A complete guide to crystals and color healing

Author: Jennie Harding

Publisher: Ivy Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

View: 488

A complete guide to collecting and using crystals, covering their meaning, physical characteristics, and healing properties. Crystals divides the earth’s most significant minerals into twenty color bands and explores the meaning and healing qualities of each color ray alongside the properties of the stones. A beautiful crystal color directory and crystal gallery profile over one hundred of these extraordinary works of nature. Detailed information on the effect each crystal has on mind, body, and spirit is combined with practical advice on crystal healing

Healing Crystals

Discover the Therapeutic Powers of Crystals

Author: Karen Ryan

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

View: 580

Awaken your life using the power of crystals with the ultimate crystals book for beginners Get ready to embark on your journey to better well-being by unlocking the metaphysical mysteries of healing crystals. Connecting with crystals allows you to harness your energy and balance your chakras to mend your body and soul. And this guide teaches you how! The Awakened Life: Crystal Healing explores the natural therapeutic power of crystals, from their chemical composition and ancient connections to the many ways in which preparing and using them can empower and enhance your life through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. As you chart your course to better health and wellness, you'll survey the specific healing attributes of each type of crystal, and you'll learn how to select, prepare, charge, activate, and connect with them energetically. You'll also learn how to use the Five Master Healers-clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and turquoise-and other crystals, to heal the body, mind, and spirit, with techniques and crystal layouts that are easy to follow.

Crystals for Energy Protection

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: Hay House UK Limited


Category: Crystals

Page: 352

View: 745

Crystal expert Judy Hall presents simple and effective ways to boost and protect your personal energy field to help you feel healthier, calmer and revitalized. This book has all the crystals and tools you need to clear, heal and protect your energy field and environment, whether you feel your relationships drain your energy, you struggle to set boundaries or your body is under attack from pollutants or technology overload.

The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals

Your Handbook to Using and Connecting to Crystal Energy

Author: Cassie Uhl

Publisher: Rock Point Gift & Stationery


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

View: 211

The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals is an introduction to the mystical energy of crystals. Part of the Zenned Out series, this book includes easy-to-digest actionable steps to enable readers to get started right away.

Crystals: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power

Author: Aisha Amarfio

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 939

The ultimate guide to using crystals for healing, wellbeing, and creating harmony Crystals are teachers. They conduct and transform our energy to help us to discover our true selves and attain our natural state of peace, quiet joy, and inspired creativity. Crystals: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power is the ultimate guide to using crystals in every aspect of your life. Designed to accommodate the beginner crystal practitioner or merely someone who is interested in learning how crystals work, the book explains the major types of crystals, the best ways to use them, and helps you select the right type of crystal depending on your needs and desires. Using the knowledge in Crystals you’ll be able to use these healing stones to: - Transmute stress, tension, and disharmony - Unlock your internal wisdom and intuitive power - Nourish your health and vitality - Reclaim your power and follow your soul path - Cleanse, protect, and purify your spaces Crystals provides an easy to use, full color chart—the Crystal Compass—that helps you diagnose the root cause of tensions in your life, so that you can select the crystal and healing method that you need to experience holistic healing and powerful transformation.

Crystal Healing Methods

Crystals As an Aid to Optimum Health

Author: Petros Apostolou

Publisher: Balboa Press



Page: 112

View: 514

The healing guidance within this book originates from documented successful treatments conducted by Petros Apostolou. These treatments were determined through radiesthetic investigation (which is based on vibrational microscanning). Through twenty-eight years of experiences by Petros Apostolou, the book gives a small number of especially interesting practical applications, a sample of unique and original healing application work. The methods outlined in the book are part of a far larger catalogue of methods built up over many years of experiences working with crystals and healing clients. This book specialises in the importance of crystals to human physiology and their practical application to healing particular ailments. Having witnessed impressive results ourselves, we have decided to publish a part of this work for those seeking to become familiar with the specialised function of the crystals. Hopefully, by sharing with you, we will be able to continue to impart more of the immense legacy and benefits of crystals as well as other linked topics concerning the most important aspects of human nature. by Margarita Mantaka


