Addiction to Love

Overcoming Obsession and Dependency in Relationships

Author: Susan Peabody

Publisher: Celestial Arts


Category: Psychology

Page: 216

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Love addiction manifests in many forms, from Fatal Attraction-type obsessive lust to less extreme but nonetheless psychologically and emotionally harmful forms. The most common of these is staying in a bad relationship because of a fear of being alone-the "I hate you but don'¬?t leave me" relationship. In ADDICTION TO LOVE, recovering love addict Susan Peabody explains the variety of ways this disorder plays out, from the obsessively doting love addict to the addict who can'¬?t disentangle from an unfulfilling, dead-end relationship. Peabody provides an in-depth and easy-to-follow recovery program for those suffering from this unhealthy and often dangerous addiction and explains how to create a loving, safe, and fulfilling relationship. A seminal work on unhealthy and obsessive behaviors in love, and how to change behavior to have a positive relationship. This third edition includes a new introduction and revisions to the text throughout. Some symptoms of love addiction include love at first sight, excessive fantasizing, abnormal jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty. Even relationships with parents, children, siblings, or friends may be addictive-dependency is not always related to romantic love. Previous editions have sold more than 40,000 copies."Love addiction is a three-headed serpent that Susan Peabody adeptly slays. This is the quintessential book for any love addict or counselor needing to fully understand this highly prevalent and complex disorder. Susan detects and dissects aspects of this condition not comprehended in other books of its kind. Recovery is possible. This book makes it possible to take the succinct steps necessary toward a loving and reciprocal long-term intimate relationship."-Sudi Scull, M.F.T., C.N., psychotherapist and nutritionist From the Trade Paperback edition.

Kate Moss - Addicted to Love

Author: Fred Vermorel

Publisher: Omnibus Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Party-girl supreme and queen of street fashion, supermodel and millionairess, Kate Moss is as familiar in headlines as on the catwalk as the twin narratives of lurid tabloid stories and continuing adulation of the fashion industry demonstrates to all the paradox of fame. Whether she’s partying, finding another way to get out of it, or strutting self-assuredly down a catwalk in Paris you can be sure photographers are in a huddle close by, ready splash her or crash her in tomorrows headlines. She is now more familiar to some as the Cocaine Kate of recent tabloid headlines than as the face of Chanel and Burberry. This searching and remarkable book charts both her career and personality as she is propelled out of a misspent youth by the hand of fate to the top of her profession and beyond to become an icon, bigger than the brands she is paid a fortune to represent. However, within the whirlwind of that life the book reveals to us an all-too-human Kate Moss too, as surprised as anyone by the nonsense of celebrity, an apparently addictive personality with a frenetic desire to be loved that accounts for her merry-go-round of celebrity lovers and parallel quest for a dream man to endorse her ethereal fashion self. From the Johnny Depp saga to her strange affair with Pete Doherty, this book recounts it all in a fast-paced, taboo-shattering style that is in a mould reminiscent of previous daring exposes from Fred Vermorel.

Madness, Addiction & Love

Author: Lilly White

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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“Sometimes a grave is not for bodies. It can be for the soul. The tomb of our fate. That forbidding fateful soul contract. For most of my life I have had weighty concerns & fears of living in madness, addiction & love. I either had too much or not enough of all three. I’d hear, ‘I love you’, then be beaten within a second for my next breath. I was on pins and needles constantly. Survival became a daily prayer. By 13, I was on booze, by 36, I was on my knees begging to a higher power to help me end it all. The day is Oct 7th, 1991. I have no idea how that prayer is going to be answered. I am about to find out what real madness is, learn about addiction and find love through letting go and finally in death. You are about to take a wild journey with me. Hang on, you will laugh out loud, hold your breath, allow tears to flow. You will come to know that no matter what life throws at us, we are all whole, holy.”

Addicted to Love

Recovering from Unhealthy Dependencies in Love, Romance, Relationships, and Sex

Author: Stephen Arterburn

Publisher: Vine Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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What do these people have in common? Carol cannot free herself from the abusive relationship she has endured for ten miserable years. Ben is driven to secret sexual liaisons with one woman after another. Ginny spends every free moment of her day absorbed in romance novels. Carol, Ben, and Ginny suffer from the same problem. Psychologists call it the "disease of the '90's"-"love" addiction. Addicted to "Love" describes the many forms this addiction can take-from romance novels and relationships to spouse abuse and sexual acxting-out. Like drug addicts or alcoholics, "love" addicts get high from sex and romance, develop a tolerance for it, and need ever-greater doses to keep going. Stephen Arterburn examines why this addiction is on the rise, what it looks like, who it afflicts, and what you can do if you suspect that your spouse, friend, or family member may be suffering from it. With compassion and wisdom, Arterburn points the way to psychological and spiritual healing, to enable men and women to enjoy real and lasting intimacy.

