A Maritime Lexicon

Arabic Nautical Terminology in the Indian Ocean

Author: Abdulrahman Al Salimi



Category: Naval art and science

Page: 611

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This bi-lingual lexicon of Arabic maritime terminology reflects the Arabs linguistic relationship with the sea. It gives in-depth definitions in Arabic and English of nautical Arabic technology in the western Indian Ocean, with a particular emphasis on the eastern and southern coasts of the Arabian peninsula, and is thematically organized in five sections. Part One examines the variety of vessel types and other general terms found in Arabic literature during the Islamic period to present. Part Two explores the different terms used for constructing boats and ships in the region. Part Three looks at the rich terminology used for sailing these vessels across the seas. Part Four delves in depth into the terms used in the Arabic navigational literature, with a particular emphasis on the works of Ibn Majid and Sulayman al-Mahri. Part Five looks at the terminology used for fishing and pearling, two vital and historic industries in the Arabian Peninsula. Although this lexicon relies heavily on historical sources and classical Arabic lexicons, it also applies an interdisciplinary approach, integrating oral and archaeological evidence whenever possible to supplement our understandings of these terms. Collectively, it records the linguistic wealth found in the Arabic language.

A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon

Founded on the German-Latin Dictionary of Dr. Charles Ernest Georges

Author: Joseph Esmond Riddle

Publisher: New York : Harper


Category: English language

Page: 754

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Lexicon for Maritime Navigation

Author: Canada. Department of National Defence. Headquarters



Category: English language

Page: 45

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Teutsch-Englisches Lexicon

Worinne nicht allein die Wörter ... Sondern auch ... die ... Redens-Arten verzeichnet sind ; Aus den besten Scribenten und ... Dictionariis ... zusammen getragen

Author: Christian Ludwig





View: 279

Christian Ludwig Teutsch-Englisches Lexicon

Worinne nicht allein die Wörter, samt den Nenn- Bey- und Sprich-Wörtern, sondern auch sowol die eigentliche als verblümte Redens-Arten verzeichnet sind. Aus den besten Scribenten und vorhandenen Dictionariis mit grossem Fleiß zusammen getragen

Author: Christian Ludovici



Category: German language

Page: 6

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Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security

Author: Rupert Herbert-Burns

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Law

Page: 404

View: 173

Managing the ever-changing nature and cross-disciplinary challenges of the maritime sector demands a complete understanding of the special characteristics of the maritime space. The complexity of the operations of ships, ports, shipping companies, and naval and coast guard maritime security operations as well as the economic significance and the in

An English-Greek Lexicon

Containing All the Words in General Use, with Their Various Significations Classified

Author: Henry R. Hamilton



Category: English language

Page: 262

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A Greek and English Lexicon

On a Plan Entirely New: in Four Parts; Greek-English, Difficult Inflections, English-Greek, and Proper Names. Containing the Interpretation of All the Words which Occur in Greek Classic Authors, ... and an Introduction ...

Author: M. Wright (of Glasgow.)



Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: 213

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Lexicon of Environmental Law / Les Définitions Du Droit de L’environnement

Author: Cédric Viale

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers


Category: Law

Page: 584

View: 442

This Lexicon, aimed at NGOs, lawyers, diplomats and students, follows the same method as the Lexicon of Human Rights - Les définitions des droits de l'homme, published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers in 2008. Definitions related to the environment are gathered by extracting them from relevant universal scope texts. This ordered grouping of definitions will enlighten the reader about the priorities of the international community regarding environmental law. Definitions are classified in alphabetical order, in separate English and French lists. In each language there is an alphabetical list of common terms with the equivalent second language term in square brackets. The list gives the exact detailed meaning followed by the source of each term. Following this list, a lexicon of the same terms is given under such general themes as "Mammals", "Gas", "Lead". Finally, a list of relevant documents which can be referenced for further information is included.