Access to Success

Academic Literacy in Higher Education

Author: Shelley Angelil-Carter

Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 196

View: 132

Tertiary institutions must provide for an increasingly diverse student population, many of whom speak English as an additional language, a nd have attended seriously under-resourced schools. The scale of the problem has necessitated the development of creative ways of ensuring access and successful outcomes. This book covers a diverse range of topics from language policy and academic literacy practices within the curriculum, to evaluation and assessment.

Access to Success in the Urban High School

The Middle College Movement

Author: Harold S. Wechsler

Publisher: Teachers College Press


Category: Education

Page: 206

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This fascinating history of one school innovation recounts the painstaking labours of those willing to help at-risk youth succeed in our complex society. Harold Wechsler examines the middle college movement by focusing on a quarter-century of growth at the first Middle College. Started in 1974 at LaGuardia Community College in New York, this successful alternative school has since been widely replicated and adapted throughout the country. Anyone interested in the processes of educational reform will find this captivating story and Wechsler’s in-depth policy analysis to be essential reading.

Access to Success and Social Mobility through Higher Education

A Curate’s Egg?

Author: Stuart Billingham

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 272

View: 905

This collection of essays illuminates the benefits, drawbacks, challenges and opportunities of the push to widen access to success and social mobility through university and other post-secondary education experiences in the UK and internationally.

Degrees of Success

The Transitions from Vocational to Higher Education

Author: Geoff Hayward

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 644

Learners with a VET background experience much higher rates of attrition compared to learners entering HE with academic qualifications. Degrees of Success explores the transition from vocational to higher education, and outlines what more can be done to support and provide improved access to HE for these learners.

PISA Pathways to Success How Knowledge and Skills at Age 15 Shape Future Lives in Canada

How Knowledge and Skills at Age 15 Shape Future Lives in Canada

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing



Page: 128

View: 251

Presents the findings of Canada's Youth in Transition Survey, which complements OECD's PISA survey and offers significant new policy insights in understanding students’ choices at different ages and the impact of these decisions on consequent education and labour market outcomes.

Understanding Inequalities in, through and by Higher Education

Foreword by Philip G. Altbach


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Education


View: 722

Aiming to bridge theory and practice, each chapter outlines relevant literature, highlights key areas for consideration, and offers suggestions for real-world application. The book will be of interest to researchers, university students, expedition organisers, and outdoor instructors.

Creating Conditions for Student Success

Social justice perspectives from a South African university

Author: Magda Fourie-Malherbe

Publisher: African Sun Media


Category: Education

Page: 356

View: 392

The various chapters of this book have brilliantly provided perspectives on creating conditions for success in higher education from a wide variety of stakeholders within a university environment. The rich content comes from varying fields of study as well as academic development and student affairs directorates within the institution. This is what is exciting about the book. The diversity of focus in chapters makes the book relevant to anyone with interest in higher education matters. From the opening to the closing chapter, students are making a contribution on what the university has done or is doing for them to succeed or what it should consider doing to improve its service to students. This touches on every environment that students find themselves in a university setting, from residences, to the classroom to commuter or off-campus students. The book’s extended use of the capabilities approach and critical social theories has enabled it to provide nuances on not only the success of students, but, more importantly, about how the higher education environment can transform itself to practices relevant for the sector today. The various research studies in this book can benefit similar university contexts nationally and internationally.

Angst and Hope: Current Issues in Student Affairs Leadership

New Directions for Student Services, Number 153

Author: Elizabeth J. Whitt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 941

From a fall 2015 survey of senior student affairs officers this issue of New Directions for Student Services summarizes the responses to the two questions about challenges and encouragements in student affairs. The editors summarize trends and context of responses. Survey data is reproduced in appendices.

The 5-Minute Guide To Success On LinkedIn

Wellington's 5-Minute Guides For Success | Book 7

Author: Roman Alexander Wellington

Publisher: Wellington Press, LLC


Category: Computers

Page: 31

View: 875

The 5-Minute Guide To Success On LinkedIn is for entrepreneurs who want to leverage the incredible secret power of LinkedIn for business growth, expert positioning, and lead generation. This guide walks you through why you should be using LinkedIn, and how to use it the right way, to unleash the platform's unique power for your success. This book, the 7th in the acclaimed "Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success” series, covers in a short and easy to understand way, such topics as: ✔️ How To Create A Professional Profile ✔️ Showcase Your Work ✔️ Watch Who's Watching Your ✔️ Finding Your Group ✔️ Keeping Your Account Active ✔️ Providing Value & Expertise ✔️ Why Sharing Is Caring ✔️ Sponsoring Your Content ✔️ Essential Resources You'll Need For Your Entrepreneurial Journey ⚜️ About The Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success Series ⚜️  Roman Alexander Wellington decided to launch a series of beginner-focused, “short reads” style books, focused on the most essential areas of success that could be read quickly and referred back too often by new entrepreneurs. "Wellington's 5-Minute Guides For Success" Cover Topics Including: Entrepreneurship Mindset Leadership Business Branding & Personal Branding Content Marketing Digital Marketing While Mr. Wellington’s full-length books focus more in-depth on each subject area, the 5-Minute Guides are intended to provide beginner-friendly tips, strategies, explanations, and reference points. These guides are for readers who are looking for more information on one of the covered topic areas, but don’t have several hours to sit and read a full-length book on it. He hoped this “short read” style would help him reach readers just starting their entrepreneurial journey who may be interested in building businesses or brands of their own, and we’re looking for a simple way to start learning what was required. The books within the “Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success” series are not intended to provide in-depth coverage of each topic, nor are they for readers with extensive previous experience (although they could certainly be helpful refreshers). They are intended to help a beginner understand the basics, and help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid getting “information overload”. By providing shorter, less complex, and more easily digestible information, Mr. Wellington hoped that it would be enough to spark the interest of his readers, encourage them to learn more, and provide the initial knowledge needed for them to take their first steps in their entrepreneurial journey. ⚜️ About The Author: Roman Alexander Wellington ⚜️ Roman Alexander Wellington is an American business magnate who has founded nine companies, comprising dozens of brands, and has 20-years of experience in Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Corporate Branding. He is a second-generation public relations specialist, is ranked as one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in the USA, has founded three award-winning Marketing and Public Relations firms, and is a Best-Selling Author who has written 20+ books on the subjects of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Branding, and Digital Marketing.