How to tap into your infinite potential through the healing power of crystals

Author: Katie-Jane Wright

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

View: 120

Victoria Beckham uses them backstage at her fashion shows. Miranda Kerr places them in her meditation-yoga room. Adele raves about their calming properties. Welcome to the world of healing crystals. Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years. They're a tool which work with your energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies. This modern, empowering guide illustrates how to tap in to the energy of crystals to strengthen intuition, set intention and feel supported by the beauty and energetic vibrations of popular and lesser known stones. Crystals may be used as talismans, healing touchstones, tools for meditation and accessing different levels of consciousness. Including 50 crystals and their meaning, how to get started working with the energy of crystals, crystal grids, skulls and cleansing meditations, this stunning book is the definitive, inspiring introduction to crystals for the next generation.

My Pocket Chakra Healing

Anytime Exercises to Unblock, Balance, and Strengthen Your Chakras

Author: Heidi E Spear

Publisher: Adams Media


Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

View: 691

More than 50 exercises and practices to unblock and strengthen your chakras so you can achieve health and prosperity on the go. Bringing your chakras into balance doesn’t need to be complicated. A balanced chakra allows you to feel safe, creative, strong, and secure in yourself and your relationships as well as connected to the energy of the universe. That powerful energy center directly influences your well-being and how consciously and happily you create your life’s path. My Pocket Chakra Healing is an essential guide to chakras that explains their vital role and teaches you exercises to unblock and heal your chakras to achieve health, peace, and prosperity. Chakra healing improves your mind, body, and spirit so you become more connected with wisdom, joy, and the force of love and appreciation that ties you to everything. Take your holistic healing on the road with these easy-to-follow exercises, bringing you one step closer to achieving a life filled with ease, clear-headedness, love, health, security, and anything your heart desires.

The Little Book of Crystals

A Beginner's Guide to Crystal Healing

Author: Astrid Carvel

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 128

View: 123

Crystals have long been used for holistic healing purposes. Every crystal emits vibrations, which can help to bring balance, calm and positivity into your life. Learn how to select and maintain your crystals as well as basic techniques for crystal meditation, balancing chakras and simple ways to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit with these natural treasures. Discover over 50 crystals, their unique properties and how to make use of their power in everyday life, from the love- and harmony-infused rose quartz to memory-boosting amber. There is a crystal for every occasion.

Crystal Blueprint

Reconnect with Your Authentic Self Through the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science of Quartz Crystals

Author: Beatriz Singer

Publisher: Hay House


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

View: 250

"It's estimated that 10 billion quartz crystals are used every year in electronic devices--from smartphones to computers, credit cards, watches, digital cameras, TVs, cars, and much more. When you think about it, it's almost impossible to imagine life without crystals. These same crystals we see in so much of our technology have been used over the course of many centuries, and by many different cultures around the world, for healing. In fact, crystal healing is alive and well today, with modern-day healers harnessing the energy of quartz crystals to help alleviate suffering"--

Awakening Your Crystals

Activate the Higher Potential of Healing Stones

Author: Sharon L. McAllister

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

View: 788

A full-color guide to programming crystals and harnessing their full potential • Explains how to program crystals and gemstones with specific healing intentions as well as how to cleanse and charge your crystals and prepare your own energy field • Provides detailed instructions for working with 8 key crystals, as well as healing and programming guidance for more than 60 well-known and important crystals • Includes vibrant photographs to convey each crystal’s individual powers In this vibrantly illustrated crystal guide, experienced holistic therapist and crystal-healing teacher Sharon McAllister offers an introduction to programming crystals and gemstones to harness their full potential. She explains how crystal programming combines the powerful instrument of intention setting with the healing energies of stones. She details how to cleanse and charge your crystals and prepare your own energy field before programming and provides a collection of intention-setting statements and programming recipes for personal healing as well as therapeutic use. Unveiling the light that each crystal radiates vibrationally and spiritually, Sharon reveals how each crystal is a living being that can be awakened to emanate its purest and strongest energy in alignment with specific healing purposes. She explains the dormant state of stones when they are still inside the earth, their activated state when extracted by humans, and their ignited state, when they are called into direct service with a programmed focus, which leads them to unfold their full healing potential. Focusing on 8 key crystals, including rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine, Sharon shows how these 8 stones can combine to form a powerful toolkit with a wide range of healing applications. She provides an in-depth chapter on each of the 8 key crystals, offering deep insight into their energies and healing properties. She also covers more than 60 additional crystals along with guidance on their healing uses and programming potential. Taking your crystal healing experience to a higher level, this guide shows how each crystal has its own life plan just like human beings and when a crystal enters your life it is never by coincidence.

