Black People Invented Everything

The Deep History of Indigenous Creativity

Author: Dr. Sujan K. Dass

Publisher: Supreme Design Publishing


Category: Reference

Page: 256

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Who invented the traffic light? What about transportation itself? Farming? Art? Modern chemistry? Who made…cats? What if I told you there was ONE answer to all of these questions? That one answer? BLACK PEOPLE! Seriously. And this book is like a mini-encyclopedia, full of more evidence than WikiLeaks and just as eye-opening! Do you know just how much Black inventors and creators have given to modern society? Within the past 200 years, Black Americans have drawn on a timeless well of inner genius to innovate and engineer the design of the world we live in today. But what of all the Black history before then? Before white people invented the Patent Office, Black folks were the original creators and builders, developing ingenious ways to manage the world’s changes over millions of years, everywhere you can imagine, from Azerbaijan to Zagazig! With wit and wisdom (and tons of pictures!) this book digs deeper than the whitewashed history we learn in school books and explores how our African ancestors established the foundation of modern society! Have you inherited this genius? What can you do with it? Inspired by solutions from the past, we can develop strategies for a successful future!

When the World was Black Part Two

The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations Ancient Civilizations

Author: Supreme understanding

Publisher: Supreme Design Publishing


Category: History

Page: 400

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When the World Was Black: The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations (Volume Two of The Science of Self series) has been published in TWO parts. Why two? Because there are far too many stories that remain untold. We had over 200,000 years of Black history to tell – from the southern tip of Chile to the northernmost isles of Europe – and you can’t do that justice in a 300-page book. So there are two parts, each consisting of 360 pages of groundbreaking history, digging deep into the story of all the world’s original people. Part One covers the Black origins of all the world’s oldest cultures and societies, spanning more than 200,000 years of human history. Part Two tells the stories of the Black men and women who introduced urban civilization to the world over the last 20,000 years, up to the time of European contact. Each part has over 100 helpful maps, graphs, and photos, an 8-page full-color insert in the center, and over 300 footnotes and references for further research. “In this book, you’ll learn about the history of Black people. I don’t mean the history you learned in school, which most likely began with slavery and ended with the Civil Rights Movement. I’m talking about Black history BEFORE that. Long before that. In this book, we’ll cover over 200,000 years of Black history. For many of us, that sounds strange. We can’t even imagine what the Black past was like before the slave trade, much less imagine that such a history goes back 200,000 years or more.” “Part Two covers history from 20,000 years ago to the point of European contact. This is the time that prehistoric cultures grew into ancient urban civilizations, a transition known to historians as the “Neolithic Revolution.”

The Genesis of the Bible

Author: Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 820

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This book is about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and how the Arabs and Europeans took these Afrikan Religious Belief Systems from ancient Egypt, North Afrika and used them during The Trans-Sahara Afrikan Slave Trade by the Arabs in the name of Allah, and followed by The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade by the Europeans in the name of Jesus, to enslave the bodies, minds, and souls of the Afrikan Race. This book is about the “Jesus’ Deception” that has been passed on down through history by European historians, that is still being taught around the world today. This book takes a provocative intellectual, scholastic, historical, cultural, and sociological look at the Bible. This book identifies the names of the translators of the King James Bible of 1611 A. D., and when the chapters and verses in the Bible were created and who created them. The purpose of this book is to expose the historical, cultural, sociological, religious and theological lies of the Europeans and the Arabs. This book reveals the truth of the origination of The Bible, as “There Is No Religion Higher Than The Truth”. Join me in an intellectual odyssey through time. Here, I feel like a Lone Warrior standing before a mighty army. Come with me on this perilous pilgrimage as we travel through a parallel universe. I dedicate this book to my mother and father who gave me life. To the rest of my Native Afrikan family for supporting me and encouraging me on this publishing venture. To the Heavenly Father, without whom none of this would be possible. There are others I would also like to thank for being a part of helping me through this journey called Life, such as my professors at the Alabama State University where many a great scholars paths I have crossed. To my American family and friends in Mobile, Alabama who nurtured and taught me from childhood to adulthood. The many friends and colleagues I met in my travels all across America in my intellectual journey, and last but certainly not least, to my publisher for granting me the opportunity to speak to many all around the world in this forum. I am eternally indebted to you all-Thank you.


How Black Intellectuals Have Abandoned the Ideals of the Civil Rights Era

Author: Houston A. Baker Jr.

