspense, mystery free police thrillers, free Political Thrillers & Suspense, magical realism, psychological suspense

Historical Essays

Author: Edward Augustus Freeman



Category: History

Page: 406

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The Law Journal Reports

Author: Henry D. Barton



Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Men of Fighters - The Mark

Author: Michael Sinclair

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction


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Step into a fantastical world where the bounds of knowledge and ability are unknown. Following Colik and Cerian, led by their father, Legoriath, out from the only home they ever knew, a cave in the barren land between the human and orc kingdoms. Their entire lives, they were told nothing about the rest of the present world, only what they had read in the books that their father had brought them. Leaving their home only under threat of an invading orc army, the leader without a face and a constant voice. They left their journey to return to the capital, where Legoriath plans to begin a counter-attack with the force of the entire kingdom’s army. Along the way, they are forced, by circumstance and morals to help refugee villagers get their home back from the orc army and its leader. There they meet the allies and rivals that fuel the fight to take back the village, and begin the journey to defeat the faceless leader, Suorius and all who stand with him.

The Mark of Cain

Author: Gary Earl Ross



Category: Fiction

Page: 98

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It is 1925. Ossian Cain-a widowed black doctor with a teen daughter, a new wife and baby, and a dentist brother-buys a home in a white neighborhood in a northern industrial city. On their second night, the Cains are threatened by a mob that calls for lync

Indian Philosophy of Religion

Author: R.W. Perrett

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 209

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With a few notable exceptions, analytical philosophy of religion in the West still continues to focus almost entirely on the Iudaeo-Christian tradition. In particular, it is all too customary to ignore the rich fund of concepts and arguments supplied by the Indian religious tradition. This is a pity, for it gratuitously impoverishes the scope of much contemporary philosophy of religion and precludes the attainment of any insights into Indian religions comparable to those that the clarity and rigour of analytic philosophy has made possible for the Iudaeo-Christian tradition. This volume seeks to redress the imbalance. The original idea was to invite a number of Indian and Western philosophers to contribute essays treating of Indian religious concepts in the style of contemporary analytical philosophy of religion. No further restrietion was placed upon the contributors and the resulting essays (all previously unpublished) exhibit a diversity of themes and approaches. Many arrangements of the material herein are doubtless defensible. The rationale for the one that has been adopted is perhaps best presented through some introductory remarks about the essays themselves.

The Mark of the Beast - Second Edition

Author: Bernard Palfrey




Page: 235

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There are glaring examples of error being taught and preached by the vast majority of Christendom; such as the belief that people go to heaven when they die, and that a place of torment is waiting for those who choose not to believe the Christian message. Among much more error being preached, there is also the wide spread belief that the Sabbath day has been changed for Christians from the Saturday to the Sunday.The mark of the beast is not a figment of the imagination but a real danger that will face all of those who refuse to heed the last call of God to worship Him in truth.It is widely believed that at the relevant time it will be an easy thing to refuse to have the mark of the beast. However, the mark of the beast is not a visible sign to accept or reject but a subtle intrusion upon the mind by Satan the arch deceiver.This book contains answers to some important questions. However, these answers will have no meaning to those who refuse to become spiritually aware of the questions.

The Mark of Gnosis

Author: Tom Kane

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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