A Pocketful of Pineapples

Author: Neil Vicker

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Humor

Page: 192

View: 653

Barbara Streisand said that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. If one of those people was a care worker and the other someone who dribbled all day then it puts a different context around the ageing songress' laudable outburst. And what Ive tried to do in this book is look at things from a totally different angle. I have used people, in an office scenario and I have imagined how people would act if they were put in odd situations. I have used characters from an office to carry out my written experiment. It amuses me greatly and I hope you too. The following is an excerpt: "In short, Doreen is a sad character, who collects spoons and gleefully delights in her cat delicately brushing against them." "Joss' family coat of arms is an unfashionable flared crimpolene skirt and clashing pendant, inscribed at the bottom of the plaque with the latin words, Ipso Factum Canoodlus. Roughly translated means, No, or few canoodling."

A Pocketful of Herbs

An A-Z

Author: Jekka McVicar

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 906

From rosemary to wild garlic, and hyssop to sea kale, our food would be poorer without the herbs we grow. Jekka McVicar is the expert on herbs and how to get the best from them, and this new pocket book is the go-to guide for chefs and gardeners across the country. In a compact and handy A-Z format, this guide will ensure you get the best out of your herb garden, providing details such as when and where to plant, how hardy each plant is, how to nurture and care for your herbs and what each herb is best used for in the kitchen. Jekka's own photography of the herbs complements the text, providing a quick and colourful reference.

Black Cream

A Handful of Sky & a Pocketful of Confetti Novel

Author: Kenny Attaway

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 788

Black Cream is a straightforward, honest, and relentless memoir chronicling the life and times of Kareem Parker, a.k.a. Black Cream. For all his childhood and early adulthood, Cream battled self-esteem issues, bouts with anxiety, mother-son battles with his mother and her various boyfriends, skin complexion complexities, and ongoing battles with wanting/needing a true father figure; this battle coexists with his mothers battle to find true love from a man. Throughout his early years of two years old up until sixteen to seventeen, he not only battled his problems and shortcomings but became a battering ram and sometimes an unwanted distraction to his mothers various boyfriends/paramours that misled and abused him and his mother. Later in his midteens, he finally found peace and love within but only for it to be shattered again by an ugly truth held by his mother, which leaves his newfound peace not only broken but spiraling out of control. Its never easy when the most precious thing you are attempting to help/protect is hurting you. Black Cream stirs the pots of humanity and injustices many young black boys cope with without a father or without a positive father figure in their lives. Black Cream stirs the pot of hopelessness and abandonment and pain when they are left alone and must fend for themselves, being given the awkward task of defending themselves even when their mom is present. And Black Cream stirs the pot of molestation, systematic dependency, ongoing broken relationships, drug dependency, and self-hate. Black Cream explores how cycles of the broken-boy syndrome begin and how it can continue to plague into manhood due to failed ingredients. Written with a poetic pen, conscience mind, and honest heart, Black Cream in various ways tells the story of many other creams that experience the same pain and torment without ever having light or confetti thrown over their stories. It is penned with an honest flair with bright drips of imagination and honest art. Then without further ado, I present to you Black Cream. May peace, happiness, and LUV reign on you, confetti style. This is your moment, but share it with those that need it most.

Pocketful of Diamonds

Author: Nicolette Pierce

Publisher: Nicolette Pierce


Category: Fiction


View: 171

One unforgettable night. Two hearts in tatters. Three foes about to strike. After Gwen steals from Ian twice, endangering not only his life but that of his family, he relentlessly pursues her. Gwen is good at what she does. A thief has to be. But, she never meant to hurt Ian. He was everything she couldn’t have but desperately craved. A brewing diamond war thrusts the pair together once again. They have to rely on each other. But that requires mutual trust, something neither are willing to give. They can’t hold out forever. Too much is at stake, including their hearts. Read this award-winning novel today!

Mile Marker Zero

The Moveable Feast of Key West

Author: William McKeen

Publisher: Crown


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 465

True stories of writers and pirates, painters and potheads, guitar pickers and drug merchants in Key West in the 1970s. For Hemingway and Fitzgerald, there was Paris in the twenties. For others, later, there was Greenwich Village, Big Sur, and Woodstock. But for an even later generation—one defined by the likes of Jimmy Buffett, Tom McGuane, and Hunter S. Thompson—there was another moveable feast: Key West, Florida. The small town on the two-by-four-mile island has long been an artistic haven, a wild refuge for people of all persuasions, and the inspirational home for a league of great American writers. Some of the artists went there to be literary he-men. Some went to re-create themselves. Others just went to disappear—and succeeded. No matter what inspired the trip, Key West in the seventies was the right place at the right time, where and when an astonishing collection of artists wove a web of creative inspiration. Mile Marker Zero tells the story of how these writers and artists found their identities in Key West and maintained their friendships over the decades, despite oceans of booze and boatloads of pot, through serial marriages and sexual escapades, in that dangerous paradise. Unlike the “Lost Generation” of Paris in the twenties, we have a generation that invented, reinvented, and found itself at the unending cocktail party at the end—and the beginning—of America’s highway.

A Pocketful of Prose

Vintage Short Fiction

Author: David Madden

Publisher: Harcourt College Pub


Category: Short stories.

Page: 236

View: 272

A Pocketful of Plays: Vintage Short Stories contains 18 short stories that research reveals to be currently among the most commonly studied in class around the country. The works include source materials to encourage further discussion and analysis, Among these enhancement are author's comments, biographical and critical commentaries, and sections of a play and a film script for comparison of media. The reception of this series has supported the original assumption that students and teachers would welcome an innovative alternative to huge anthologies, which are rarely used entirely, tend to be too bulky to carry and to handle in class. This anthology is aimed at satisfying the need for a concise, quality collection that students will find inexpensive sand that instructors will enjoy teaching.


