50 Guns That Changed America

An Illustrated Guide

Author: Bruce Wexler

Publisher: Skyhorse


Category: Sports & Recreation

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The History of America—And Our Guns The history of the United States is, like it or not, interwoven with the history of firearms. The young colony needed technologically advanced arms to hunt for food for survival and to maintain a secure base in the face of Native American opposition to European settlers. As the Vikings discovered several centuries earlier, the Indians were tough opponents expert in the use of bladed weapons and bows. The advent of firearms gave European settlers an advantage, although it was only a matter of time until the Native Americans gained access to firearms themselves. Ironically, this was often through unscrupulous white traders. Because these superior weapons gained them their freedom, the principle of the right to bear arms remains etched into the American psyche to this day. Since then, the US has been through a terrible Civil War, at which time many different guns were invented and deployed against brother Americans, each one playing a part in the eventual outcome of the war. After the Civil War came a period of frontier establishment when the country consolidated itself from coast to coast. The outside world knows this best as the Wild West, and again guns played a big part in civilizing unruly parts of the nation. Two world wars also tested America's ingenuity in ensuring that its troops were competitively armed. The invention of automatic weapons by John M. Browning made this a reality. In the post Second World War period the country has had to fight its way through Korea.Vietnam, and numerous other conflicts in the Middle East and Asia. Gun development has not stood still at any time in United States history, and this book illustrates fifty examples that form essential parts of that story. 50 Guns That Changed America will explore the most significant American weapons from the early days of firepower to the amazing modern guns in use today, including: Simeon North/Hall pistol Dimick plains rifle Spencer carbine rifle Winchester Model 1866 Smith & Wesson Army revolver Colt Peacemaker M60 machine gun ArmaLite AR-18 machine gun Each firearm is illustrated in full color with archive photography of the manufacturers and the guns in action where possible.

50 Guns That Changed the World

Iconic Firearms That Altered the Course of History

Author: Robert A. Sadowski

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Sports & Recreation

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Discover how fifty great firearms influenced and helped shape our world.World history has always been interwoven with developments in firearms technology and so is peppered with legendary guns. Since the invention of gunpowder, nations have raced to create more useful and powerful firearms with which to protect, conquer, and hunt. 50 Guns That Changed the World explores the most significant firearms from the past two hundred years, from deadly weapons of war to quaint plinking guns. Included are:Winchester Model 1873Colt 1911Mauser Model 98M1 GarandRuger 10/22AK-47AR-15Benelli M2Glock G17Barrett 82A1Discover the history, design details, operation, variants, and users of each firearm, illustrated with archival photography from the manufacturers and of the guns in action. Firearms enthusiasts, history buffs, hunters, and shooters will all find something to marvel at in this gorgeous full-color book.Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for hunters and firearms enthusiasts. We publish books about shotguns, rifles, handguns, target shooting, gun collecting, self-defense, archery, ammunition, knives, gunsmithing, gun repair, and wilderness survival. We publish books on deer hunting, big game hunting, small game hunting, wing shooting, turkey hunting, deer stands, duck blinds, bowhunting, wing shooting, hunting dogs, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Twelve Inventions Which Changed America

The Influence of Technology on American Culture

Author: Gerhard Falk

Publisher: Hamilton Books


Category: Technology & Engineering

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Gerhard Falk describes twelve inventions that transformed the United States from a rural and small-town community to an industrial country of unprecedented power. The book is both a sociological analysis and a history of technology in the United States in the past two hundred years.

50 Weapons That Changed Warfare

Author: William Weir

Publisher: Permuted Press


Category: History

Page: 343

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William Weir, author of 50 Battles That Changed the World, takes another look at the history of warfare by focusing on the hardware that served those famous battles. In this text, you’ll uncover: · Crew-served weapons—from battering rams to Big Bertha. · Weapons carriers, such as tanks and bombers. · Unmanned weapons—punji stakes, Bouncing Betty landmines, trap guns, and more. 50 Weapons That Changed Warfare analyzes the most memorable tools known to man, many of which have had enormous effects on the conduct of war. This book describes the impact of these weapons and how they transformed warfare—from the bloody carnage produced by hand weapons throughout history, to the never used (but universally feared) fusion bomb. Each weapon is not only described, but also illustrated to give a clearer picture of its usage and effects. These weapons have changed not only how we fight…but also why and when.

Instruments of War: Weapons and Technologies That Have Changed History

Weapons and Technologies That Have Changed History

Author: Spencer C. Tucker

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: History

Page: 428

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This highly detailed and well-illustrated single-volume work documents the evolution of warfare across history through weaponry and technological change. • Contains more than 260 entries of weapons and technological changes • Features 25 sidebars that provide interesting insights as to the employment of the weapons and changes • Appropriate for students in high school, college, and military academies as well as general readers interested in the history of weaponry • Provides a bibliography and index

Congressional Record

Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress

Author: United States. Congress



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Protests and Riots That Changed America

Author: Joan Stoltman

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 104

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The right to peaceably assemble is one of the freedoms granted to Americans under the First Amendment. However, those peaceful protests sometimes erupt into violent riots. Both protests and riots have changed the course of American history, highlighting sources of unrest, inequality, and tension in the nation from its earliest days. Readers explore the fascinating history of these protests and riots, from the Whiskey Rebellion to the Women's March, through engaging main text featuring annotated historical and contemporary quotes. Details of these marches and demonstrations are made further memorable for readers through fact-filled sidebars, primary source images, maps, and a detailed timeline.