Addiction and Love

A Deadly Combination

Author: Jered Liechty

Publisher: JL Urban Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 330

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Beginning a few days before Christmas, in an unnamed town in the Midwest, the main character is living as a full blown Meth addict, and in addition to doing addict things like getting high, he falls in love. The circumstances are sketchy at best, and the focus of his love interest probably not a fitting recipient of his affections. The instant bond of love develops fast, almost as fast as the clothes start to come off. To celebrate when one is an addict is to get higher than usual, and sometimes this behavior comes with unforseen, and fatal consequences. This is exactly what happens to or man, his lady, and her friends. We leave the group dead or dying, with the main character narrating as he takes a fatal dose after finding his love interest seemingly overdosed. But is she dead? Is he dead. No one starts getting high in the hopes of becoming an addict and dying. But that is what happens; there are only three endings to an addicts life—jails, institutions, or death. p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 115%; }

Truth About Addiction and Recovery

Author: Stanton Peele

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Psychology

Page: 432

View: 184

A radical new approach to recovery—using methods proven more effective than medical treatment or twelve-step programs. Drawing on the latest research and detailed case studies, the authors expose the best-kept secrets in the recovery field: · Addictions—whether to food, cigarettes, sex, alcohol, or drugs—are not diseases, and they’re not necessarily lifelong problems. · Many more people give up addictions on their own than are helped by medical treatment or twelve-step programs. · Developing values, skills, and life resources enables people to quit addictions—and to shed the addict identity altogether. In their revolutionary “Life Process Program” for overcoming all kinds of addictions, the authors emphasize self-help and treatment through coping with stress and achieving one’s goals. As helpful as it is controversial, The Truth About Addiction and Recovery will forever change the way we view and treat addiction. “A classic.” —John Norcross, PhD, ABPP, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton and author of Changing for Good

Beyond Reward: Insights from Love and Addiction

Author: Xiaochu Zhang

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA




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It is an interesting topic to discuss addiction and love in the context of reward. In this e-book, we begin with an animal study of comparison between drug and natural reward. Then, some papers aim to understand the reward system underlying behavioral addiction focusing on technology, for example Internet addiction and mobile phone dependence. The third part of this e-book addresses the topic of love. Considered as a whole, this e-book demonstrates that drug and behavioral addictions are frequently related with negative consequences, while romantic love is related with a positive consequence. That's why romantic love may be considered as a natural addiction. We think that the notion of romantic love as a positive addiction may offer a new view for future research in the field.

Is It Love or Is It Addiction

The book that changed the way we think about romance and intimacy

Author: Brenda Schaeffer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 296

View: 997

A fresh, updated, and expanded edition of the book that changed the way we think about romance and intimacy. Many of us confuse longing and obsession with true love. Through two previous editions, Is It Love or Is It Addiction? has helped countless people find their way from the trials and confusion of addictive love to the fulfillment of whole and healthy relationships. As the author reveals, we can begin to work through relationship difficulties with compassion and lasting effect by increasing our awareness of the ways that we express love.In this expanded third edition, Brenda Schaeffer draws on years of feedback and new developments to foster an understanding of love addiction: what it is and what it is not, how to identify it, and, even more important, how to break free of it. Stories of real people struggling to develop sound relationships illustrate the characteristics of healthy love and help readers to free themselves to find real intimacy. Included is the most up-to-date information about the biological basis of addictive behaviors and the impact of technology on intimate relationships. The author also explores the influence of past abuse and trauma on the predisposition to love addiction.

Addicted to Love

Recovery, Empowerment and Finding Your True Self

Author: Lacy Alajna Bentley

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Psychology


View: 179

Addicted to Love is a roadmap to recovery and healthy relationships for female sex and love addicts. It’s hard to imagine love without the pain. Women who live with love addiction are a unique breed having learned to cope in a sex-driven world by finding their worth in sexuality and being wanted. The human need for lasting, meaningful relationships is constantly sabotaged by these women’s own behaviors on top of events outside their control. In Addicted to Love, Lacy A. Bentley—a woman who has been there—introduces her own recovery journey with courageous honesty to guide other women on their paths to recovery. Each chapter focuses on a different trait of emotional health and teaches women to integrate that trait in a workbook-style format. Lacy shows them how to secure their romantic heart, love like they were meant to, and break free from compulsive patterns, while presenting new ways of seeing day-to-day patterns. Every word guides brave women into the relationships they truly want and deserve—without excuses, compulsions, or addiction in the recovery roadmap of the future.

Addicted to Love

From Rehab to Heaven?

Author: Clare Catford

Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd


Category: Depression, Mental

Page: 144

View: 647

Essential reading for anyone who has struggled with personal difficulty through addiction of any kind, journalist Clare Catford describes her own struggles with love addiction and depression and chronicles how she has begun to find release by re-evaluating and rebuilding her faith.