Joy Came in the Dawn of a New Day

A Memorial of God’s Faithfulness

Author: Jacinta da Cruz Rodgers

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 246

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Come with Jacinta to experience the challenges of growing up in an orphanage, where the word “love” was never heard and discipline was the guide and terror of an orphan. Follow her to her first missionary mission in a remote part of Brazil, where dedication grew stronger amidst the challenges. Enjoy the adventure of traveling to Bonaire – the island of the flamingoes. Be ready to take off to a small country, called Swaziland in the dark continent of Africa, where driving is on the left side of the road, where customs sparkle with colors of black and red and the language is SiSwati. Meet the green mamba – the snake always willing to bite you just for being in its territory. Witness one passing by while Jacinta and her husband exchanged their vows at their outside wedding. Travel with her to Israel and feel the vibration of all the religions of the world; where all began and where all will end. Follow her to another call – this time to the regions beyond civilization – the jungles of Brazil, and more by reading Joy Came in the Dawn of a New Day.

A Very Special Day

Author: Peggy Rosenbluth

Publisher: AuthorHouse



Page: 34

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A VERY SPECIAL DAY will motivate you and your child to put on your thinking caps as you travel through the pages of this adventure. It is a guessing game, life lessens learned, and a little mastery all in one. Spend quality time with your child as you read.


Author: Major Verma Krapal

Publisher: Kusum Prakashan


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

View: 491

An army Major gets into the jail on a ficticious complaint. He meets with not the undertrials ...but with their gory stories of murder , deciet , sodomy , trechery ...just told in the open front of all and sundry! The story of a homosexual -Nounoo and the rape case of a miner girl ...shakes his soul completely. He writes ...and writes ...till he makes it 'The Undertrials' a classic...!

Adventures of the Year 1950 A.D.

This Is the Journal of a Boy Who Went to Europe for 9 Months When He Was 12 Years Old

Author: Anthony P. Marshall

Publisher: Archway Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 198

View: 869

This book recounts the adventures of a 12-year-old boy studying and touring in France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Switzerland. The countrysides of each are compared and the ravages of World War II noted. Many areas visited had not seen foreigners since the war. The wonders and beauty of cities like Rome, Naples, Florence, Vienna, Trieste, Belgrade, Lucerne, Geneva and Paris are described and compared. Students in pairs often explored them on their own. How communism worked in Yugoslavia is described in detail.

Rusty Brown's Colorful Day

Author: Anne Bolton

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 896

Rusty Brown and Mama Brown are on their way to the general store in search of a new kite for Rusty. On the way to the store, Rusty and Mama Brown notice different colors all around them—bright green grass, a shiny red car, a big purple ball, and many more. After seeing all the beautiful colors, Rusty knows just what kind of kite he wants: a rainbow-colored one. But does Mr. Hinkle, the store owner, have the kite that will make Rusty Brown's Colorful Day a success?

In the Very Beginning

The Story of My Life....

Author: Eula Rae McCown

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 163

View: 769

There is no available information at this time.

Dreams (As I See Them)

