A Brother's Journey

Surviving a Childhood of Abuse

Author: Richard B. Pelzer

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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Mom has no one like David around to beat on anymore. I am more afraid of her than ever...I get in more trouble for anything I do or say. Now I find that I'm always in trouble and I don't know why. Now that David is gone, I'm afraid that she will try to kill me, like she tried to kill him. I'm afraid that she will treat me like an animal like she did him. I'm afraid that now I'm her IT. The Pelzer family's secret life of fear and abuse was first revealed in Dave Pelzer's inspiring New York Times bestseller, A Child Called "It," followed by The Lost Child and A Man Called Dave. Here, for the first time, Richard Pelzer tells the courageous and moving story of his abusive childhood. From tormenting his brother David to becoming himself the focus of his mother's wrath to his ultimate liberation-here is a horrifying glimpse at what existed behind closed doors in the Pelzer home. Equally important, Richard Pelzer's touching account is a testament to the strength of the human heart and its capacity to triumph over almost unimaginable trauma.

Next of Kin

A Brother's Journey to Wartime Vietnam

Author: Thomas L. Reilly

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 282

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Tom Reilly idolized his older brother, Ron. After their parents' unexpected early deaths, Ron protected his younger brother and taught him the ways of the world. Ron was a charismatic and worldly career soldier, and his kid brother thought of him as a mentor and hero. In July 1970, Ron died halfway around the world in Vietnam. When the Army provided no explanation except that Ron's death was not due to combat, the nineteen-year-old author set off on an incredible journey to war-torn South Vietnam to find answers, to seek revenge if necessary, and to come to terms with his loss. Next of Kin begins in small-town Wisconsin, where Tom's peaceful childhood is shattered by the deaths of his parents. Later, Tom makes it on his own as a runaway, has unforgettable adventures with his brother in a seedy Mexican border town, and is nearly paralyzed with grief when he learns of Ron's death. On his singular journey to Southeast Asia, Tom evades the police in Bangkok, is smuggled across the enemy-controlled Ho Chi Minh Trail into South Vietnam, fends for himself in Saigon, and survives a mortar attack and a bout with malaria all to find out the truth about his brother's death. Next of Kin is a touching story of sibling love and family tragedy that will appeal even to those without any connection to the Vietnam War.

Salami and the White Horse

A Brother's Journey to and from a Doctor's Vietnam War Diary

Author: Kenneth Levin

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 236

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When Kenneth Levin unexpectedly gained possession of the diary his brother Ralph kept from 1965-1966 as an army doctor in Vietnam, Levin didn't know what to do with it. The tattered book wasn't much to look at, and Ralph's chicken-scratch handwriting proved virtually indecipherable. But Levin, the author of two popular Vietnam-era fictional works, kept returning to Ralph's account over and over again. There are few known Vietnam War diaries, and personal narratives by doctors are virtually nonexistent. Despite the difficulties inherent in transcribing the diary, Levin threw his heart into the project. In his brother's words, he discovered a priceless account of a pivotal time in the war's long, sorrowful trajectory. He also came to a fuller understanding of his brother-not to mention the rest of their eclectic Jewish family. The subsequent discovery of a North Vietnam woman doctor's diary added another, startling dimension. Written in Levin's boisterous, brutally honest voice, Salami and the White Horse isn't just another historical account of a war that defined a generation's ideals and culture. It's an intimate look at a family's wartime experience and their unique circumstances. Levin's observations are at times hilarious and at times heartbreaking...but always thought provoking.

A Little Brother's Journey... the Hero Within

How to Face Your Fears

Author: Dr. Darren R.J. LaLonde

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 414

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I was around ten years old, sleeping in the back seat of my mom’s car, parked during evenings at the Detroit River. I looked out the window at the stars, as I feared morning until by exhaustion I would fall asleep. I often woke up having wet my pants from my very real and imagined fears. By day, my mom would look for work and wash clothes while I hung out with the old black guys that would spend their day fishing in the Detroit River. I thought I was the only one who grew up in fear, in a world of abuse, until at thirteen I finally met my half-brother at a professional boxing match. He was in sitting next to our dad. Donny looked at me from inside the ring, trying to figure out who I was as the fight announcer was making his formal introductions. All we had shared at this point was the same biological father. Little did we know...

