A First Course in Fluid Dynamics

Author: A. R. Paterson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 528

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This book introduces the subject of fluid dynamics from the first principles.

A First Course in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Author: H. Aref

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Science

Page: 417

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Fluid mechanics is a branch of classical physics that has a rich tradition in applied mathematics and numerical methods. It is at work virtually everywhere, from nature to technology. This broad and fundamental coverage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) begins with a presentation of basic numerical methods and flows into a rigorous introduction to the subject. A heavy emphasis is placed on the exploration of fluid mechanical physics through CFD, making this book an ideal text for any new course that simultaneously covers intermediate fluid mechanics and computation. Ample examples, problems and computer exercises are provided to allow students to test their understanding of a variety of numerical methods for solving flow physics problems, including the point-vortex method, numerical methods for hydrodynamic stability analysis, spectral methods and traditional CFD topics.

Fluid flow

a first course in fluid mechanics

Author: Rolf H. Sabersky

Publisher: Macmillan College


Category: Science

Page: 537

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This dynamic book offers a clear insight into the field of fluid mechanics, taking an approach toward analyzing fluid flows that develops each subject from the theory of its basic laws to the illustration of actual engineering applications. The "Fourth Edition" features the most up-to-date applications of essential concepts as well as new coverage of the latest topics in the field today.

A First Course in Fluid Mechanics

Author: S. Narasimhan

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 452

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A First Course in Fluid Mechanics is primarily devoted to the application of the laws of Newtonian mechanics to solve complex problems in fluid motion. The topics discussed include fluid properties and their role in fluid motion; fluid statics; fluid kinematics; Euler’s equations and Bernoulli’s energy equation; forms of irrotational flows; property of viscosity and the Navier–Stokes equations of motion; turbulence. A chapter on dimensional analysis and model similitude is included to emphasise the need for guided experimentation, presentation of results in generalised forms and interpretation of results obtained on the model to the prototype.

A First Course in Turbulence

Author: Emeritus Professor of Aeronautical Engineering Henk Tennekes

Publisher: MIT Press


Category: Science

Page: 300

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Fluid Flow : a First Course in Fluid Mechanics

Author: Rolf H. Sabersky



Category: Fluid dynamics

Page: 251

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