Action Philosophers

Author: Fred Van Lente

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 352

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This ain't your grandpappy's dusty old philosophy class! It's the philosophy seminar your college ethics professor wished he could teach! It's . . . the definitive tenth-anniversary edition of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey's award-winning, best-selling Action Philosophers! Study the tenets of Plato, the wrestling superstar from ancient Greece, learn the lessons of Nietzsche, the original übermensch, and meditate on the messages of Bodhidharma, a kung fu master. Laugh, learn, laugh some more, and ponder the messages of history's great thinkers as Van Lente and Dunlavey deliver this comprehensive cartoon history from the pre-Socratics to Jacques Derrida!

Action Philosophers!: Joseph Campbell

Author: Fred Van Lente



Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 94

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In graphic novel format, explains the theories of various philosophers through humorous examples and anecdotes.

Scientific Practice and Ordinary Action

Ethnomethodology and Social Studies of Science

Author: Michael Lynch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Science

Page: 333

View: 260

This controversial book disputes the idea that science is the application of a unified method or the outgrowth of a progressive history of ideas.

Moral Psychology Today

Essays on Values, Rational Choice, and the Will

Author: David K. Chan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 250

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This volume is an edited collection of original papers on the theme of "Values, Rational Choice, and the Will". The editor is a Stanford-trained moral philosopher, and the organizer of a conference held on April 1-3, 2004. The conference succeeded in bringing together a wide range of essays that dealt with most of the central questions of moral philosophy today, in both normative ethics and meta-ethics, theoretical and applied ethics, and especially in moral psychology.


Here and Now Or There and Later

Author: Lizzie Cherie



Category: Fiction

Page: 484

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This book delves into the possibility of what life might be like in the afterlife. Will they know my past deeds or did I get away with it? Will there be accountability in the realm of the spirit world.

A Companion to the Philosophy of Action

Author: Timothy O'Connor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Philosophy

Page: 550

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Action offers a comprehensive overview of the issues and problems central to the philosophy of action. The first volume to survey the entire field of philosophy of action (the central issues and processes relating to human actions) Brings together specially commissioned chapters from international experts Discusses a range of ideas and doctrines, including rationality, free will and determinism, virtuous action, criminal responsibility, Attribution Theory, and rational agency in evolutionary perspective Individual chapters also cover prominent historic figures from Plato to Ricoeur Can be approached as a complete narrative, but also serves as a work of reference Offers rich insights into an area of philosophical thought that has attracted thinkers since the time of the ancient Greeks

The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

Author: Richard Bagozzi

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)


Category: Education

Page: 222

View: 551

This book illuminates an area of intense academic and wider interest, bringing together research and practical insights into how theories in social psychology can be applied to consumer behaviour. Core themes include information processing and social cognition, communication processes, attitude models, emotion, social identity theory, and action theory.

Action, Intention, and Reason

Author: Robert Audi

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 362

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?In this collection of essays, Audi develops a general theory of action ranging from the nature of action and action-explanation to free and rational action. . . . Audi employs a host of subtle distinctions and carefully crafted arguments in defending a unified position on the major issues in action theory. In his characteristically lucid prose, he makes vivid the location of those issues at the intersection of ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind. . . . [This volume] will make a lasting contribution to the literature in action theory.?--Alfred R. Mele, Mind