A Course on Words

Author: Waldo E. Sweet

Publisher: University of Michigan Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 380

View: 892

An attractive pathway to increase vocabulary and one's understanding of the way words are built


A Course on Words and How to Use Them, North American Edition

Author: A. Spooner

Publisher: Focus



Page: 158

View: 644

A Course on Aesthetics

Author: Renato Barilli

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 170

View: 426

A Modern Course on Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work

Volume 2 — Model Building and Model Selection Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada July 29 – August 10, 1974

Author: Ganapati P. Patil

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Mathematics

Page: 399

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These three volumes constitute the edited Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work held at the University of Calgary from July 29 to August 10, 1974. The general title of the volumes is "Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work". The individual volumes are: Volume 1 - Models and Structures; Volume 2 - Model Building and Model Selection; and Volume 3 - Characterizations and Applications. These correspond to the three advanced seminars of the Institute devoted to the respective subject areas. The planned activities of the Institute consisted of main lectures and expositions, seminar lectures and study group dis cussions, tutorials and individual study. The activities included meetings of editorial committees to discuss editorial matters for these proceedings which consist of contributions that have gone through the usual refereeing process. A special session was organized to consider the potential of introducing a course on statistical distributions in scientific modeling in the curriculum of statistics and quantitative studies. This session is reported in Volume 2. The overall perspective for the Institute is provided by the Institute Director, Professor G. P. Patil, in his inaugural address which appears in Volume 1. The Linnik Memorial Inaugural Lecture given by Professor C. R. Rao for the Characterizations Seminar is included in Volume 3.

Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature

Author: Jorge Luis Borges

Publisher: New Directions Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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In English at last, Borges’s erudite and entertaining lectures on English literature from Beowulf to Oscar Wilde Writing for Harper’s Magazine, Edgardo Krebs describes Professor Borges:“A compilation of the twenty-five lectures Borges gave in 1966 at the University of Buenos Aires, where he taught English literature. Starting with the Vikings’ kennings and Beowulf and ending with Stevenson and Oscar Wilde, the book traverses a landscape of ‘precursors,’cross-cultural borrowings, and genres of expression, all connected by Borges into a vast interpretive web. This is the most surprising and useful of Borges’s works to have appeared posthumously.” Borges takes us on a startling, idiosyncratic, fresh, and highly opinionated tour of English literature, weaving together countless cultural traditions of the last three thousand years. Borges’s lectures — delivered extempore by a man of extraordinary erudition — bring the canon to remarkably vivid life. Now translated into English for the first time, these lectures are accompanied by extensive and informative notes by the Borges scholars Martín Arias and Martín Hadis.

A Course on Finite Groups

Author: H.E. Rose

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Mathematics

Page: 311

View: 207

Introduces the richness of group theory to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, concentrating on the finite aspects. Provides a wealth of exercises and problems to support self-study. Additional online resources on more challenging and more specialised topics can be used as extension material for courses, or for further independent study.

A Course on Cooperative Game Theory

Author: Satya R. Chakravarty

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 273

View: 307

"Deals with real life situations where objectives of the participants are partially cooperative and partially conflicting"--

A Course on Mathematical Logic

Author: Shashi Mohan Srivastava

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Mathematics

Page: 150

View: 885

This book provides a distinctive, well-motivated introduction to mathematical logic. It starts with the definition of first order languages, proceeds through propositional logic, completeness theorems, and finally the two Incompleteness Theorems of Godel.

A Course on the Web Graph

Author: Anthony Bonato

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 184

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"A Course on the Web Graph provides a comprehensive introduction to state-of-the-art research on the applications of graph theory to real-world networks such as the web graph. It is the first mathematically rigorous textbook discussing both models of the web graph and algorithms for searching the web. After introducing key tools required for the study of web graph mathematics, an overview is given of the most widely studied models for the web graph. A discussion of popular web search algorithms, e.g. PageRank, is followed by additional topics, such as applications of infinite graph theory to the web graph, spectral properties of power law graphs, domination in the web graph, and the spread of viruses in networks. The book is based on a graduate course taught at the AARMS 2006 Summer School at Dalhousie University. As such it is self-contained and includes over 100 exercises. The reader of the book will gain a working knowledge of current research in graph theory and its modern applications. In addition, the reader will learn first-hand about models of the web, and the mathematics underlying modern search engines."--Publisher's description.