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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Houston A. Baker Jr. condemns those black intellectuals who, he believes, have turned their backs on the tradition of racial activism in America. These individuals choose personal gain over the interests of the black majority, whether they are espousing neoconservative positions that distort the contours of contemporary social and political dynamics or abandoning race as an important issue in the study of American literature and culture. Most important, they do a disservice to the legacy of W. E. B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King Jr., and others who have fought for black rights. In the literature, speeches, and academic and public behavior of some black intellectuals in the past quarter century, Baker identifies a "hungry generation" eager for power, respect, and money. Baker critiques his own impoverished childhood in the "Little Africa" section of Louisville, Kentucky, to understand the shaping of this new public figure. He also revisits classical sites of African American literary and historical criticism and critique. Baker devotes chapters to the writing and thought of such black academic superstars as Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, and Henry Louis Gates Jr.; Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele; Yale law professor Stephen Carter; and Manhattan Institute fellow John McWhorter. His provocative investigation into their disingenuous posturing exposes what Baker deems a tragic betrayal of King's legacy. Baker concludes with a discussion of American myth and the role of the U.S. prison-industrial complex in the "disappearing" of blacks. Baker claims King would have criticized these black intellectuals for not persistently raising their voices against a private prison system that incarcerates so many men and women of color. To remedy this situation, Baker urges black intellectuals to forge both sacred and secular connections with local communities and rededicate themselves to social responsibility. As he sees it, the mission of the black intellectual today is not to do great things but to do specific, racially based work that is in the interest of the black majority.

Vital Issues

The Journal of African American Speeches




Category: African Americans


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The Encyclopedia of Black Collectibles

A Value and Identification Guide

Author: Dawn E. Reno

Publisher: Chilton Book Company


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 307

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Everything from historical documents to descriptions and pricing can be found in this fascinating hobby guide. Several types of collectibles are covered in four distinct sections: Literature and Art, Everyday Artifacts, Historical Artifacts, and Entertainment Memorabilia. An important and entertaining reference!

Pais International in Print

Author Index: January - December 2002

Author: Catherine Korvin




Page: 400

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This book lists authors of works (books, journal articles) indexed and abstracted in the companion volume: PAIS International in Print: Subject Index.


Its Foundation and Stream

Author: Dye (Deacon.)



Category: Civilization

Page: 91

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365 Days of Mental Siege

Within Two Seasons In Nam

Author: Dan Sutherland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 720

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This story takes place in Vietnam, in 1971, as American warplanes were still raining bombs down on the NVA military sanctuaries inside Cambodia. The war was in full swing and America was giving helicopter assistance in support of South Vietnamese operations near Snoul Cambodia. The military operations, launched to cut off enemy infiltrations and supply lines on the Long Mountain Trail, sixty miles west of Saigon was tragic as it turned to disaster. This is the chain of events leading up to that disaster on Vietnam‘s Western Military Border. Written and recounted by Dan Sutherland. Rockford, Ill


The Successful Black Magazine




Category: African American intellectuals


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Hand-book of Chronology and History

The World's Progress, a Dictionary of Dates: with Tabular Views of General History, and a Historical Chart

Author: George Palmer Putnam



Category: Chronology, Historical

Page: 716

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Black Gun, Silver Star

The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves

Author: Arthur T. Burton

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 346

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"Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves appears as one of 'eight notable Oklahomans, ' the 'most feared U.S. marshal in the Indian country.' That Reeves was also an African American who had spent his early life as a slave in Arkansas and Texas makes his accomplishments all the more remarkable ..."--Back cover.

Black Men

Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? : Afrikan American Families in Transition : Essays in Discovery, Solution, and Hope

Author: Haki R. Madhubuti



Category: Social Science

Page: 273

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Essays discuss the status of the contemporary African American family, examining current concerns and problems, and offering possible solutions to the troubles they face

World War II 365 Days

Author: Margaret E. Wagner

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated


Category: History

Page: 744

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"This unique compendium, drawn from the Library of Congress's vast collections, presents the story of a tumultuous era in which the very survival of democracy -- and the free flow of knowledge on which democracy depends -- was at issue. In these pages you will find photographs, maps, political cartoons, drawings, posters, and paintings created by people of many nations"--Preface.

Mass Historia

365 Days of Historical Facts and (Mostly) Fictions

Author: Chris Regan

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Humor

Page: 255

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Presents historical facts with a humorous spin for each day of the calendar year.