A Sometimes Broken Mind

Author: Aaron J. Melvin

Publisher: Blurb


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 46

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Book of selected Poems written during a darker period in the life of a Modern Husband and Father.

Mending a Broken Mind

Healing the Whole Person Who Suffers with Clinical Depression

Author: Andrew Adam White

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 210

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Do you feel down, depressed, or hopeless? Have you lost interest or pleasure in doing things? Do you know someone who might be depressed and want to help? Are you a Christian healer—health care provider, counselor, or clergy - and want to expand your knowledge base on depression? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this book may be of help to you. As a Christian family physician and educator for forty-three years and with seminary training, I have found that treating the whole person with clinical depression is the most likely way to be healed from this dreadful illness. There are now many real helps for those with clinical depression from the medical (including psychiatric), counseling, and pastoral care professions, especially from the Bible itself. I have suffered from seven clinical depressions, and most of my siblings and children have experienced at least one clinical depression—so I know what the issues are that face those of us who are depressed. I have also included real life examples of Christians who have suffered from depression, including me, as well as helpful quotations from Scripture and special prayers for those who are depressed.

Lost Memories of a Broken Mind

Author: Bonetta C Caraway

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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Lost Memories of a Broken Mind is a follow-up story, It's My Life--Such As It Is and is the story of my life from age 2 to the present. This is a story of life and how simple it was in 1940's, and how different country life was for a girl born in 1944. Life being raised by all women until daddy comes home from the war and takes over his roll as head of the household. As time and life goes on, my schooling , my maturing into a married woman, illness that is causing my memory loss, causing me to loose memories I won't be able to share with my future great grand children---so, thus the Lost Memories of a Broken Mind comes to light. I wrote down memories before I my broken Mind lost them, written as a journal as I was bedridden to keep the boredom from taking over. I just wanted to save some of the past for the future.......thus project ID 549956__"Lost Memories of a Broken Mind. Written in 2010.

Healing the Broken Mind

Transforming America’s Failed Mental Health System

Author: Timothy A. Kelly

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 214

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Few afflictions are as frightening or as heartbreaking as mental illness. It may be a topic that many would prefer to sweep under the rug, but it is a fact of life that we as a society can and must face. We have come a long way over the past few decades in our understanding of mental illness and its potential treatments. Yet, tragically, many across the country who struggle with serious mental illness are unable to find effective, quality medical treatment. As a federal commission on mental health concluded, the system of care is in shambles. But why? And how do we fix it? Timothy A. Kelly, former Commissioner of Virginia’s Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Substance Abuse, brings his three decades of experience as mental health commissioner, psychology professor, and clinician to bear in confronting this crisis in America’s mental health care system. In clear and accessible terms, he exposes the weaknesses in the current system, examining how and why one of the world’s richest and most advanced countries has allowed its most vulnerable citizens to be victimized by the very system designed to help them. Armed with the latest statistics, a lifetime of experience, and heartrending life stories, Kelly argues that the patchwork of care traditionally employed to treat mental illness is simply not up to the task, and that what we need is profound, fundamental, and system-wide change. He then goes on to provide an easy-to-follow road map for achieving lasting transformation, centered on five recommendations for creating a truly effective mental health system of care that enables patients to achieve a lasting recovery. Mental illness is not going to just go away, but Kelly prescribes a comprehensive plan to make treatment accessible and effective so that those who suffer can rejoin their families and their communities. He shows how a transformed system of community-based care allows those with serious mental illness to finally be able to go home.

Musings of a Broken Mind

Author: Emma J. Shane

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore


Category: Poetry

Page: 114

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Musings of a Broken Mind takes you through the struggles of one who is suffering not just from the loss of the love of her life but who also had to deal with her newfound companion, Bipolar Disorder. Through this book, you will be able to travel through the various stages of grief from disbelief, anger, to acceptance. You will also be taken on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from the extremes of mania to depression. The poems in this book are an ode to the love the author shared with her beloved. Sometimes as they say, it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

