Crash Course Medical Research, Audit and Teaching: the Essentials for Career Success - E-Book

Author: Amit Kaura

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 275

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Crash Course – your effective every-day study companion PLUS the perfect antidote for exam stress! Save time and be assured you have the essential information you need in one place to excel on your course and achieve exam success. A winning formula now for over 20 years, each series volume has been fine-tuned and fully updated – with an improved full-colour layout tailored to make your life easier. Especially written by senior students or junior doctors – those who understand what is essential for exam success – with all information thoroughly checked and quality assured by expert Faculty Advisers, the result are books which exactly meet your needs and you know you can trust. This volume concisely brings together the wide range of skills needed for interpreting or conducting medical research and audit. It starts with the basics of medical data analysis and interpretation, followed by how to critically review published studies and even extends to advice on career advancement including CV writing, securing academic opportunities and teaching. This book will allow you to build competence and confidence in the world of medical research. Provides the exam syllabus in one place - saves valuable revision time Written by senior students and recent graduates - those closest to what is essential for exam success Quality assured by leading Faculty Advisors - ensures complete accuracy of information Features the ever popular 'Hints and Tips' boxes and other useful aide-mémoires - distilled wisdom from those in the know Updated self-assessment section matching the latest exam formats – confirm your understanding and improve exam technique fast

Origami Flowers

Author: James Minoru Sakoda

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 83

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Revised edition of: Origami flower arrangement. 1992.

Life Moves: A Memoir

Author: E. D. Clapham



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 266

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This second memoir by E.D. Clapham begins where the first one, Life Happens, ended: after her marriage to Peter, her OMr Very RightO, and covers the period between 1949 and 1985. PeterOs work takes them to Australia, New Zealand, and America, before finally returning to Britain with their son Jeremy and daughter Tessa, experiencing all the ups and downs of moving, settling, and moving again, during changing times and attitudes. OWith her chatty and confiding manner, the author irresistibly draws the reader into her life which encompasses an incredible range of experience, of travels, of places, countries, coming to terms again and again with different environments, of sheer resourcefulness! What makes the book unique, however, is the integrity and cherished value of the authorOs marriage to, or her life with, her late husband Peter.O Charles Muller, Diadem Books

Diccionario Oxford

Author: Beatriz Galimberti Jarman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: English language

Page: 1818

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Providing the richest coverage of Spanish from around the world, this dictionary was compiled by an expert team of Spanish and English lexicographers working in their own language. The Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the result of over ten year's research, and covers over 24 varieties of Spanishas it is written and spoken throughout the Spanish speaking world. New to this edition is a guide to life and culture in the Spanish- and English- speaking worlds. This guide covers a wide range of topics: from the political and educational systems, to key events in the calendar and how they arecelebrated. It is an ideal reference for Univerisity students, as well as translators and language professionals. This title replaces ISBN: 0-19-860069-0 (plain) and ISBN: 0-19-860070-4 (thumb index).






Page: 28

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Monthly current affairs magazine from a Christian perspective with a focus on politics, society, economics and culture.

Unexpected Outcomes

How Emerging Economies Survived the Global Financial Crisis

Author: Carol Wise

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 244

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This volume documents and explains the remarkable resilience of emerging market nations in East Asia and Latin America when faced with the global financial crisis in 2008-2009. Their quick bounceback from the crisis marked a radical departure from the past, such as when the 1982 debt shocks produced a decade-long recession in Latin America or when the Asian financial crisis dramatically slowed those economies in the late 1990s. Why? This volume suggests that these countries' resistance to the initial financial contagion is a tribute to financial-sector reforms undertaken over the past two decades. The rebound itself was a trade-led phenomenon, favoring the countries that had gone the farthest with macroeconomic restructuring and trade reform. Old labels used to describe "neoliberal versus developmentalist" strategies do not accurately capture the foundations of this recovery. These authors argue that policy learning and institutional reforms adopted in response to previous crises prompted policymakers to combine state and market approaches in effectively coping with the global financial crisis. The nations studied include Korea, China, India, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, accompanied by Latin American and Asian regional analyses that bring other emerging markets such as Chile and Peru into the picture. The substantial differences among the nations make their shared success even more remarkable and worthy of investigation. And although 2012 saw slowed growth in some emerging market nations, the authors argue this selective slowing suggests the need for deeper structural reforms in some countries, China and India in particular.