A Priest's Head, a Drummer's Hands

New Orleans Voodoo Order of Service

Author: Louis Martinié

Publisher: MoonWeb Press


Category: Magic

Page: 144

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The first volume in a series of teachings on Voodoo as it has and continues to develop in New Orleans contains an Order of Service developed through hundreds of rituals at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

A Priest's Head, A Drummer's Hands: New Orleans Voodoo: Order of Service

Author: Louie Martinie

Publisher: Black Moon Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 142

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A complete-in-itself first volume in a series of teachings on Voodoo as it has and continues to develop in New Orleans. It contains an Order of Service developed over hundreds of rituals at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. This Order follows the steps of birth and can be used to bring honor and respect to the ancestors or to birth a "magickal child" of the voodoosant's choosing. Rhythms for the drums are given in the form of Drum Prayers. Rites and offerings to mark the passage of the Grande Zombie (Great Serpent) through the Seasons are outlined in a section on the Ophidian Year. A photographic record of the wake of Charles Masicot Gandolfo, the founder of the Historic Voodoo Museum, and a recounting of the line of Spiritual Doctors running back through the annals of New Orleans Voodoo is presented. Information and a working talisman for John Montanee, the original Dr. John, who conjured and drummed in the eighteen hundreds in New Orleans is included as well as a veve for the city of New Orleans as a spiritual entity.

Social Welfare

Author: Freda Marie Houlston Bedi



Category: Public welfare


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The Drummer, Man

A Treatise on Percussion

Author: Gordon B. Peters

Publisher: Wilmette, Ill. : Kemper-Peters Publications


Category: Percussion

Page: 356

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Covers percussion instrument and performance evolution and cultural history, acoustics of percussion instruments, jazz percussion, ensembles, notation and scoring, techniques and more.

“The” Natural History of Man

Being an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Uncivilized Races of Men. Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, America, Asia, and ancient Europe

Author: John George Wood




Page: 864

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A Survey of Musical Instruments

Author: Sibyl Marcuse

Publisher: New York : Harper & Row


Category: Musical instruments

Page: 863

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For librarians and for music lovers.

American Childhood




Category: Child development


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Includes music (mostly songs with piano accompaniment).

Watch and Pray

A Portrait of Fante Village Life in Transition

Author: Nancy Lundgren

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Social Science

Page: 163

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The matrilineal Fante are members of one of the most populous ethnic groups in Ghana, the Akan. They are the dominant group in the Cape Coast area and have a long history in the region. They are Fanti speakers, but also speak the national language, which is English. This case study provides an intimate look at the Fante, who now reside in towns and villages, are predominantly Christian and earn their living primarily as traders, farmers and fishing people, but are found in all walks of life including: government officials, teachers, University professors, lawyers and doctors.The people of Akotokiyr and Abaasa and Nim want readers to know about their villages and the people associated with them because they represent a spirit and a tradition and a collaborative lifestyle that are rapidly changing. The book makes it possible for readers to become participants in the scene—be it in a home, a “palace” of a chief, a church, in the market place, or in the author’s own home—where they can see firsthand the ways in which the new is being incorporated into the old. As the Series Editor says, “the blazing sun, the airless rooms with concrete block walls with roofs of sheet iron, the dust, flies, rough streets, the verdant forest, the streams the open, running sewers, all become habitats of our minds as we read of the author's interactions with people in the small villages where she is living and working.”

The International

An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Travel and Literature

Author: Abraham T. H. Brower





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