A Taste for Death

Author: P. D. James

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 875

When the quiet Little Vestry of St. Matthew's Church becomes the blood-soaked scene of a double murder, Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh faces an intriguing conundrum: How did an upper-crust Minister come to lie, slit throat to slit throat, next to a neighborhood derelict of the lowest order? Challenged with the investigation of a crime that appears to have endless motives, Dalgliesh explores the sinister web spun around a half-burnt diary and a violet-eyed widow who is pregnant and full of malice--all the while hoping to fill the gap of logic that joined these two disparate men in bright red death. . . . From the Paperback edition.

Sabor a Muerte / A Taste for Death

Author: P. D. James

Publisher: Ediciones B


Category: Fiction

Page: 663

View: 751

Adam Dalgliesh tendr� que desvelar en esta ocasi�n el misterio que rodea el asesinato de dos hombres a los que la muerte ha unido, pero que en vida raramente habr�an coincidido: un bar�n y un vagabundo alcoh�lico. Antes de alcanzar su objetivo, no obstante, deber� enfrentarse a un crimen que conmueve la opini�n p�blica e introducirse en las mansiones de la enigm�tica clase alta londinense. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Adam Dalgliesh unravels the murder of two men that death has united who never coincided in life: a noble and a homeless alcoholic. He will explore the web spun around a half-burnt diary and a violet eyed-pregnant widow.

A Taste for Death

Author: P. D. James

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf


Category: Fiction

Page: 459

View: 965

Commander Adam Dalgleish investigates the throat-slash murders, in a London Church, of Sir Paul Berowne, former Minister of State, and a tramp named Harry Mack, murders that lead Dalgleish onto surprising English pathways

A Taste for Death

Author: Peter O'Donnell



Category: Blaise, Modesty (Fictitious character)

Page: 288

View: 303

Trilogy of Death

Three Complete Novels

Author: P. D. James

Publisher: Scribner Book Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 961

View: 690

Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates a murder in a forensic science lab, Philippa Palfrey, an eighteen-year-old adoptee, learns that her natural mother was a murderess, and Cordelia Gray tries to solve the murder of houseparty guest

A Taste for Blood

Author: David Stuart Davies

Publisher: Sparkling Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 223

Two laser-sharp detectives, two thought-provoking cases and two skilful plots. Featuring private investigator Johnny (One Eye) Hawke, and his one-time colleague in the police force Detective David Llewellyn. Llewellyn is investigating the chilling crimes of a top psychiatrist and his scheming patient who the doctor believes has knuckled under his authority. In the meantime, Hawke is on the case of a mysterious suicide in Edgware Road... soon discovered as not your average suicide. The guts and insight of the two investigators bring both cases to a head - though you won't even begin to see how until you have turned the last pages.

A Taste for a Mate

(A Paranormal Shifter Redwood Pack Romance Novel)

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan


Category: Fiction

Page: 290

View: 916

Jasper Jameson has spent his life caring for others, knowing that one day he might be blessed with his mate. He’s fought alongside his family and Pack for over a century but it isn’t until he meets a human who makes his wolf growl, that he knows that there’s something more than fate worth fighting for. When Jasper walks into Willow Delton’s bakery she knows there’s something different about him. But every time he walks back out again, she doesn’t know what to think. When he finally finds the strength to ask her out, a new enemy in Jasper’s life has other plans. A dangerous Pack is on the prowl and they’ve not only threatened the Redwood Pack but brought a demon into the fold as well. Forced into a new way of life, Jasper and Willow must fight not only for their lives but their weakening mating bond. Trust takes time but the two of them might not have as much as they need. A Paranormal Romance with Themes of: Wolf, Werewolf, Shifter, Romance, Series, Dominant, paranormal romance, werewolf romance, shapeshifter romance, fantasy romance, alpha male, series and saga, magic, witch, demon

A Taste for War

The Culinary History of the Blue and the Gray

Author: William C. Davis

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 226

View: 669

For the very first time, the food that fueled the armies of the North and the South and the soldiers' opinions of it--ranging from the sublime to just slime--is front and center in a biting, fascinating look at the Civil War as written by one of its most respected historians. Includes actual recipes.

A Taste for Language

Literacy, Class, and English Studies

Author: James Ray Watkins

Publisher: SIU Press


Category: Education

Page: 181

View: 224

“This is a book about the American Dream as it has become embodied in the university in general and in the English department in particular,” writes James Ray Watkins at the start of A Taste for Language: Literacy, Class, and English Studies. In it, Watkins argues that contemporary economic and political challenges require a clear understanding of the identity of English studies, making elementary questions about literacy, language, literature, education, and class once again imperative. A personal history of university-level English studies in the twentieth century, A Taste for Language combines biography, autobiography, and critical analysis to explore the central role of freshman English and literary studies in the creation and maintenance of the middle class. It tells a multi-generational story of the author and his father, intertwined with close reading of texts and historical analysis. The story moves from depression-era Mississippi, where the author's father was born, to a contemporary English department, where the author now teaches. Watkins looks at not only textbooks, scholars, and the academy but also at families and other social institutions. A rich combination of biography, autobiography, and critical analysis, A Taste for Language questions what purpose an education in English language and literature serves in the lives of the educated in a class-based society and whether English studies has become wholly irrelevant in the twenty-first century.