The Beginner's Guide to Crystals

The Everyday Magic of Crystal Healing, with 65+ Stones

Author: Lisa Butterworth

Publisher: Ten Speed Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

View: 521

From amethyst to zincite, black onyx to rose quartz, The Beginner's Guide to Crystals is a full-color, photographic guide to more than 60 stunning crystals and their emotional, spiritual, and physical healing benefits. The beauty and allure of these ancient stones are explored in this introductory guide to understanding crystals and their many uses. Harness the healing power of these minerals by using them as a talisman for protection, to manifest intentions, to bring calmness and tranquility, and to enhance concentration and creativity. Complete with clean, modern photographs of each mineral and stone, the crystal profiles contain accessible information on color, chakra, origin, unique magical healing qualities, and uses at work, at home, and in your personal life. With tips for building and maintaining a collection as well as performing crystal rituals for metaphysical healing, The Beginner's Guide to Crystals provides everything you need to experience the wide range of benefits these stones offer. Whether used to treat physical ailments like hypertension, high blood pressure, and circulatory issues, or to soothe emotional issues such as anxiety, fear, and stress, this guide will introduce you to the perfect crystal for bringing wellness and balance to your life.

Weird Earth

Debunking Strange Ideas about Our Planet

Author: Donald R. Prothero

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 948

Aliens. Ley lines. Water dowsing. Conspiracies and myths captivate imaginations and promise mystery and magic. Whether it's arguing about the moon landing hoax or a Frisbee-like Earth drifting through space, when held up to science and critical thinking, these ideas fall flat. In Weird Earth: Debunking Strange Ideas About Our Planet, Donald R. Prothero demystifies these conspiracies and offers answers to some of humanity's most outlandish questions. Applying his extensive scientific knowledge, Prothero corrects misinformation that con artists and quacks use to hoodwink others about geology—hollow earth, expanding earth, and bizarre earthquakes—and mystical and paranormal happenings—healing crystals, alien landings, and the gates of hell. By deconstructing wild claims such as prophesies of imminent natural disasters, Prothero provides a way for everyone to recognize dubious assertions. Prothero answers these claims with facts, offering historical and scientific context in a light-hearted manner that is accessible to everyone, no matter their background. With a careful layering of evidence in geology, archaeology, and biblical and historical records, Prothero's Weird Earth examines each conspiracy and myth and leaves no question unanswered.

Crystal Healing

A Guide to Crystal Healing, the Human Energy Field, and How to Improve Your Health with Crystals!

Author: Kristin Komak



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 70

View: 253

Inside this book you will learn about what crystal healing is, how it works, and what ailments it can assist in treating. You will discover exactly how to use crystals to improve your life, and will be provided with several methods for charging and energizing the crystals before use!Also, you'll be provided with a comprehensive list of the different crystals commonly used, along with the associated benefits of each!Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years, all around the world to help people overcome different ailments and improve their overall health and wellbeing. At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of crystal healing, and be ready to try it out for yourself!Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside?What Is Crystal HealingDifferent Ailments That Can Be Healed With CrystalsDifferent Crystals And Their UsesHow To Heal YourselfHow To Heal OthersHow To Clean & Recharge Your CrystalsHow To Choose The Right CrystalMuch, Much More!

