The American Fiddle Method, Volume 1 - Cello


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications


Category: Music

Page: 72

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Written as a companion to the wildly popular fiddle book, this method opens up the world of fiddling to the beginning/intermediate cellist. Finally fiddlers, violists and cellists can jam together! Unlike many books for violas and cellos which simply transpose the tunes, the authors went to considerable effort arranging the tunes to be both playable and true to the original melody and key. Variations to the tunes are included illustrating how they can serve as a basis for improvisation. Ensemble skills are taught with chords and lyrics, basic music theory, and demonstrations of such skills as backup and lead playing in this playfully- illustrated book. A high quality, multi-instrumental CD for listening and play-along captures the excitement of the music. Like its fiddle counterpart, this method is destined to be a classic.

Performance Practice

A Dictionary-guide for Musicians

Author: Roland John Jackson

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Music

Page: 513

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Performance Practice: A Dictionary-Guide for Musicians is a first-of-its kind, A-to-Z reference work for students, scholars, and listeners interested in learning more about how musical works were originally performed and subsequently changed over the centuries. It offers entries on composers, musicians/performers, technical terms, performance centers, musical instruments, and genres, all aimed at elucidating issues in performance practice. Compiled by a leading scholar in the field, this work will serve as both a point-of-entry for beginners as well as a roadmap for advanced scholarship in the field. It is illustrated by over 125 beautiful reproductions of musical instruments and of various vocal and instrumental ensembles gathered from around the world.

The Baroque Cello Revival

An Oral History

Author: Paul R. Laird

Publisher: Scarecrow Press


Category: Music

Page: 373

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This resource considers the Baroque cello's revival as part of the period instrument movement from the viewpoints of over forty cellists from three generations and four luthiers who have worked on period cellos. What emerges is a nuanced and detailed picture of the cello in the past and present and the varied instruments now played under the label "Baroque cello." Period instruments played with appropriate techniques have become a major presence in classical music in recent decades. For the cello, which changed substantially between the end of the sixteenth and early eighteenth centuries, it is challenging to describe specific traits for certain time periods, let alone how it was played in those periods. By chronicling the searches of over forty top cellists in England, Europe, and North America, the author goes far in revealing the great variety of forms that exist. This is the first study in which the revival of a single period instrument has been considered in such qualified detail and will be of great interest to musicologists, luthiers, and anyone interested in string history.

Catch a Wave

The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson

Author: Peter Ames Carlin

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Now the subject of the movie Love & Mercy, starring John Cusack! Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, along with Mike Love and Al Jardine--better known as the Beach Boys--rocketed out of a working-class Los Angeles suburb in the early sixties, and their sun-and-surf sound captured the imagination of kids across the world. In a few short years, they rode the wave all the way to the top, standing with the Beatles as one of the world's biggest bands. Despite their utopian visions, infectious hooks, and stunning harmonies, the Beach Boys were beset by drug abuse, jealousy, and terrifying mental illness. In Catch a Wave, Peter Ames Carlin pulls back the curtain on Brian Wilson, one of popular music's most revered luminaries, as well as its biggest mystery. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and never-before heard studio recordings, Carlin follows the Beach Boys from their earliest days through Brian's deepening emotional problems to his triumphant re-emergence with the release of Smile, the legendarily unreleased album he had originally shelved.

Jeff Lynne

Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After

Author: John Van der Kiste

Publisher: Fonthill Media


Category: Music


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Solos for Guitar


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications


Category: Music

Page: 48

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Eleven original compositions for the classical guitar composed in the eclectic style for which Frederic Hand has become well known. Written in standard notation only, some of these pieces allow for optional improvisatory sections (About Time and Missing Her). the composer performs all of the compositions on an accompanying recording. Some pieces require retuning the sixth string to low D. the level of difficulty ranges from easy to difficult, with the majority of the material falling at the intermediate level. Program notes are included for each piece. the enclosed CD presents performances of all the pieces by the composer.

A Seeker

Book 1 in the Warrior/Healer Series

Author: Zai Fox

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 138

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A Seeker is a tale of an orphan, Veenad, struggling to raise himself out of slavery. At great risk to himself, Veenad commits to a quest to become a golden ruler. Veenad has an encounter with a warrior/healer adept when the gang he is involved with tries to rob the adept. The abilities this adept demonstrates help bring about a new awareness to Veenad. Unfortunately, this awareness breaks through somewhat later than would have been easiest and Veenad finds himself entirely on his own in a fairly hostile world. Veenad seeks assistance from Elohim and the guardian spirits who seem to help him only when it is most essential. Veenad struggles through a series of adventures in his quest and stumbles onto a community where most of the people at least profess higher ideals. Veenad still struggles to emerge beyond the strictures placed on him even in this community. But everyone involved seems to grow through his or her challenges as Veenad becomes less and less hypocritical and more capable as a warrior/healer.

Arranging Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue and the Creation of an American Icon

Author: Ryan Bañagale

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 304

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In Arranging Gershwin, author Ryan Bañagale approaches George Gershwin's iconic piece Rhapsody in Blue not as a composition but as an arrangement -- a status it has in many ways held since its inception in 1924, yet one unconsidered until now. Shifting emphasis away from the notion of the Rhapsody as a static work by a single composer, Bañagale posits a broad vision of the piece that acknowledges the efforts of a variety of collaborators who shaped the Rhapsody as we know it today. Arranging Gershwin sheds new light on familiar musicians such as Leonard Bernstein and Duke Ellington, introduces lesser-known figures such as Ferde Grofé and Larry Adler, and remaps the terrain of this emblematic piece of American music. At the same time, it expands on existing approaches to the study of arrangements -- an emerging and insightful realm of American music studies -- as well as challenges existing and entrenched definitions of composer and composition. Based on a host of newly discovered manuscripts, the book significantly alters existing historical and cultural conceptions of the Rhapsody. With additional forays into visual media, including the commercial advertising of United Airlines and Woody Allen's Manhattan, it moreover exemplifies how arrangements have contributed not only to the iconicity of Gershwin and Rhapsody in Blue, but also to music-making in America -- its people, their pursuits, and their processes.