What's So Amazing about Grace?

Author: Philip Yancey

Publisher: HarperCollins Christian Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 144

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The visual edition takes the text of the Gold Medallion Award-winning original and illustrates its themes and message with provocative full-color photography and illustrations; readers can 'experience grace' as they interact with its engaging content.

About Grace

A Novel

Author: Anthony Doerr

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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The first novel by the author of the acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning #1 New York Times bestseller All the Light We Cannot See, one of the most beautiful, wise, and compelling debuts of recent times. David Winkler begins life in Anchorage, Alaska, a quiet boy drawn to the volatility of weather and obsessed with snow. Sometimes he sees things before they happen—a man carrying a hatbox will be hit by a bus; Winkler will fall in love with a woman in a supermarket. When David dreams that his infant daughter will drown in a flood as he tries to save her, he comes undone. He travels thousands of miles, fleeing family, home, and the future itself, to deny the dream. On a Caribbean island, destitute, alone, and unsure if his child has survived or his wife can forgive him, David is sheltered by a couple with a daughter of their own. Ultimately it is she who will pull him back into the world, to search for the people he left behind. Doerr's characters are full of grief and longing, but also replete with grace. His compassion for human frailty is extraordinarily moving. In luminous prose, he writes about the power and beauty of nature and about the tiny miracles that transform our lives. About Grace is heartbreaking, radiant, and astonishingly accomplished.

The Truth about Grace

Author: John MacArthur

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Religion

Page: 110

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Best-selling author and pastor John MacArthur illuminates this profound concept with verse upon verse of Scripture. He also shows that misunderstandings about grace have led to some of the church s greatest problems, perhaps because grace is her most precious gift."

Where Is God When it Hurts/What's So Amazing About Grace?

Author: Philip Yancey

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 592

View: 352

Award-winning author Philip Yancey takes you for a soul-searching look at two of Christianity’s most important topics WHAT’S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? In this critically acclaimed, bestselling book, Philip Yancey explores the church’s great distinctive—grace—at street level. If grace is God’s love for the undeserving, and if Christians are its sole dispensers, then how are we doing at lavishing grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy? Offering compelling, true portraits of grace’s life-changing power, Yancey searches for its presence in his own life and in the church. And he challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately wants to know, What’s So Amazing About Grace? WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS? If there is a loving God, then why is it that ... ? You’ve heard that question, perhaps asked it yourself. No matter how you complete it, at its root lies the issue of pain. In this award-winning book, Philip Yancey reveals a God who is neither capricious nor unconcerned. Using examples from the Bible and from his own experiences, Yancey looks at pain—physical, emotional, and spiritual—and helps us understand why we suffer. Where Is God When It Hurts? will speak to those for whom life sometimes just doesn’t make sense. And it will help equip anyone who wants to reach out to someone in pain but doesn’t know what to say.

Shouting for Grace

A Novel

Author: Sylvia Peddycord

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 306

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Ellie Hartleys carefully controlled life explodes when she faces the billboard: Dont Make Me Come Down ThereGod. Ellie lives in San Diego and has built a life that allows her to function with her compulsive tendencies under control. She fled from her North Carolina home ten years earlier to escape the rituals that rendered her helpless. The message from God forces her return to face both her eccentric family and her twelve-year-old daughter Grace, who is showing signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Ellie attempts to reconnect with Grace after a long separation. But Grace, hurt, confused, and angry that Ellie abandoned her, runs away. Ellie is diagnosed with breast cancer, and her OCD returns in a fury. Back in San Diego, she attempts to help Grace while being treated for cancer. Her perceptions of her past are turned upside down when she uncovers a stunning secret about her family, a secret that has defined her life. Shouting for Grace explores how childhood experiences and perceptions shape us as children and adults and how fear can define us. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and often both, Shouting for Grace celebrates the indomitable human spirit.

The Blessed Woman

Learning About Grace from the Women of the Bible

Author: Debbie Morris

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 531

Discover the True Meaning of Being Blessed It’s not easy being a woman. The demands and expectations of us, and those we place on ourselves, can be overwhelming. While trying to navigate this thing called “life,” have you ever longed for a close friend, confidant, or mentor to walk alongside you and encourage you in Biblical womanhood? Debbie Morris did. And yet even as a young minister’s wife, she found herself without someone to fill this all-important role. So she turned to the Bible. Biblical women such as Eve, Sarah, and Miriam had always fascinated her. But now they also became her friends, sisters, and teachers. Through their stories, the Holy Spirit revealed how their lives—both joys and struggles—weren’t that much different from ours today and how they can teach women today to be a grace-filled, life-giving woman of God. In The Blessed Woman, Debbie invites you to learn from these women as well. As she shares her own stories and the stories of discerning women in the Bible, she addresses topics such as overcoming insecurity, finding purpose, establishing priorities, letting go, and waiting. The Blessed Woman reminds us how God longs for every woman to experience His tenderness—and to know the true meaning of being blessed.

Grace for Grace

The Psalter and the Holy Fathers : Patristic Christian Commentary, Meditations, and Liturgical Extracts Relating to the Psalms and Odes

Author: Johanna Manley

Publisher: St Vladimir's Seminary Press


Category: Religion

Page: 748

View: 944

An anthology of commentary by the Church Fathers of meditations relating to the Psalms and scriptural odes. Extracts form Orthodox Christian festal and lenten services have been included as heuristic aides, as well as Old Testament passages from the Book of Kings. Also included is The Psalter According to the Seventy, a Septuagint version translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Two appendices and glossary.

Fight for Grace

It's Time to Roll up Your Sleeves

Author: Andrew Nelson

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 180

View: 861

Are you ready to fight for the gospel? Since the beginning of Christ’s ministry, the gospel of grace has been under attack. At every turn throughout the ages, people have sought to change the freeing truth of Jesus’ good news into mindless religious bondage. Today, the battle rages on... What part will you play in the fight for grace? Is the gospel that you believe and lead others to believe freeing, or is it enslaving? With an in-depth and freeing study of the gospel of grace, Andrew Nelson asks you to leave your man-made religion at the door and fight for the grace of God that Jesus so willingly gave His life to reveal. If you don’t do it, who will?

The Case for Grace Student Edition

A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives

Author: Lee Strobel

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 516

In The Case for Grace Student Edition, Lee Strobel and Jane Vogel present a compelling and highly personal experiential case for God, focusing on God’s transforming work in the lives of people today. Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journey from atheism to Christianity to explore the depth and breadth of God’s redeeming love, including those whose lives have been radically changed after discovering the “how” and “why” behind God’s amazing grace. You’ll encounter racists, addicts, and even murderers who have found new hope and purpose. You’ll meet once-bitter people who have learned to forgive those who have harmed them—and, equally amazing, people mired in guilt who have discovered that they can even forgive themselves. Through it all, you will see how God’s grace can change your eternity and relationships… starting today.


Author: Craig Wright

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Category: Drama

Page: 57

View: 909

THE STORY: GRACE is a tragicomedy that explores human assumptions about how God, goodness, faith and causality operate in the cosmic machinery. Steve and Sara have relocated to Sunrise, Florida to pursue an unbelievably wonderful business deal, but