The battle of the broken mind

Author: P.B. Lindberg

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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The dark corruptors have dragged her into darkness. Ava, once a bright and happy girl, is now a mere shadow of her past self, for her life is ruled by grief and fear, and worst of all: hatred grows stronger in her heart by every passing day. But after she turns twenty, she meets a mystical man called Dr. Saul, who promises to help her in her fight against the darkness. Following Saul's lead, she enters another world, where she faces the dark and twisted corruptors themselves. Will she be able to free herself from the chains and confess her feelings to the man she loves, or will she stay in the darkness and suffer till the end of her days? The battle of the broken mind is a symbolic story, written by the Finnish author P.B. Lindberg. The book explores the battles we fight in our minds, as well as the dangers of depression and other mental issues. It has a deep message and an encouraging moral, but also exciting battles and romantic events, which all serve the greater meaning of the story.

Wounded Hearts, Broken Minds

Author: Jm Kane

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Cane disentangles the web of deceit that teaches believers to be content with the mediocre, narrow-minded life they imagine for themselves in favor of the exceptional existence God has for them. (Practical Life)

Crimson and the Broken Mind

Author: Nathaniel Fauber

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


View: 339

Due to concussion Mathew suffers memory loss and starts to interact with things that don’t exist. During a dream Mathew meets Crimson who tries to prepare him for the afterlife. Mathew and Crimson will encounter dreams, reality, and alternate realities in order for Mathew to move onto his next life.


A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

Author: Anne Moss Rogers

Publisher: Beach Glass Books


Category: Psychology


View: 499

THE FUNNIEST, MOST POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL, Charles Aubrey Rogers suffered from depression and later addiction, then ultimately died by suicide. Diary of a Broken Mind focuses on the relatable story of what led to his suicide at age twenty and answers the why behind his addiction and this cause of death, revealed through a mother’s story and years of Charles’ published and unpublished song lyrics. The closing chapters focus on hope and healing—and how the author found her purpose and forgave herself. Diary of a Broken Mind is a poignant and powerful story written with telling detail and searing honesty—and hope. It is an inside look at the issues of depression, addiction, and suicide affecting so many families. It is a book that won’t easily be forgotten. *** “ANNE MOSS AND HER LATE SON, Charles, bring tragedy, hope and healing through the pages of Diary of a Broken Mind. The unimaginable pain and suffering that countless American families go through as a result of a loved one’s addiction and suicide is real. Through the lens of her son’s musical lyrics, Anne Moss Rogers explores the questions these families ask themselves … Why? And throughout the process, we all learn how to find purpose—even through some of our darkest moments.” – RYAN HAMPTON, Author, American Fix: Inside the Opioid Crisis—and How to End It

Dark Thoughts of a Broken Mind

Author: Markus Darkscribe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 103

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Dark Thoughts & A Broken Mind Another night another plight. even it the dark corners i don't feel right. I guess it's best to stay alone and live what's left all on my own. Just another recluse. another broken soul some human refuge to be put into a hole.

The Broken Down Mind of Joan Maurer

Poems & Monologues from Ashby Ponds


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 54

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The Church of the Free Mind

Author: Azazel Rama

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 422

View: 309

Welcome to a world of subversive literature filled with magical wisdom and the decoding of the occult. In this volume, author Azazel Rama explores the ancient secrets of astral travel and reveals a doorway to the multiverse of endless potential. He then reveals how the heretical views of science and nature can slay the dragon of religion with common sense. This is not a self-help seminar filled with happy sunshine, nonsense codes, and false rainbows; this is a journey into the forbidden. "The Church of the Free Mind" has opened its gates, and within this Holy Temple no messiah shall be said to exist. Written as a diatribe against words, this is the true philosophy of a snake swallowing its own tail. Behold the self-consuming god that exists within the flesh and souls of all living beings. Embark upon a spiritual exploration of a higher order of freedom as it relates to an unconsciously connected society of human animals, and learn the moral codes of Mother Nature as she echoes a sense of natural law through the depths of our collective being. This collection of essays proposes a way to enter a new cycle of human understanding.

