Place of Hope

Author: Anna Jacobs

Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 475

When Emily Mattison falls victim to a near-fatal accident shortly after receiving an unexpected inheritance from a distant cousin, her ruthless nephew George seizes the opportunity to take control of his aunt’s assets. It’s only when Emily reaches The Drover’s Hope, the former pub on the edge of the Lancashire moors, bequeathed to her by her late cousin Penelope, that she begins to feel safe. She also discovers that love can be found in the most unexpected places. But it’s not so easy to escape the clutches of someone as determined as George . . .

Milton's Places of Hope

Spiritual and Political Connections of Hope with Land

Author: Mary C. Fenton

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 225

View: 129

Drawing on an array of materials from the seventeenth century, including emblems, legal treatises, political pamphlets, and prayer manuals, Mary C. Fenton sheds light on Milton's ideas about personal and national identity, and where people should place th

Madison Park

A Place of Hope

Author: Eric L. Motley

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 316

Welcome to Madison Park, a small community in Alabama founded by freed slaves in 1880. And meet Eric Motley, a native son who came of age in this remarkable place where constant lessons in self-determination, hope, and unceasing belief in the American dream taught him everything he needed for his journey to the Oval Office as a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush. Eric grew up among people whose belief was to “give” and never turn away from your neighbor’s need. There was Aunt Shine, the goodly matriarch who cared so much about young Motley’s schooling that she would stand up in a crowded church and announce Eric’s progress or his shortcomings. There was Old Man Salery, who secretly siphoned gasoline from his beat-up car into the Motley’s tank at night. There were Motley’s grandparents, who bought books for Eric they couldn’t afford, spending the last of their seed money. And there was Reverend Brinkley, a man of enormous faith and simple living. It was said that whenever the Reverend came your way, light abounded. Life in Madison Park wasn’t always easy or fair, and Motley reveals personal and heartbreaking stories of racial injustice and segregation. But Eric shows how the community taught him everything he needed to know about love and faith. This charming, engaging, and deeply inspiring memoir will help you remember that we can create a world of shared values based on love and hope. It is a story that reveals the amazing power of faith in God and each other. If you’re in search of hope during troubled times, look no further than Madison Park.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hope

Author: Jaklin A. Eliott

Publisher: Nova Publishers


Category: Psychology

Page: 296

View: 515

Hope is an aspect of human existence that appears increasingly significant in our modern world. However, what hope is, how it works, and why it is important continue to be debated, with different approaches to hope evident within different fields. This anthology of hope is unique in that it features contributions from many seminal writers and researchers across a wide range of disciplines, and thus offers multiple perspectives on this important and complex phenomenon. Hope is viewed through the lenses of theology, philosophy, politics, psychology, nursing, and medicine, with authors covering the histories and possible futures of hope and hope research. Encompassing the theoretical and the practical, the societal and the personal, this book will be a valuable resource to those commencing or conducting research into hope, and an enjoyable and insightful read for those wishing to know more about the state of hope today.

Rope of Hope

Author: Rev. Donna Ulrich



Category: Religion

Page: 52

View: 105

Are you in need of a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? Isaiah promises that even in darkness, even in death itself, there is good ground for hope, for the power of God is able to restore life to His people even when they appear to be already dead! Come and be refreshed as you enter the Hope zone!

No Ceiling to Hope

Stories of grace from world's most dangerous places

Author: Patrick Regan

Publisher: Monarch Books


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 323

Servants of Christ are in the transformation business. This kind of transformation will only happen if we refuse to be seduced by false idols like success, money, fame and security – to be the church we were called to be. We need to take ownership of the problems around us and work with people who are suffering in order to find solutions and offer lasting change. Patrick travels the globe to find examples. In Bolivia he reports how Christian backing for education projects is allowing families to find a way out of poverty. In London XLP is mentoring young people to turn aside from violence. In Los Angeles a new future is being offered to gang girls. In high security prisons in the UK and US the Spirit is turning lives around. In Belfast's Shankill Road area a group of elderly ladies is cooking meals for men who sit all day in local pubs ... the list is extensive, and inspiring. The common element is that in all circumstances Christ is offering hope. “As Christians there is no ceiling to the hope we can bring, even when things look bleak,” Patrick says. “Extreme poverty has been halved in the last 30 years. This book encourages and challenges the church to think and act creatively to eradicate all types of poverty and suffering.”

The Center of Hope:

A Place to Believe, Belong & Become

Author: Tobin Perry

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 52

View: 492

A Story of Hope … God never, ever gives up. He is at His best when we need Him the most. Ask Joseph. Ask Jonah. Ask Nehemiah. Ask Zacchaeus. Ask Jesus. And ask the hundreds touched by the three-year-old ministry of the Center of Hope. Born in a once-thriving church building whose best days had been four decades earlier, the Center of Hope launched in the spring of 2010 in one of the most desperate areas of Evansville, Ind. With a commitment to minister to the whole person—mind, body and soul—the church has defied experts who didn’t believe you could build a church in a city’s poorest area. In the past four years the church has truly become … … a place to believe. … a place to belong. … a place to become. … a place of hope. The Center of Hope story will encourage you, challenge you—and help you see the Church’s potential in a whole new way.

The Discipline of Hope

Learning from a Lifetime of Teaching

Author: Herbert R. Kohl

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Education

Page: 350

View: 169

Knowledge gathered from an author who wants to heal the broken relationships between teachers and their students and to ensure that the insight he provides inspires positive education

A Priest's Journal of Hope

God and 9/11

Author: Philip Linder

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Religion

Page: 76

View: 892

In this timely and powerful book of reflections, Father Philip Linder shares his personal struggles and experiences of God in light of 9/11. God speaks through Father Linder in a way that invites others into a closer and more profound relationship with God. These short reflections point to the simple and poignant ways that we may come to know and experience God, and finally live in God in the midst of both war and peace. Philip Linder, a noted teacher of the spiritual life, opens his heart and inner thoughts to assist all who travel the spiritual path. At once theological and personal, A Priest's Journal of Hope -God and 9/11- allows us to see our own questions of faith identified, as well as the possibility for new inquiries-all of which have the potential for transforming our collective 9/11 experiences into a deeper life in God.