A Focus on SLM and SLS Methods in 3D Printing

Author: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 216

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A Focus on SLM and SLS Methods in 3D Printing is an indispensable collection of articles for anyone involved in additive manufacturing - from academics and researchers through to engineers and managers within the manufacturing industry.

Design to Manufacture of Complex Building Envelopes

Single Layer Envelopes: Mullion-Transom Systems + 3D printed Metal Nodes

Author: Alamir Mohsen

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 230

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This book discusses a new method for the design and engineering of complex façades. Based on the file-to-factory concept, the method combines parametric design approaches and additive manufacturing. Parametric design and additive manufacturing are both growing trends that open up new possibilities. Parametric design approaches change how planners / designers perceive building details. Further, new engineering concepts are needed to cope with the increasing complexity of architectural geometries due to the rapid developments in areas such as façade systems, modeling software and digital manufacturing techniques.

3D Printing in Chemical Sciences

Applications Across Chemistry

Author: Vipul Gupta

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 250

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3D printing has rapidly established itself as an essential enabling technology within research and industrial chemistry laboratories. Since the early 2000s, when the first research papers applying this technique began to emerge, the uptake by the chemistry community has been both diverse and extraordinary, and there is little doubt that this fascinating technology will continue to have a major impact upon the chemical sciences going forward. This book provides a timely and extensive review of the reported applications of 3D Printing techniques across all fields of chemical science. Describing, comparing, and contrasting the capabilities of all the current 3D printing technologies, this book provides both background information and reader inspiration, to enable users to fully exploit this developing technology further to advance their research, materials and products. It will be of interest across the chemical sciences in research and industrial laboratories, for chemists and engineers alike, as well as the wider science community.

Lasers In 3d Printing And Manufacturing

Author: Chee Kai Chua

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 280

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Additive Manufacturing (AM), popularly known as 3D printing, is playing an increasingly significant role in the manufacturing arena. AM has revolutionized how prototypes are to be made and small batch manufacturing should be carried out. Due to high flexibility and high efficiency of lasers, laser-assisted Manufacturing (LAM) and AM technologies are recently getting much attention over traditional methods.This textbook is a timely information resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers who are interested in this emerging technology. The book will cover the basics of lasers, optics and materials used for manufacturing and 3D printing. It will also include several case studies for readers to apply their understanding of the topics, provide sufficient theoretical background and insights to today's key laser-assisted AM processes and conclude with the future prospects of this exciting technology.This is the first textbook tailored specifically for Lasers in 3D Printing and Manufacturing with detailed explanations. The book will focus on laser-assisted 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) from basic principles of lasers, optics and AM materials to advanced AM technologies, including in-depth discussion on critical aspects throughout the laser-assisted AM processes, such as optical system design, laser-material interaction and laser parameters' optimization.

Manufacturing Engineering and Process VII

Author: Mario Kong

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 144

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The Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Process is an annual international event to ensure interaction between scientists, engineers and also the dissemination of research results related to the materials science and modern materials synthesis and processing technologies. The 7th International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Process (ICMEP 2018) was held on February 5-7, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

Materials and Technologies in Dentistry: Defects, Processing and Characterization

Author: Iulian Antoniac

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 132

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The goal of this special issue is to provide material scientists and clinicians from dentistry with an appreciation of the fundamental aspects of dental biomaterials from materials science point of view, as well as their clinical applications in the dentistry.