52 Small Changes for the Mind

Improve Memory * Minimize Stress * Increase Productivity * Boost Happiness

Author: Brett Blumenthal

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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Small changes work. In this practical ebook, wellness expert Brett Blumenthal reveals how to hone in on the mind as the foundation of overall health and well-being. She presents one small, achievable change every week—from developing music appreciation to eating brain-boosting foods, practicing mono-tasking, incorporating play, and more. The accumulation of these lifestyle changes ultimately leads to improved memory, less stress, increased productivity, and sustained happiness. Backed by research from leading experts and full of helpful charts and worksheets, 52 Small Changes for the Mind provides a road map to a better life—and proves that the journey can be as rewarding as the destination.

52 Small Changes for the Family

Build Confidence * Deepen Connections * Get Healthy * Increase Intelligence

Author: Brett Blumenthal

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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Small changes can make a big impact on creating a healthy, happy family. In 52 Small Changes for the Family, bestselling author Brett Blumenthal teams up with family health practitioner Danielle Shea Tan to reveal how to build a foundation of health and happiness in the family. The idea is simple: Make one small change a week for 52 weeks and at the end of the year, you and your children will enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. 52 Small Changes for the Family will teach you and your family how to: • Minimize clutter while organizing your space • Foster a positive relationship with food • Prioritize time in nature and take care of the environment • Have meaningful conversations • Use technology socially and safely • Teach and practice financial responsibility • Volunteer and give back to the community • Promote curiosity and encourage a love of learning • Build resilience, confidence, and cultivate emotional intelligence Path to Change: Each change comes with an explanation as to why the change is important, as well as a “Path to Change,” which provides tips and recommenda¬tions to help you successfully implement the change. Backed by research from leading experts and full of helpful charts and worksheets, 52 Small Changes for the Family provides a road map to a better life for the whole family. Readers who love self-improvement books, such as Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home and The Happiness Project will love this book for its practical and actionable advice.

52 Small Changes

One Year to a Happier, Healthier You

Author: Brett Blumenthal

Publisher: Amazonencore


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 361

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A roadmap to long-term wellness suggests making one small change per week for fifty-two weeks to increase health and happiness.

Small Stories, Big Changes

Agents of Change on the Frontlines of Sustainability

Author: Lyle Estill

Publisher: New Society Publishers


Category: Nature

Page: 216

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A remarkable cast of characters inhabit the pages of this book. Meet Tim Toben, who developed a high rise with the lowest energy consumption of any building in the southeastern United States, was foreclosed upon, and lost millions in the process. Gary Phillips held the line against real estate developers in Chatham County and was run out of office for his efforts. Elaine Chiosso has been protecting her watershed by fighting on behalf of the Haw River for twenty-eight years. Unflinchingly honest and compulsively readable, Small Stories, Big Changes provides an intimate look at the personal experience of being a pioneer in the sustainability movement, laying bare the emotional, spiritual, and financial impact of a life lived in the service of change. Activist, farmer, publisher, philosopher or entrepreneur; each writer has a unique personal tale to tell. Small Stories, Big Changes is a book written by ordinary people doing extraordinary things; whose lives have been transformed by their willingness to commit themselves unreservedly to the creation of a better world. Empowering, hopeful, and inspiring, this rich tapestry of voices from the vanguard of change is a must-read for anyone dreaming of a brighter future and seeking a counterbalance to a canon of work that is laced with doom and gloom. Lyle Estill is the president and co-founder of Piedmont Biofuels and the author of Industrial Evolution, Small is Possible, and Biodiesel Power. He has won numerous awards for his commitment to sustainability, outreach, community development, and leadership.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior: An Integrated Approach to Weight Management

Author: Liane M. Summerfield

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Medical

Page: 448

View: 220

NUTRITION, EXERCISE, AND BEHAVIOR: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is designed for students and professionals in a variety of disciplines who need to understand the basic principles of weight management. It incorporates a multifaceted, public health approach to issues of weight management examining not only individual factors, but societal, family, and environmental factors contributing to eating disorders and overweight/obesity. The text includes detailed coverage of assessment techniques, behavioral and non-behavioral treatment approaches, and prevention strategies. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The small BIG

Small Changes that Spark Big Influence

Author: Steve Martin

Publisher: Profile Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 365

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At some point today you will have to influence or persuade someone - perhaps ask a colleague a favour, negotiate with a contractor or get your spouse to put out the recycling. In The small BIG, three heavyweights from the world of persuasion science and practice - Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein and Robert Cialdini - describe how, in today's information-overloaded world, it is now the smallest changes that lead to the biggest differences in results. Offering deceptively simple suggestions and explaining the extensive scientific research behind them, the small BIG presents over fifty small changes - from the little adjustments that make meetings more effective to the costless alteration to correspondence that saved a government millions. the small BIG is full of surprising, powerful - and above all, tiny - changes that could mean the difference between failure and success.

The Small Change Diet

How I Broke the Curse of Obesity By Making Small Changes

Author: Barbara McNab Grinage

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 89

View: 143

The Small Change Diet is an honest look at my personal struggle with chronic obesity and the ill effects that being overweight can cause physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I describe the twenty-year journey I took to reach a place where I finally found happiness and peace. It is my firm belief that obesity is a curse that keeps a stronghold over most people’s lives. It was by the wisdom of God that I was able to receive the revelation of how to put together all the information and knowledge I gleaned from all the diet, nutrition, and fitness books that I read over the past two decades to create an eating plan that drastically improved my health, satisfied my insatiable hunger, and was simple to understand. By reading my story, you will learn exactly what changes to make to take control of your mind, soul, and body to recover remarkable health. Always remember that “you don’t decide your future, you decide your habits, and your habits decide your future.”

Social Economics

Author: Friedrich von Wieser

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 496

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Social Economics holds a place in the literature of the Austrian School such as John Stuart Mill's Political Economy holds in the literature of classical theory. It sums up, systematises and extends the doctrines developed by the founder of the school, the author and his fellow workers.


Principles, Strategies, and Applications

Author: Binghe Wang

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Science

Page: 524

View: 569

A thorough, accessible, and general overview of chemosensors Providing a comprehensive overview of chemosensors—organic molecules designed to bind and sense small molecules or metal ions—and their applications, Chemosensors: Principles, Strategies, and Applications is an accessible one-stop resource for analysts, clinicians, and graduate students studying advanced chemistry and chemosensing. Chemosensors function on a molecular level, generating a signal upon binding. The book reviews their synthesis, design, and applications for detecting biological and organic molecules as well as metal ions. The text highlights applications in drug discovery and catalyses that have not been well covered elsewhere. Covering such topics as molecular recognition, detection methods, design strategies, and important biological issues, the book is broken into four sections that examine intermolecular interactions, strategies in sensor design, detection methods, and case studies in metal, saccharide, and amino acid sensing. An indispensable source of information for chemical and biomedical experts using sensors, Chemosensors includes case studies to make the material both accessible and understandable to chemists of all backgrounds.