Devadasi, ''a Nun's Story''

Author: Tom Mathews

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 138

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"The author wonderfully captures the powerful emotions and human condition of each character. The book is filled with interesting episodes and incidents and it is a fascinating journey for the reader. Well-crafted plot..."

The Nun's Tale (Re-Publication)

Author: Pae Robin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 233

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Pae Robin is the nom de plume of Peter James Robinson. He was born in Manly, Sydney Australia on 19 November 1953. He lives in Canberra with his family. He's written plays and satire for stage and radio; hes also written theatre and book reviews, and arts and science articles for newspapers. Hes had many years experience as an actor. The Nuns Tale is his first novel.

Visual Habits

Nuns, Feminism, and American Postwar Popular Culture

Author: Rebecca Sullivan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Religion

Page: 255

View: 227

From "The Nun's Story" to "The Flying Nun" to "The Singing Nun," nuns were a major presence in the mainstream media. Sullivan discusses these images in the context of the period's seemingly unlimited potential for social change.

The Films of Fred Zinnemann

Critical Perspectives

Author: Arthur Nolletti

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 286

View: 406

Fred Zinnemann, celebrated director of such classic films as High Noon, From Here to Eternity, and A Man for All Seasons, is studied here in a book-length work for the first time. Zinnemann’s fifty-year career includes twenty-two feature films, which are characterized by an unshakable belief in human dignity, a preoccupation with moral and social issues, a warm and sympathetic treatment of character, and consummate technical artistry. In discussing such issues as the role of Zinnemann’s documentary aesthetic throughout his career, the relationship between his life and his art, his use and construction of history, and the central importance of women characters in his films, The Films of Fred Zinnemann lends new perspectives to the work of a major filmmaker and makes a significant contribution to the study of American cinema.

Veiled Desires

Intimate Portrayals of Nuns in Postwar Anglo-American Film

Author: Maureen Sabine

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 338

View: 726

Veiled Desires is the first full-length study of the film nun to trace the shifting features of her screen representation in twelve or more postwar films that span a sixty-year period. It not only situates them within the changing history of modern women religious but employs an inter-disciplinary perspective to argue that the film nun projects a complex and often vexed portrait of both traditional religious and modern female desires.


The Spiritual Life on Film

Author: Mike King

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 280

View: 470

This book is a comprehensive survey of religion and spirituality on film. It explores different aspects of the spiritual life as projected in more than 400 movies. Film settings embrace all of the major faiths, smaller religious groupings, the New Age, and even contexts that are in the first instance secular, atheist or anti-religious. A dozen themes have been identified in which to group them. Two types of film were excluded: escapist fantasy and the religious costume drama. The final selection are films of highly serious intent (which include however very human dramas and humorous moments). The 12 chapters of the book illuminate the lived spiritual life from many angles, mostly within the drama of people's lives rather than in matters of creed or religious specifics. When the unique art-form of film, with its aesthetics of light and movement, coincide with scenes of high spiritual drama we have a cinema that can be called "luminous." The search is on for such films.

The Nun's Priest's Prologue and Tale

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Education

Page: 82

View: 967

Six-hundred-year-old tales with modern relevance. As well as the complete text of the Nun's Priest's Prologue and Tale, the student will find illustrated information on Chaucer's world, including a map of the Canterbury pilgrimage, a running synopsis of the action, an explanation of unfamiliar words, and a wide range of classroom-tested activities to help bring the text to life. Guided by the suggestions for study and the wide range of helpful information, students will readily appreciate Chaucer's wit and sense of irony, his love of controversy and his delight in character portrayal.