Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret

Author: Lyn Gardner

Publisher: Nosy Crow


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 560

Rose was left by her mother at the door of Campion’s Palace of Variety and Wonders as a baby. It is her home, and she loves it, but she never stops wondering who she really is. When murder threatens to destroy the music hall, Rose will need all her performance skills to crack the crime and delve into a murky past of blackmail, subterfuge and abduction...

June's Stolen Rose

Author: Brenda Ashworth Barry




Page: 230

View: 170

The Saga continues in book four with Kaylob and Beth Ann walking into a homecoming with one of their best friends on the floor with a gash in his head. Things are out of order in their life and someone is watching Beth Ann. She finds things vanishing and hears footsteps and shadows that spell danger. Then Kaylob comes home and nobody knows where she is. The disappearance of Beth Ann, puts the police force and others searching for her. Family and friends seem to think Blake has taken her, but does he have her? And if he doesn't, who does? Let the mystery unfold into the darkness of an evil mind as Beth Ann fights for her life. June's Stolen Rose book four. A mystery evolves as danger seems to lurk around every corner. Beth Ann is being followed, but by whom? She knows something is off when her things start to vanish and she hears bumps in the night. June''s Stolen Rose book 4 takes you into the mystery of an evil mind and a kidnapping that rocks Beth Ann's family and friends.

The Blue Rose

An English Garden Mystery

Author: Anthony Eglin

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 245

Alex and Kate Sheppard have found the perfect house; the home they had always dreamed of owning. Nestled deep in the Wiltshire countryside and surrounded by a two-acre walled garden, The Parsonage was to be their own little paradise . . . but nothing stays perfect forever. Soon after moving in they make an impossibly exciting discovery---one that defies every known law of nature and science. They find a blue rose bush flourishing in their walled garden. But as word of their discovery leaks out, the Sheppard's peaceful existence is shattered and they find themselves plunged into a world of coded journals, genetic experiments, cold-blooded greed, and, ultimately, murder. Threatened from every direction, with no one to trust but themselves and Lawrence Kingston, a gardening expert to whom they have revealed their exciting secret---the only way they can save their lives is to unravel the dark, seductive secret of the Blue Rose.

East End Jubilee

Author: Carol Rivers

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 344

Previously published as Rose of Ruby Street. June 2nd, 1953. The residents of Ruby Street in London's East End are celebrating the new Queen's coronation. It's a day of joy of laughter, a new beginning for a nation still in the grip of rationing, still suffering the aftermath of the Blitz. But for Rose Weaver, the day ends in tragedy when her husband Eddie is arrested on suspicion of theft. It's only the first of several shocks as Rose discovers some unpleasant facts about the man she married eight years before, the man she thought she knew so well. Struggling to provide for herself and her two daughters, Rose realises that she'll need the help of family, friends and the good neighbours of Ruby Street if she's to have any chance of pulling through. And when a handsome salesman knocks at her door, it's hard to resist temptation . . .

Encyclopfdia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World

Author: Cora Linn Daniels

Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 668

View: 813

Originally published in 1903, this is an excellent source for an historical perspective on superstitions and folklore. Hundreds of entries are arranged alphabetically within broad subject categories. The original subtitle reads: "A comprehensive library of human belief and practice in the mysteries of life through more than six thousand years of experience and progress including the fundamental intuitions and instincts underlying the structure of civilization, theology, mythology, demonology, magic, witchcraft, esoteric philosophy, signs, omens, oracles, sorceries, auguries, divinations, prophecies, methods and means employed in revealing fortune and fate, systems and formulas for the use of psychical forces, hypnotism, clairvoyance, telepathy, spiritualism, character reading and character building with all the known powers and wonders of mind and soul, illustrated with numerous ancient and modern designs and thoroughly indexed."

