A Small Person Far Away

Author: Judith Kerr

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

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Partly autobiographical, this is the third title in Judith Kerr’s internationally acclaimed trilogy of books following the life of Anna through war-torn Germany, to London during the Blitz and her return to Berlin to discover the past...

Out of the Hitler Time

Author: Judith Kerr

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Germans

Page: 791

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When Hitler stole pink rabbit - Bombs on Aunt Dainty - A small person far away.

Jewish Women Writers in Britain

Author: Nadia Valman

Publisher: Wayne State University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

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Against a background of enormous cultural change during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, writing by British Jewish women grappled with shifting meanings of Jewish identity, the pressure of social norms, and questions of assimilation. Until recently, however, the distinctive experiences and perspectives of Jewish women have been absent from accounts of both British Jewish literature and women’s writing in Britain. Drawing on new research in Jewish studies, postcolonial criticism, trauma theory and cultural geography, contributors in Jewish Women Writers in Britain examine the ways that these women writers interpreted the experience of living between worlds and imaginatively transformed it for a wide general readership. Editor Nadia Valman brings together contributors to consider writers whose Jewish identity was central to their practice as well as those whose relationship to their Jewish heritage was oblique, complicated, or mobile and figured in their work in varied and often unexpected ways. The chapters cover a range of genres including didactic fiction, devotional writing, modernist poetry, autobiographical fiction, the postmodern novel, memoir, and public poetry. Among the writers discussed are Grace Aguilar, Celia and Marion Moss, Katie Magnus, Lily Montagu, Amy Levy, Nina Salaman, Mina Loy, Betty Miller, Eva Figes, Ruth Fainlight, Elaine Feinstein, Anita Brookner, Julia Pascal, Diane Samuels, Jenny Diski, Linda Grant, and Sue Hubbard. Expanding the concerns of Jewish literature beyond existing male-centered narratives of the heroic conflict between family expectations and personal aspirations, women writers also produced fiction and poetry exploring the female body, maternity, sexual politics, and the transmission of memory. While some sought to appropriate traditional Jewish literary forms, others used formal and stylistic experimentation to challenge a religious establishment and social conventions that constrained women’s public freedoms. The extraordinary range of responses to Jewish culture and history in the work of these writers will appeal to literary scholars and readers interested in Jewish women’s history.

Exile and Gender I

Literature and the Press


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Social Science

Page: 262

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Exile and Gender I: Literature and the Press focuses on the work of exiled women writers and journalists and on gendered representations in the writing of both male and female exiled writers, examining the concepts of gender and sexuality in exile. The contributions are in English or German. Dieser Band Exile and Gender I: Literature and the Press enthält Beiträge zu den Werken exilierter Schriftstellerinnen und Journalistinnen und zu geschlechtsspezifischen Darstellungen in den Texten von Exilschriftstellern und Exilschriftstellerinnen, sowie zu Gender- und Sexualitätskonzepten. Die Beiträge sind entweder in deutscher oder englischer Sprache.

Children's Books and Their Creators

Author: Anita Silvey

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Reference

Page: 800

View: 857

Features autobiographical vignettes by popular children's authors and offers more than eight hundred short articles covering every aspect of children's books, their themes, and their creators

International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

Author: Peter Hunt

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1416

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Children's literature continues to be one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting of interdisciplinary academic studies, of interest to anyone concerned with literature, education, internationalism, childhood or culture in general. The second edition of Peter Hunt's bestselling International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature offers comprehensive coverage of the subject across the world, with substantial, accessible, articles by specialists and world-ranking experts. Almost everything is here, from advanced theory to the latest practice – from bibliographical research to working with books and children with special needs. This edition has been expanded and includes over fifty new articles. All of the other articles have been updated, substantially revised or rewritten, or have revised bibliographies. New topics include Postcolonialism, Comparative Studies, Ancient Texts, Contemporary Children's Rhymes and Folklore, Contemporary Comics, War, Horror, Series Fiction, Film, Creative Writing, and 'Crossover' literature. The international section has been expanded to reflect world events, and now includes separate articles on countries such as the Baltic states, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Iran, Korea, Mexico and Central America, Slovenia, and Taiwan.

Fifth Book of Junior Authors & Illustrators

Author: Sally Holmes Holtze

Publisher: New York : H.W. Wilson Company


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 357

View: 870

Offers photographs and profiles of two hundred forty-three outstanding authors and illustrators of children's literature and lists books by and about each individual