Author: Olga Alicia Rippo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

View: 252

Dreaming, according to my personal and convincing analysis, is the reviewing of the previous days activities and committing them to memory. Each dream episode is symbolized by what we already have stored in our memory banks. Emotions or events will evoke a symbol that will appear in the dream along with other symbols already encoded to create a story line that seems strange, funny, or even slightly confused. The massive numbers of memories we have would be impossible to categorize separately. It is much more efficient to draw out these encoded symbols from our memory and store yesterdays memorable happenings in the same code. If we do not have a symbolic representation for something or someone, then that person, item, or activity will represent itself and create a new code. What compounds the mystery of symbolism is that each individual has established his own very personal ones throughout his own life experiences. Thus, no one is truly able to decipher anothers dream. A dream can even be the result of a radio or TV story heard during sleep and absorbed into the dream. The dialogue may be repeated quite accurately but the dreamer creates his own picture images. I have experienced this quite often, waking to ask, Why did she or he say this or that? and compare the reality to my dream scenes. (Perhaps we should give credence to the possibility that we might learn during sleep while a recorded voice recites the lesson repeatedly.) On the other hand, watching a TV program that impresses or evokes certain emotions can trigger a dream later with our own symbols to create our own episode. A sound can produce a quick little dream. Instantaneously - between a click before an alarm rings and the ring itself can cause a flash of a dream according to what that sound conjured up from our memory bank. If a sound does not wake us, we will weave it into our dream story in marvelous ways. Just a touch that probably would be unexplainable unless one woke up to the ongoing sound and recognize it as having been in our dream. Recurring dreams, I am convinced, represent a certain emotion or feeling that we experienced somewhere back in time and that scene is brought forward whenever it is needed to depict that emotion. The scene is representative of a prior emotional experience and comes forth as the same scene in our dream each time that same emotion is reflected from the previous day. Thus the recurrence. Our life experiences being different, so would our storage areas be comprised of different methods of remembering. The swimming scenes that recur occasionally in my dreams are always very pleasing to me. Even though I do not swim, simply watching swimmers evokes a relaxing, soothing sensation within me. Im sure the previous day had pleasurable times that were being reflected. On the other hand, when I dream of flooding or turbulent water, a negative experience in the previous day is revived in that same nights dream as an unpleasant water scene. Actually, the last swimming episode in my life was a near disaster for me and perhaps that particular occasion was the one that influences the negative evocation of water. Yet, strangely enough, watching people swim is a pleasure to me, hence the positive sensation. Other emotions anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, joy, etc., are represented in a symbolic manner that is unique to us alone, as is the original encoded episode. We require codes or symbols as mental shorthand to store in a compact unit the massive number of thoughts, activities and emotions we experience during a lifetime. The recurrence of certain episodes or metaphors eliminates the necessity to store another code. I believe it is erroneous to infer mystical or psychological interpretations. Dreams are a natural function of the marvelous composition of the human body such as blinking, swallowing, smiling, etc. There has not been a single dream that I have been unable to reconcile with the activities

The Color Answer Book

From the World's Leading Color Expert

Author: Leatrice Eiseman

Publisher: Capital Books


Category: Architecture

Page: 153

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From home decor and gardening to fashion and health, color expert and bestselling author Eiseman answers more than 150 commonly asked questions in this beautiful guide to the influence of color.


A Sojourn Among The Lahu of Asia

Author: Harold Mason Young

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

View: 576

This is a report about the Lahu people, more precisely, the Lahu Na divisions of the several ethnic Lahuspeaking tribal groups. During the period of this report written by Harold Mason Young, most of the Lahu Na lived in northeastern Burma,in the Kengtung Shan State of Burma and the bordering province of Yunnan, China. Harold's focus on the Lahu Na arose from the unusual experience of having been born of missionary parents (1901, Kengtung, Burma) and not only growing up among the Lahu, but working with them as a missionary during his young adult years in Banna, China. Naturally Harold would learn to speak Shan and Lahu, and more important, to become united with this unique culture. Harold accumulated knowledge and appreciation for their ways as few other foreigners from the outside world would accomplish during this time of history. Harold considered the Lahu Na as unique, and while similar to other Lahu hill people, they were distinct in their own ways. In this book he carefully details the people, their history as passed down from generation to generation, their customs, beliefs and rituals, and most notable, their wonderful knowledge of nature. Harold's report of the Lahu Na during this period of history is extraordinary as the Lahu people did not write or document any of these cultural points of interest, and the fact that he made the effort to write this book makes available to all a piece of history that is almost now lost to the modern world. This book is not intended to be a formal work on the cultural anthropology of the Lahu people, yet considerable information has been offered here to students of disappearing cultures. It is intended that this collection will expand information that students of social sciences might seek, and if that is realized, then the efforts of publishing Harold's writing, with its detailed and sincere reporting, will have been sufficiently rewarded. The Gordon Young Family