Trouble in Mind

Stories from a Neuropsychologist's Casebook

Author: Jenni Ogden PhD

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 432

View: 842

In Trouble in Mind, neuropsychologist Jenni Ogden, author of Fractured Minds, transports the reader into the world of some of her most memorable neurological patients as she explores with compassion, insight, and vivid description the human side of brain damage. These are tales of patients who, as the result of stroke, brain tumor, car crash, or neurological disease, begin thinking and behaving strangely, and with their loved ones' support embark on the long journey to recovery, acceptance of disability and sometimes, death. There is Luke, the gang member who loses his speech but finds he can still sing his favorite blues number "Trouble in Mind," and HM, who teaches the world about memory and becomes the most studied single case in medical history. You will meet Julian, who misplaces his internal map of the human body, and Melody, a singer who risks losing her song when she undergoes brain surgery to cure her epilepsy. Then there is Kim with a severe head injury, and Sophie who has just enough time to put her house in order before Alzheimer's dementia steals her insight. For these and the many other patients whose stories are told in this book, the struggle to understand their disordered minds and disobedient bodies takes extraordinary courage, determination, and patience. For health professionals and researchers working with these patients, the ethical and emotional challenges can be as demanding as the intellectual and treatment decisions they make daily. Trouble In Mind is written in an accessible narrative style that is both accurate and intimate. It will be enjoyed by readers -- whether students, researchers, or professionals in mental health and neuroscience, patients with neurological disorders and their families, or general readers -- who want to learn more about brain disorders and the doctors who care for those who suffer them.

Fractured Minds

Author: Gail Campbell

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 268

Melissa is troubled by the same recurrent nightmare in which a young girl, Rebecca, pleads for help to escape from a dark force, Noctilios, who has found his way into her mind and taken her from the real world to his. Rebecca reveals that Noctilios has taken many people and Melissa is one of his next victims. Unable to convince Melissa of the danger, Rebecca takes desperate measures and attacks her. When Melissa awakes the next morning she is shocked to see bloody marks on her arm. Melissa confides her fears to her husband, Adam, but he thinks she is becoming paranoid and unbalanced. Melissa tracks down Rebecca's family and is shocked to discover that Rebecca disappeared in mysterious circumstances over five years ago. Melissa quickly realises that her dreams are in fact reality and her unique ability to move from one world to the other is the only hope for Rebecca to escape and return to her grieving family. But what is it that Noctilios wants, and can Melissa rescue Rebecca before it is too late?

From a Father

In the absence of my presence, never feel absent of my love and guidance

Author: Brian Woods

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

View: 941

In my life I have been blessed to touch many lives. Sometimes I was able to give encouragement with a song that I sung. Sometimes I was able to give a meal to a hungry person. I've even been able to speak to a crowd of people and turn someone's life around. When I look at all that God has allowed me to do through him, nothing that I have ever done is more important to me than this. My body exists for a moment in time, but my words are a part of my soul. I want nothing more out of this life than for you to write my words on your heart. I want to give you every advantage that has been placed in my hands. You are my daughter, my pride and my joy. I look at you and smile and I feel tears burning in my eye lids. In your eyes I see hope, I see joy, I see freedom and liberation. This is the great gift of God and this world will try to take this gift from you. God in his wisdom has sent you a guardian angel; a father that is waiting to fight for your protection. My sword is drawn and my heart is wide open. My words will watch over your heart and protect your spirit from corruption. This world will throw the gauntlet at you, but God has provided a shield of faith that can sustain you when times get hard. If you follow Gods plan he will lead you through valleys and place you on top of mountains. Both places have their difficulties but when God is leading, you can rest assure that you are under his protection. Don't allow this life to ever take your heart away from you. I love you Christiana, with all my heart and soul!

Musings of a Broken Mind

A Collection of Poems and Prose

Author: Bisma Suleman



Category: Psychology

Page: 168

View: 828

Wildflowers in My Mind

Author: Anshika Loomba

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 116

View: 578

Wildflowers of My Mind is a collection of poems that touch the soul of an individual. A reminder of self-love and strength. To wake up and see yourself to live with your pain and grow alongside it. To embrace your fears and outgrow them. To soothe your mind on days of thunder, to live a life with happiness in your eyes. It’s not just words that rhyme and lines that express, it’s a language for all and each poem hides a meaning for everyone. A story they can remember and a fear they carry. Wildflowers of My Mind is a book for a pleasant evening or an awful day, it calms you to know that you are just enough.