A Faithful Choice

Author: Theresa Grant

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 132

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Forced our of her family's home by her step-father, Dolores is homeless until she meets Sonny Brown, a big play-boy, who takes her home to live with him and his Aunt Virginia, a drug addict. Dolores is forced to marry Sonny, after Virginia discovers them making love. Pregnant at the age of seventeen and married to a man who has no desire to make life better for her, their child, or himself, once again, Dolores is forced to leave her home. Dolores gets a job, goes to college, and meets Leonard Velasco, owner of a fashion house/model agency. As a result, Dolores enters a world of riches, and her whole life changes. Sonny re-enters Dolores's life, after getting his life in order, and realizes what he has missed by losing his family. He tries to win her back. Could he, now, rekindle the flame that once held her to him? A Faithful Choice dramatically explores one woman's tough decisions that she must make in her world of relationships, loves and career.

Confirmed in a Faithful Community

Catechist's Guide

Author: Therese Brown

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press


Category: Religion

Page: 300

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Catechist's Guide for Confirmation program. Includes 22 sessions for a full 2-year program

In Defense of the Faithful

The Scriptural Truth of Catholicism

Author: C. DeVolld

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Religion

Page: 328

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"With all the ambiguity and misinformation the world has to offer about Catholicism "In Defense of the Faithful" offers crystal clear answers to common and uncommon objections to the Faith. As a convert C. A. DeVolld has a unique way of delivering the Catholic faith from a Protestant perspective that many Catholics will find engaging and leave one saying "Praise Jesus". The reader truly feels the heartfelt compassion, conviction, and even the defining struggles that this author shares in trying to live out his Christian faith."-Pat Bline/1060 AM Living Bread Radio Staff Apologist and host of "Truth Matters" In Defense of the Faithful-The Scriptural Truth of Catholicism was written as an aggressive defense of the Catholic Faith. It explores the foundations and historic origins of Catholic doctrine from an evangelical, fundamentalist, and reformed Protestant point of view. It offers the teachings of the Church in common language then defends the position with scriptural quotations from throughout the Holy Bible. It then quotes the Catechism (formal teaching doctrine) of the Catholic Church offering a factual presentation of what the Church actually teaches rather than what many people think it teaches. In doing so it is critical not only of Protestantism but some aspects of Catholicism (in practice) as well. It credits and praises both groups of Christians as being believers dedicated to Jesus and the Trinity while pointing out the mutual failures of both groups. It is a thought provoking examination of Catholic doctrine, practice, theology, and ethics from a biblical viewpoint and is not afraid to point fingers at all parties involved in greater Christianity.

A Faithful Guide to Philosophy

A Christian Introduction to the Love of Wisdom

Author: Peter S. Williams

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 466

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A Faithful Guide to Philosophy is the only British Christian introduction to philosophy, a book that will be used as a course textbook and by church study groups and individual readers alike. It covers a broad range of subjects of central importance to the Christian worldview, and will be prized by many.

Morton Montagu Or, a Young Christian's Choice

A Narrative Founded on Facts in the Early History of a Deceased Moravian Missionary Clergyman

Author: Charlotte B. Mortimer



Category: Christian life

Page: 255

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Rational Choice Theory and Religion

Summary and Assessment

Author: Lawrence A. Young

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Rational Choice Theory and Religion considers one of the major developments in the social scientific paradigms that promises to foster a greater theoretical unity among the disciplines of sociology, political science, economics and psychology. Applying the theory of rational choice--the theory that each individual will make her choice to maximize gain and minimize cost--to the study of religion, Lawrence Young has brought together a group of internationally renowned scholars to examine this important development within the field of religion for the first time.

Choice of Pursuits, Or, What to Do and why

Describing Seventy-five Trades and Professions and the Talents and Temperaments Required for Each : Also how to Educate, on Phrenological Principles, Each Man for His Proper Work : Together with Portraits and Biographies of Many Successful Thinkers and Workers

Author: Nelson Sizer



Category: Career education

Page: 510

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Law and Public Choice

A Critical Introduction

Author: Daniel A. Farber

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Law

Page: 169

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In Law and Public Choice, Daniel Farber and Philip Frickey present a remarkably rich and accessible introduction to the driving principles of public choice. In this, the first systematic look at the implications of social choice for legal doctrine, Farber and Frickey carefully review both the empirical and theoretical literature about interest group influence and provide a nonmathematical introduction to formal models of legislative action. Ideal for course use, this volume offers a balanced and perceptive analysis and critique of an approach which, within limits, can illuminate the dynamics of government decision-making. “Law and Public Choice is a most valuable contribution to the burgeoning literature. It should be of great interest to lawyers, political scientists, and all others interested in issues at the intersection of government and law.”—Cass R. Sunstein, University of Chicago Law School

The Demon's Choice

Author: K.L. Noone

Publisher: JMS Books LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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Kris Starr’s never been happier. He’s back on tour, making music, and married to the love of his life, adorable half-demon Justin Moore. But an accident at a show leaves Justin injured and unable to use magic ... until his demon family offers him a terrible and tempting choice. Justin loves his life, his husband, and rock and roll. But losing his magic leaves him feeling like only half himself, hollow and empty -- until he’s offered the chance to have it all back. The catch? If he agrees, he’ll give up his human half forever ... along with his life with Kris.