The Crystal Fix

Healing Crystals for the Modern Home

Author: Juliette Thornbury

Publisher: Aurum


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 377

“This delightful – and highly accessible – book is beautifully illustrated and filled with hints and tips to help you make the most of your crystals. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.” —Judy Hall, best-selling author of The Crystal Bible Create a beautiful and empowering home environment with healing crystals. Featuring a dedicated section organized by the key rooms in the home, this modern guide to crystals helps you choose stones that will attract the energy you want in each space. Infused with the energy of Mother Nature, every crystal has a unique set of healing properties which, armed with a little knowledge, you can unlock and harness to improve all aspects of life. From tackling insomnia to relieving anxiety and fostering creativity, crystals can energize, calm, and inspire. Luminosity Crystals founder, Juliette Thornbury, provides all the information you need to source, care for, and display your crystals—as well as tips for wearing them and taking stones on the go. Find within: An introduction to the art of feng shui and how to use it in conjunction with specific crystals to enhance the energy in your home, followed by room-by-room crystal recommendations. A crystal directory organized by primary qualities (Joy & Success, Love & Relationships, Health & Wellness, Energy & Inspiration, Rest & Rejuvenation, Protection & Comfort). A guide to using your crystals, including meditations, rituals, associated chakras, beauty treatments, and crystal grids. Two indexes—one general and another that lists the stones by need. Whether you want to choose the right cluster for your coffee table, or to better understand the powerful potential of these stones, this essential guide will enable you to bring more of their transformative energy into your everyday life.

The Gift of Crystals

Learn about the Hidden Language of Crystals

Author: Rachelle Charman

Publisher: Gift of


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 172

View: 398

The Gift of Crystals is a beautiful guide to the study of these ancient and powerful stones, providing instructions on how to connect to their energies and the many ways in which they can be used to heal and inspire on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Detailed descriptions are given for over 50 crystals, from agate for grounding and nurturing your energy field and carnelian for promoting healthy sexual relationships to moonstone for connecting deeply to your feminine side, quartz for enhancing motivation and amplifying intention, and lapis lazuli for enhancing psychic gifts and awareness. Special features include distance healing with crystals, connecting your crystals and chakras, and creating a powerful healing crystal grid. The Gift of Crystals will give you an enchanted kingdom of magic, energy, and healing - a beautiful opportunity to open your heart and let your spirit fly on a journey of transformation.


Crystals for Everyday Life and Your Guide to Health, Wealth, and Balance

Author: Heather Askinosie

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

View: 965

A full-color guide to 52 crystals and practices to elevate your everyday life Are you looking to create your own luck? Or is today the day for breaking through blocks? Do you need to let go of what no longer serves you? Or do you simply want to sleep well, even if just for a night? No matter who you are, crystals can provide a boost of energy and purpose, as well as serve as tactile physical elements to help you transform your everyday life. In this essential, full-color guide, you will discover 52 crystals that can help you 365 days of the year. Co-author of Crystal Muse and founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, provides an abundance of key information, including each crystal's history and lore, origin, and intention, as well as a simple three- to six-step practices for easy activation. She also shares a wealth of crystal combinations for intentions such as love, wealth, creativity, and happiness. Whether you are an avid crystal fan or are a newbie, CRYSTAL365 will help you to create a personalized action plan for your own style and goals for positive change.

Cosmic Crystals

Rituals and Meditations for Connecting With Lunar Energy

Author: Ashley Leavy

Publisher: Fair Winds Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 965

Cosmic Crystals shows you how to work with the phases and signs of the moon to energize and amplify the power of your crystals. Living in sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle is a powerful way to stay aligned to universal energy. Crystals and moon magic have been used together to this aim for centuries. Crystals are natural amplifiers of energy that can be used to enhance your connection to the moon and its healing energy. Learn crystal meditations and rituals for each moon phase, as well as which crystals are most potent during New Moons, Full Moons, and other lunar events. Cosmic Crystals shows you how to combine the power of lunar energy and healing crystals to create sacred space, set intentions, and manifest magic and abundance in your life. For each moon, find information on how to work with its corresponding crystals and energetic qualities, along with lists of its associated herbs, colors, essential oils, animals, and deities. Written by leading crystal expert Ashley Leavy and including lavish photography, this beautiful book will have a place on every crystal enthusiast's book shelf.