The Lost Rose

Author: R.Marquez

Publisher: R.Marquez


Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 698

CAROL KARUSO is no stranger to bad breaks or dark secrets, but when there’s a knock on the door and a plea for help, she puts aside her blues and focuses on what she does best: finding the lost. To keep her mind off her troubles and to do something useful with her life, she gets her private investigator’s license. When a friend asks her to find a woman who disappeared two decades ago, Carol agrees, sure this is the perfect way to hone her fledgling skills. As she doggedly chases every lead, she becomes fascinated by the mysterious woman she is looking for, whose history is even darker than her own. Carol’s persistence and refusal to let anyone scare her into abandoning the investigation puts her at odds with a man who will stop at nothing to keep what happened twenty years ago buried in the past. Fallen Angel is the first Carol Karuso Mystery. If you hunger for thrilling mysteries, especially those that include a beautiful, redheaded detective, with bad habits but a desire to do good, colorful characters, dark villains, and a big serving of murder and mayhem, you’ll find this book and series particularly yummy. Buy Fallen Angel today.

Maryalise and the Stolen Years

Author: Rose Owens




Page: 155

View: 715

Her parents are seeking two young fairy children who were stolen by the evil fairy, Villiana. When Maryalise follows them through the portal a beautiful fairy on a dark dragon calls to her. "Come to me, my child. You shall be a princess." Breaking the mind connection, Maryalise tries to use a magic spell to escape. Coils of smoke twist around Maryalise. A small thread of brightness pierces the dark cloud. The sparkles of her spell united with it. Maryalise grasps that thread of magic and slips free. Now Maryalise finds herself in an abandoned cemetery. The inscriptions on the tombstones change, proving that years of beauty and magic have been stolen from the individuals buried there. She is befriended by Cuthelburt who is the ghostly guardian of the cemetery. How will she find the stolen fairies and make Villiana return the stolen magic?

The Winter Rose

Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 1

View: 461

When India Selwyn Jones graduates from medical school and sets off for her first job in a Whitechapel clinic, she is full of ideas on how to educate London's poorest inhabitants to the dangers of malnutrition and poor hygiene, saving them from their own ignorance. When the rough and dashing Sid Malone – head of 'The Firm' and London's biggest criminal – becomes one of her patients, he begins to open her eyes to the realities of life in the East End, and how her simple ideas hold no water against the kind of grinding poverty that her clients face. India is torn in two, for she is engaged to the handsome, ambitious MP Freddy Lytton, and now the criminal Sid Malone has stolen her heart. But Freddy is very possessive when it comes to what he considers his, and will go to any length to keep India. Sid Malone, however, is not all that he seems, for he has a hidden past, and a family that desperately wants him back. His sister Fiona Bristow, a successful business woman and happily married to her childhood sweetheart Joe, hires a private detective in a bid to win her brother back, and to get him away from a life of crime. But as she gets nearer to his world, the ugliness of it breaks into her own, dragging her family and her marriage into dreadful danger. Just when it looks as though Sid might have a way out, and a chance at happiness with India, things go terribly, terribly wrong. The Winter Rose, second instalment of Jennifer Donnelly's acclaimed romance trilogy, is full of love, lust, and longing.

A Stolen Rose

Author: Coral Smith Saxe

Publisher: Leisure Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 390

View: 259

Feared by all Englishmen and known only as the Blackbird, the infamous highwayman was really Morgana Bracewell. And though she was an aristocrat who had lost her name and family, nothing had prepared the well-bred thief for her charming victim, Lord Phillip Greyfriars. Even as she robbed him blind, she knew he had seen through her rogue's disguise and into her heart.