A Brother's Heart

A Spiritual Journey of Friendship, Love and Self-Discovery

Author: Ahad Faisal

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 130

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Sometimes you cannot show a person how much you love them. But that doesn't mean you love them any less. It's because there is simply no answer. It's just a feeling. A brother's feeling. This novella follows the journey of Zayaan Ali as he goes to great lengths for his best friend-made-brother. After coming across bitter realities, an unconventional therapist teaches him the true purpose of life in an Islamic perspective.

The Balkan Prospect

Identity, Culture, and Politics in Greece after 1989

Author: V. Calotychos

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 271

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Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, the borders hitherto separating Greek culture and society from its contiguous Balkan polities came down, and Greeks had to reorient themselves toward their immediate neighbors and redefine their place within Europe and the new, more fluid global order. Projecting the political foresight and mustering the modernization policies to succeed in such an undertaking turned out to be no small feat, especially as the regional conflicts that had lain dormant during the Cold War were revived. Synthesizing the cultural, political, and historical into a sophisticated, interdisciplinary analysis, this innovative study untangles the prolonged 'historical moment' in which Greece and Europe were effectively held hostage to events in the Balkans - just at the time when both hoped to serve as the region's welcoming hosts.

Booktalking Nonfiction

200 Surefire Winners for Middle and High School Readers

Author: Jennifer Bromann-Bender

Publisher: Scarecrow Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 168

View: 603

Booktalking Nonfiction: 200 Surefire Winners for Middle and High School Readers will provide an introduction to selecting and writing booktalks for nonfiction books with a focus on unique informational texts and biographies and autobiographies. The Common Core Standards Initiative, which most states have adopted, requires that 70% of the materials students read be from the category of informational texts it is especially important to focus on nonfiction when sharing books with students. Bromann-Bender provides everything you need to do just that.

HarperCollins Study Bible

Fully Revised & Updated

Author: Harold W. Attridge

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Bibles

Page: 2272

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After 10 years of new archeological discoveries and changes in biblical studies, it was time for an overhaul of this classic reference work. With the guidance of the Society of Biblical Literature, an organization of the best biblical scholars world wide, we have selected Dean of Yale Divinity School, Harold Attridge, to oversee the Study Bible's updating and revision. Including up–to–date introductions to the Biblical books, based on the latest critical scholarship, by leading experts in the field concise notes, clearly explaining names, dates, places, obscure terms, and other difficulties in reading the Biblical text careful analysis of the structure of Biblical books abundant maps, tables, and charts to enable the reader to understand the context of the Bible, and to see the relationship among its parts. In this new revised edition every introduction, essay, map, illustration and explanatory note has been reviewed and updated, and new material added. For instance, There are newly commissioned introductory essays on the archaeology of ancient Israel and the New Testament world, the religion of ancient Israel, the social and historical context of each book of the Bible, and on Biblical interpretation. There are completely new introductions and notes for many of the books in the Bible, plus a full revision and updating of all others.

The Whole Journey

Shakespeare's Power of Development

Author: C. L. Barber

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 354

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Through explorations of individual plays and of patterns that shape the entire canon, The Whole Journey illuminates dramatic, psychological, and historical concerns central to our understanding of Shakespeare. Through explorations of individual plays and of patterns that shape the entire canon, The Whole Journey illuminates dramatic, psychological, and historical concerns central to our understanding of Shakespeare.

The Journey to Tahrir

Revolution, Protest, and Social Change in Egypt

Author: Jeannie Sowers

Publisher: Verso Books


Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 232

The toppling of Hosni Mubarak marked the beginning of a revolutionary restructuring of Egypt’s political and social order. Jeannie Sowers and Chris Toensing bring together updated essays from Middle East Report—the premier journal covering the region—that offer unrivaled analysis of the major social and political trends that underpinned these tumultuous events. Starting with the momentous eighteen days of street protest that compelled Mubarak’s resignation, the volume moves back in time to plumb the state’s strategies of repression and examine the mounting dissent of workers, democracy advocates, anti-war activists, and social and environmental campaigners. Leading analysts of Egypt detail the demographic and economic trends that produced wealth for the few and impoverishment for the many. The collection brings clear-headed, first-hand understanding to bear on a moment of intense hope and uncertainty in the Arab world’s most populous nation.