Accents and Rebounds

For the Snare Drummer

Author: George Lawrence Stone

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 52

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George Lawrence Stone's Accents and Rebounds, the follow-up to the classic Stick Control, builds on the basics with accent routines and more advanced rhythms to improve the player's finesse and control. This book includes sections on accented eighths, dotted notes, and triplets, as well as rebound control and more. If you are a fan of Stick Control, then this method supplies the perfect next step for your practice routine. This updated edition adds Joe Morello's legendary arrow notation to help students incorporate the motions of the Moeller technique.

Teaching Percussion, Enhanced, Spiral bound Version

Author: Gary D. Cook

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Education

Page: 560

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Cook’s TEACHING PERCUSSION, which includes over seven hours of video footage, continues to set the standard in percussion instrument methods texts. Providing a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of percussion education, technique and performance, this enhanced third edition develops students' musical understanding and performance skills. The author's consistent and detailed philosophy introduces students to a refined teaching methodology--and gives them greater insight into the learning process by integrating contemporary concepts about experiential awareness learning. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Drum Set Smart Book


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications


Category: Music

Page: 80

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Full of essential tips and exercises to improve a drummer's most important techniques, the Drumset SMART (Style-Mechanics-Applications-Routines-Tips) book is a text with easy to understand terminology. Steve explains the mechanics and musical aspects of drumming as if he were teaching a lesson one on one. Whether you are just beginning your studies, or are an experienced player, this SMART book to drumset can be used as a resource for instant solutions at your finger tips. Companion CD is included.

Open-Handed Playing

Author: Claus Hessler

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 118

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This groundbreaking book offers a step-by-step approach for drummers of all styles to learn and apply the concept of open-handed playing on the modern drumset. Based on concepts developed by teaching great Jim Chapin and fusion legend Billy Cobham, Open-Handed Playing not only outlines all the benefits of avoiding the crossing of hands when playing the drumset, but provides an incredibly detailed, complete and approachable method for learning this technique. "There is a wealth of ideas and exercises that offer students inspiration to develop their own approaches and applications." Tom Morgan, Percussive Notes

Teaching Percussion

Author: Gary Cook

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Music

Page: 499

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This revision continues to set the standard in percussion instrument methods texts. Providing a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of percussion education, technique, and performance, this text helps students develop musical understanding and performance skills. The text's consistent and detailed philosophy introduces students to a refined teaching methodology, as well as a greater understanding of the learning process, by integrating contemporary concepts about experiential awareness learning.


Author: Texas Education Agency



Category: Education


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The Ultimate Hand Technique Workshop

Author: Henrique De Almeida

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Category: Drum set

Page: 118

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The Ultimate Hand Technique Workshop In this book, "The Drum Set Coach" and Berklee Professor, Henrique De Almeida combines the most important hand techniques every drummer should know. The goal of the book & online course (www.TheDrumSetCoach.Com) is to introduce all drummers with the necessary skills to play "glitch-free" with musical flow and smoothness. This book presents a tremendous amount of vocabulary that has real musical applications for the drum set performance. The exercises and concepts presented in the book will enhance all areas of drumming-time keeping, fills and solo ideas. The highlight of the book (and what makes this book different than any other hand technique books out there) is the musical concepts created with Henrique's "hybrid" sticking system. This new way of practicing mirrors the way we play in real life. This book mixes all the important hand techniques together like never before! Single strokes, accents & rebounds, push & pull, double strokes, paradiddle, basic Moeller strokes, flams, finger control, diddle combinations, odd-groupings-stickings, musical applications with phrasing & flow & music forms, development of solo & Improvisation skills. Stop hauling 40 books around and start saving time and money by practicing all you need for hand technique in one book! This book is not a departure from the teachings of traditional hand technique, it is, however a culmination of the teachings of the top hand technique masters, now in one single book! The materials presented in the book have been well tested over several years and have proven to facilitate great results. The final goal is for the student to be able to be free to express music ideas as close to what he or she imagines as possible. This book present the tools to training your hands and mind so the hands will obey the thoughts behind the ideas quickly resulting in an immediate sound picture of the desired phrase. Playing what we imagine with immediacy, without glitches is the goal of the entire book. "Henrique has the best hand technique of any drummer I've known. And I've known some good ones!" - John Ramsay, Chairman/ Percussion Department, The Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

Color Music for Children

A Guide for Mothers and Teachers of Young Children

Author: Fannie Elisabeth Hughey



Category: Music

Page: 235

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