High-Vibe Crystal Healing

Crystal Frequencies and Body Layouts That Will Rock Your World

Author: Jolie DeMarco

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

View: 855

Harmonize your spiritual frequency and create more positive vibes using crystals and gemstones, magical boosters for the body and soul High-Vibe Crystal Healing is all about working with crystals for healing, fun, knowledge, and a higher frequency life. Within these pages, you'll find twenty-six epic crystal body layouts as well as information on sixty-six individual crystals and gemstones that will help you harmonize the energy field known as your aura. Additionally, you will learn to release negative baggage, improve your health, balance your energy, and connect to spirits and guides. Master crystal healer Jolie DeMarco is the perfect guide to finding which crystals and stones best align with your specific physical ailments, emotional blockages, and spiritual-elevation goals. She also includes tips and techniques for working with twenty-two essential oils to enhance your crystal sessions. Whether you're just beginning your crystal journey or are an expert crystal energy healer, this book includes the complete details and down-to-earth instructions you need to move forward on your spiritual path. Every day, more and more people around the world are experiencing the power of crystals for working through illness, developing a stronger sense of purpose, and even going out of body and visiting past or parallel lives. The inspiring layouts and stones in this book are a perfect way for you to explore the crystal vibrational energies that the universe has in store for you. Praise: "A fun, insightful and empowering book that will show you how to simply and successfully enhance your life and well-being with crystals and gemstones."—Jack Canfield, #1 New York Times bestselling author and cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Crystal Healing - The Practical Guide To Start Your Gemstone Healing Journey Today

Author: Sonya Allread




Page: 202

View: 456

DISCOVER THE GEMSTONE HEALING POWERYour step-by-step guideWith this book, filled with amazing photos, you will learn all you need to know about healing stones and the healing potential of crystalsYou will learn what it is, how to treat illnesses with it and you will get the step by step instructions and easy directions to start discovering their amazing holistic healing abilities helping you to move your first steps towards your Inner Source of Positive and Natural EnergyGemstone therapy is an ancient healing system that uses the precise placement of crystals on the body and the space surrounding it. It is a natural, non-invasive, and relaxing processThe person is treated holistically, and is one of the best ways to ensure your family's health and your own beautyBecause of its powerful action on the energetic aspect of your whole body, it can also be used as a beauty procedure and has long been known as a powerful anti-age action as well as an effective way to strengthen and rejuvenate the whole body and nervous systemThe book is meant for beginners, with no prior natural medicine experience. I will walk you through what you need to do to get started - step by step, nothing is left out.A smart alphabetical index will let you easily find the topics/keywords of your interestYou want to learn Healing with Gemstones, but basically you ask yourself: "Do crystals work?" I imagine that you need to find alternative approaches to heal your body and mind. And that's good And since I don't believe in casual events, I'm happy you're here, because I know Crystal Healing did work for me and for countless people throughout the centuries, so I know it will work for you as well And since you need an alternative healing experience, now you also feel that you need to learn Gemstone Healing to get you where you want to be, that is, in a better state of health and energy, and that's very good But this can happen only if you want to learn Crystal Healing, only if you commit yourself to start using it in your daily life This book will help to get you where you want to be, in a better state of health and energyIf you really want to learn how to use the healing power of Crystals yourself and use it to treat your family, get your book now˃˃˃ You will learn: What Healing with Gemstones is How to use it to help you and your family What Crystals and Chakras are How to Find the Right Gemstone How to Cleanse your Crystals How to Program your Crystals and Why How to Harness the Power of your Gemstones + FREE BONUS Much more... ˃˃˃ Are you ready to use the holistic power of chakra stonesfor health, beauty and spiritual growth?Press the "BUY NOW" button now and get started right away!Tags: meditation, reiki, healer, chakra, gemstone, amethyst crystal, spiritual energy, energy of stones, gemstone meanings, pranic, quartz crystal, reiki meaning, healing energy, reiki energy healing, healer power, healers symbols, bio energy, chakra stones, stones for health, spiritual crystals, gemstone therapy, homemade health