A World in Conflict

The Global Battle for Rugby Supremacy

Author: Geoff Parkes

Publisher: Geoff Parkes


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 486

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Power and influence in rugby is shifting away from its historical tie to international on-field success, much of it in the southern hemisphere, to the boardrooms of cashed-up, influential rugby clubs in the UK and France. A confused rugby calendar is subjected to a ‘land grab’ from clubs and national unions, all striving to maximise revenue. Player welfare concerns are cited by all and sundry, yet are cast aside as soon as there is a dollar to be made. Told through the eyes of rugby identities from around the world, this is a fascinating story of a once staunchly amateur sport now fully engulfed in the clutches of professionalism—the future uncertain and the fabric of ‘the game they play in heaven’ straining under the excesses and ambitions of rugby’s new powerbrokers.

The World in Conflict

Understanding the world's troublespots

Author: John Andrews

Publisher: Profile Books


Category: Political Science

Page: 235

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In the second decade of each century, a new global order commonly starts to assert itself. In the 19th, Napoleon's defeat gave birth to the world of rivalrous European powers. In the 20th, the First World War triggered a wave of revolutions that cleared a path for the American era. Ours appears to be no different. The world is once again on the move: China extends its influence across the globe; Europe is struggling to maintain unity and the United States looks hollowed out by its own past adventures. Meanwhile Russia is up to a lot of startlingly bold new tricks. In this expanded new edition of The World in Conflict, John Andrews tackles head-on the reasons why global violence is ever-present in our lives. He analyses every single one of today's major conflicts region by region, considering the causes, contexts, participants, impacts and likely outcomes. He looks at recently-ended wars that still spawn intermittent fighting. And he considers where, why and how new conflicts might erupt. This is a must-read for our interesting times, a guide to our new world of terrorism, kompromat and cyber war, shifting powers and enduring strife. If you want to know who is fighting where, for what, and whether they can win, The World in Conflict is indispensable.

Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

What You Say Next Will Change Your World

Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg

Publisher: PuddleDancer Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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Words have the power to create profound healing—or incredible suffering—and yet even with the best intentions it can be difficult to build harmony and trust through speech. This pioneering text presents a four-part model for immediately connecting words with peace and well-being in relationships. Applying the principles of Nonviolent Communication to conversation, the book seeks to answer the two central questions of How can we express what's alive in us? and How can we make life more wonderful? Chapters discuss using natural empathy to ease stressful situations and beat fear, thus avoiding dehumanizing communication patterns, and instead seeing through the eyes of others to foster understanding. Examples of applications in education, correctional facilities, parenting, and the business world are given. This instructive guide teaches users of all types that it is possible to meet their needs and the needs of others in a compassionate manner, beginning with the very first words they use.

The World in Conflict, 1914-1945

Author: Anthony Shaw

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 416

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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

To Cultivate Peace

Agriculture in a World of Conflict

Author: Nils Petter Gleditsch



Category: Agriculture and state

Page: 98

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Worldviews in Conflict

Choosing Christianity in the World of Ideas

Author: Ronald H. Nash

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 176

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This world is a battlefield in the arena of ideas. The prize is the heart and mind of humankind. In this book, Ronald Nash outlines the Christian way of looking at God, self, and the world. He holds that worldview up against the tests of reason, logic, and experience, particularly discussing the problems of evil and the alleged "nonsense" of the historic Christian doctrines and of Jesus' incarnation and resurrection. He finds the Christian worldview sound and urges Christians to equip themselves intellectually to defend the faith on that battlefield. He particularly hits the attractions to our generation of naturalism and the New Age movement, pointing out their weaknesses and pitfalls as well as those of older worldviews. "Christian theism," he writes, "is a system that commends itself to the whole person"; but he stresses that a great difference exists between "belief that" and "belief in."

Companies in a World of Conflict

NGOs, Sanctions, and Corporate Responsibility : Papers from a Workshop Organized in Oslo by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, April 1997

Author: Royal Institute of International Affairs

Publisher: Earthscan


Category: Business enterprises

Page: 314

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This volume describes the conflicts and dilemmas faced by multinational companies in setting ethical standards for their behavior where the limits imposed by government and public opinion are changing, conflicting, or unclear and exposure to international media is swift and merciless. The perspectives of business, international relations, law, management science, and politics are presented, along with a report of discussion at a workshop held in Oslo. There is a foreword by Daniel Yergin, president of the Cambridge Energy Research Associates in Massachusetts, and an overview by John Mitchell. Not available through Brookings in the UK and Europe

The World in Conflict 1989

Contemporary Warfare Described and Analysed

Author: John Laffin

Publisher: Potomac Books Incorporated


Category: History, Modern

Page: 234

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Vol. 3.

Your Health In A World Of Conflict

Author: Clay A. Henry

Publisher: Redemption Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 204

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In Your Health in a World of Conflict, Dr. Clay A. Henry considers the damages of conflict brought about in humans to be similar to the impairments of physical illness. Reasoned analogies reveal both conditions are dysfunctional in nature. As readers journey with him into the physical and unseen realms of humanity, they will discover:A deeper understanding of the world of conflict in which we liveThe ancient origin and historical causes of conflictThe detrimental effects of conflict on our bodiesThe mental and spiritual roots that form the basis of many health problemsHow to personally handle conflict What is lacking in their makeup that hinders optimization of overall health.The means to remediate the defective conditions of health


Veterans from a World in Conflict


Publisher: De.Mo


Category: History

Page: 247

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After War documents the physical and psychological wounds that remain for the men, women and children who served on the frontlines of the major wars, from World War I to the most recent in Iraq. Fifteen years in the making, After War spans 25 conflicts in 30 countries, and reflects the entire spectrum of warfare. It represents the full span of war's combatants -those who enlist as well as those compelled: guerillas, draftees, mercenaries, patriots and rebels.