The Chocolate Rose

Author: Laura Florand

Publisher: Laura Florand


Category: Fiction

Page: 245

View: 800

Her father’s worst enemy... Top chef Gabriel Delange never forgave his old nemesis Pierre Manon for all the other chef had cost him. One stolen rose... And he most certainly couldn’t stand the sight of his own most famous dessert, the legendary Rose, claimed as Pierre’s own on the cover of his new cookbook. A beast’s substitute victim... But even Gabriel could hardly go through with a lawsuit when he learned the older chef had just had a stroke. Especially not when Pierre had one very cute daughter willing to be Gabriel’s victim instead. A fascinated beauty... As a child, Jolie Manon had seen her family torn apart by her top chef father’s obsession with his work. As a food writer, she might be fascinated with a chef’s work, but she knew how to guard her heart. She would never allow another chef into her life. Unless he blackmailed her into it... Welcome to the heat and sun of Provence, where jasmine and roses climb up old colored walls, where fountains play in ancient stone villages, and where even a beast can prove he is a prince at heart... Praise for Laura Florand and her novels “I adored this story…Paris, chocolate, and romance, all in one hilarious package.” —New York Times best-selling author Eloisa James "Sensuous and sumptuous…a mouth-watering tale of slow-burning passion..." ~ RT Book Reviews Readers will devour this frothy, fun novel.—Booklist

A Heart is Stolen

Author: Barbara Cartland

Publisher: Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 298

View: 208

The dashing and raffish Justin, Marquis of Veryan awakes from a drunken sleep to the appalling realisation that in the throes of passion he has proposed marriage to renowned Society beauty Lady Rose Caterham.

Rose Daughter

Author: Robin McKinley

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 295

View: 805

Award-winning author Robin McKinley tells an enthralling story of magic, love, and redemption, based on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. Once upon a time, a wealthy merchant had three daughters. When his business failed, he moved his daughters to the countryside. The youngest daughter, Beauty, is fascinated by the thorny stems of a mysterious plant that overwhelms their neglected cottage. She tends the plant until it blossoms with the most beautiful flowers the sisters have ever seen—roses. Admiring the roses, an old woman tells Beauty, “Roses are for love.” And she speaks of a sorcerers’ battle many years ago that left a beast in an enchanted palace, and a curse concerning a family of three sisters . . . The Newbery Medal–winning author’s charming retelling of the classic fairy tale weaves a tangled story of sorcery, loyalty, and love that is sure to cast a spell on readers.

Wild Texas Rose

Author: Jodi Thomas

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 928

From the New York Times bestselling Jodi Thomas comes this captivating tale about a headstrong beauty and the Texas Ranger who protects her without her knowledge. Twenty-five-year-old Rose McMurray may be beautiful, smart, and capable of running her family's ranch at Whispering Mountain, but she's backed away from marriage three times without giving anyone reasons. Everyone thinks she is a coward, afraid of any adventure, including falling in love. She's never done a single wild or reckless thing in her life...until now. Duncan McMurray, like Rose, was adopted into the family. As a Texas Ranger, he swears he'll never settle down and marry. He's been Rose's guardian angel since they were kids but for the first time in their lives he's the one who has caused her to be in danger. Somehow, he has to protect her from an outlaw gang determined to kill her without letting Rose know of the danger she's in. He's convinced that her heart can't take the stress if she knows...the only question is can his heart take the nearness of her. When opposites collide the adventure begins...

An Expat's Life, Luxembourg & the White Rose

Part of an Englishman Living Abroad Series

Author: David Robinson

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Travel

Page: 324

View: 282

An Expat's Life, Luxembourg & The White Rose is a refreshing and forthright take on the Englishman Abroad genre. Reading David Robinson's relaxed prose is like sitting down for a drink or two with the author in the pub of the title. Indeed, as the tome progresses, so the reader warms to Robinson's down-to-earth character. The author's very personal view of an expat's life in Luxembourg is not overbearing, and even the most informed reader will learn something new about the history of the Grand Duchy, its bureaucracy and social conventions and attitudes. The book is brimful with little snippets of useful information and trivia for those unfamiliar with the country, and Robinson's anecdotes will spark empathy with readers who live, or have lived, in Luxembourg. -Duncan Roberts, editor of 352 Magazine.

Rose and the Lost Princess

Book 2

Author: Holly Webb

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 304

Turning the worn pages of her spell book, Rose can't believe how much her life has changed. Once a poor orphan, and now an apprentice to the King's chief magician! But when the country's beloved Princess vanishes, everything changes. As rumours of dark magic fly through the city, the King asks Rose for help. She must find the missing Princess - before all is lost.