A Journey Through Texas

Or, A Saddle-trip on the South-western Frontier; with a Statistical Appendix

Author: Frederick Law Olmsted



Category: Slavery

Page: 516

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Kentucky's Best

Fifty Years of Great Recipes

Author: Linda Allison-Lewis

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Category: Cooking

Page: 269

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Texas Monthly





Page: 196

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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

His Texas Bride

Author: Deb Kastner

Publisher: Steeple Hill


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 469

It's been years since single father Buck Redmond set foot in his Texas hometown. For good reasons—or so he thinks. He plans to quickly sell his family's ranch and hightail it out with his son. But the Redmond homestead now belongs to his former flame, Ellie McBride. The violet-eyed beauty stirs up all kinds of bittersweet memories—including why Buck left her behind. And she somehow manages to turn his scowling son into a happy, talkative junior cowboy. Soon enough, Buck is reminded of why he loved Ellie. But making her his Texas bride will mean completely opening his heart.

Sex Letters to Mr. Anthony and Breakfast with the Wife Swappers

Breakfast with the Wife Swappers

Author: Anthony N. Bellon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 324

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This book contains 150 letters on practically every conceivable sexual subject imaginable form marrying a deceased lover to wedding a giant statue in a public square. Mr. Anthony gives each missive a witty and sarcastic wisecrack response. Each mailer writes two letters. Some of them are years and situations apart. There are sex letters from people all over the United States even one from a lowly, asexual amoeba to the spirit of a horny George Washington. In reading this hysterical collection, Mr. Anthony asks that you be completely nonjudgmental and to feel reassured that happiness is knowing that everyone else is miserable too. This play is a comedy about the wife swappers the-morning-after-night-before. One couple is seasoned at switching but it is the virgin experience for the other pair. Laughter reigns supreme throughout the entire hilarious two acts!