Analysis and Planning

Author: Lothar A. Kreck

Publisher: Cbi Publishing Company


Category: Food service.

Page: 277

View: 302

Crumbs of a Bum's Cake

Author: Kenny Attaway

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 972

Is it beautiful like ... the residue of a bird’s hum? The last pound of the blind man drum. The rum of the scum, Is it the scent of a baker’s thumb? The beautiful of the slum? The gift of the innocence/ confusion in the solution. A something of nothing or the nothing of something. The surrendered of superficial / is the hug from a poem. The kisses of an “I miss you”. The leftover dew from a long exotic night...The last twisting on an erotic knot. Is it the cream that rose to the top/or the sugar rush from the last drop/The simmering of a rainbow’s nose/ snowflakes un-froze? Is it birds freed/ or insanity caged ... The teaspoon of humanity’s first and last flavor /Drowning of a thought/ or the life saver. Now... ask yourself this .... Crumbs of a bum’s cake/Washing your face in midnight’s rage/ waking up with the good in morning caged/Laying down and sharing your heart with if, possible and maybe... Erecting to the world aggression. Is crumbs from wanting the love /but Accepting the Mmmmm’s on the F’s between the liberations of breaths/ Crumbs of a bum cake ... where desires are lit or destiny blown out...Where the softest flowers grew into hard like rocks. To taste the crumb of a bum’s cake / where all senses radiate...Sparked by a revolution / and the most angelic earthquake partake... Accepting the lost in winning/winning to not lose/ still confused by when you win -you still lose.” In short, Crumbs of a Bum’s cake addresses the hardcore battle of drug addictions through six generations.

Passport to Peking

A Very British Mission to Mao's China

Author: Patrick Wright

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Art

Page: 591

View: 478

In he second half of 1954, scores of European delegations set off for Beijing, in response to Prime Minister Chou En-lai's invitation to 'come and see' the New China and celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Communist victory. In this delightfully eclectic book, part comedy, part travelogue, and part cultural history, Patrick Wright uncovers the story of the four British delegations that made this journey, which included many of the leading political, academic,artistic, and cultural figures of the day.

Like.... Warhal Graffiti & Basquiat Acrylics

Author: Kenny Attaway

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 286

View: 433

“like”....Warhol graffiti & Basquiat acrylics -“the fluorescent kanvs excursion”- A collection of poetry/thoughts from Ghetto English Rock and his stones (Kenny Attaway, Yanni Handcock, Fd, SAYSO, Slum Beautiful, Nirvana Sanchez, Wild Irish Rose, & Ghetto Othello). Nirvana Sanchez journeys with Ghetto English Rock & his stones on a world renown tour- “the fluorescent kanvs (canvas) excursion”” as they journey through Chicago, Philadelphia, London England, Paris, France, Sinotri, Greece and cities and countries sharing their art, dropping gems and reciting their spoken words. Narrated & orchestrated by Ghetto English Rock and Nirvana Sanchez (cover art front and back). G.E.R & the Stones not only explores their most memorable and favorite spoken words/poems but takes the reader and audience into a glimpse into their personal world and space of some-living and rehashing some of the wildest, real life and intricate times. Many of the poetry, spoken word and emotional bombs are reworked, reconstructed and remixed from the original works; which could be found in the published works (Inkquani, Hot Knickels & Pennies, Ink pens & Spray cans) and once unpublished work Stoned from Ghetto English’ Rock

Picture Bride Stories

Author: Barbara F. Kawakami

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 328

View: 920

During the 1885 to 1924 immigration period of plantation laborers from Japan to Hawaii, more than 200,000 Japanese, mostly single men, made the long journey by ship to the Hawaiian Islands. As it became apparent that they would never return to Japan, many of the men sent for brides to join them in their adopted home. More than 20,000 of these “picture brides” immigrated from Japan and Okinawa to Hawaii to marry husbands whom they knew only through photographs exchanged between them or their families. Based on Barbara F. Kawakami’s first-hand interviews with sixteen of these women, Picture Bride Stories is a poignant collection that recounts the diverse circumstances that led them to marry strangers, their voyages to Hawaii, the surprises and trials that they encountered upon arriving, and the lives they led upon settling in a strange new land. Many found hardship, yet persevered and endured the difficult conditions of the sugarcane and pineapple plantations for the sake of their children. As they acclimated to a foreign place and forged new relationships, they overcame challenges and eventually prospered in a better life. The stories of the issei women exemplify the importance of friendships and familial networks in coping with poverty and economic security. Although these remarkable women are gone, their legacy lives on in their children, grandchildren, and succeeding generations. In addition to the oral histories—the result of forty years of interviews—the author provides substantial background on marriage customs and labor practices on the plantations.

Jed and the Junkyard War

Author: Steven Bohls

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 702

Jed is a regular kid with a normal, loving family . . . that is, if it's normal for a loving family to drop their child off in the middle of nowhere and expect him home in time for Sunday dinner. Luckily, Jed excels at being a regular kid who-armed with wit and determination-can make his way out of any situation. At least until the morning of his twelfth birthday, when Jed wakes to discover his parents missing. Something is wrong. Really wrong. Jed just doesn't realize it's floating-city, violent-junk-storm, battling-metals, Frankensteined-scavengers kind of wrong. Yet. A cryptic list of instructions leads Jed into a mysterious world at war over . . . junk. Here, batteries and bottled water are currency, tremendously large things fall from the sky, and nothing is exactly what it seems. Resilient Jed, ready to escape this upside-down place, bargains his way onto a flying tugboat with a crew of misfit junkers. They set course to find Jed's family, but a soul-crushing revelation sends Jed spiraling out of control . . . perhaps for good.