28 Days of Resilience

All You Need to Know about Your Innate Ability to Bounce Back

Author: Vivienne Edgecombe

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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Have you ever wondered what resilience is, and where it really comes from? Would you like to be able to take for granted that you are resilient; that you already have everything you need to navigate the twists and turns in life's path? We all have our challenges and blind spots - events or situations in our life that look like the cause of feelings of stress or 'less-than-resilient'. When we resolve a simple misunderstanding about what resilience really is and where those feelings of stress are really coming from, we can experience the freedom of understanding that our resilience is constant and limitless, and something we can rely on. If you're open to the possibility that you can have less struggle and more ease, grace and enjoyment in your life, join me for 28 Days of Resilience, where we'll explore the truth about the nature of being human and the resilience that's innate to all of us. In this day and age where we're told we have to 'deal with stress' to become more resilient, and there's little hope for recovery from burnout and depression, this book provides a new perspective - a new paradigm in the understanding of the mind that shows us that being resilient is the nature of human beings.

The Power of Resilience

How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected

Author: Yossi Sheffi



Category: Business logistics

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How the best companies prepare for and manage modern vulnerabilities--from cybersecurity risks to climate change: new tools, processes and organizations for developing corporate resilience. A catastrophic earthquake is followed by a tsunami that inundates the coastline, and around the globe manufacturing comes to a standstill. State-of-the-art passenger jets are grounded because of a malfunctioning part. A strike halts shipments through a major port. A new digital device decimates the sales of other brands and sends established firms to the brink of bankruptcy. The interconnectedness of the global economy today means that unexpected events in one corner of the globe can ripple through the world's supply chain and affect customers everywhere. In this book, Yossi Sheffi shows why modern vulnerabilities call for innovative processes and tools for creating and embedding corporate resilience and risk management. Sheffi offers fascinating case studies that illustrate how companies have prepared for, coped with, and come out stronger following disruption--from the actions of Intel after the 2011 Japanese tsunami to the disruption in the "money supply chain" caused by the 2008 financial crisis. Sheffi, author of the widely read The Resilient Enterprise, focuses here on deep tier risks as well as corporate responsibility, cybersecurity, long-term disruptions, business continuity planning, emergency operations centers, detection, and systemic disruptions. Supply chain risk management, Sheffi shows, is a balancing act between taking on the risks involved in new products, new markets, and new processes--all crucial for growth--and the resilience created by advanced risk management.

Environmental Enrichment: Enhancing Neural Plasticity, Resilience, and Repair

Author: Amanda C. Kentner

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA




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The collection of articles in this eBook focuses on important issues related to environmental enrichment including standardization, neurobehavioral and physiological effects across the age axis, neuroprotection and plasticity, and implications for translation. Evaluation of key parameters and issues related to standardization is important for promoting species-typical behavior and broader adaptation and translation to clinical settings. Furthermore, understanding seminal mechanisms contributing to the effects of environmental enrichment in both biological sexes is also important for the application of this housing condition to preclinical models of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Taken together, this body of work points to the relevance of enriched housing environments in laboratory practice and the potential for translation to clinical populations.

Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Resilience and Sustainability

Proceedings of the Sixth International IABMAS Conference, Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy, 8-12 July 2012

Author: Fabio Biondini

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 748

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Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Resilience and Sustainability contains the lectures and papers presented at The Sixth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2012), held in Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy, 8-12 July, 2012. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts (800 pp) and a DVD (4057 pp) co

Contingencies, Resilience and Legal Constitutionalism

Author: Clive Walker

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Law

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Contingency planning and resilience are of prime importance to the late modern risk society, with implications for law and for governance arrangements. Our risk society continues to seek ever more complex and detailed risk mitigation responses by law, including the UK’s Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and the US Homeland Security Act 2002, which respond to counter-terrorism, natural catastrophes, and other risks. This book seeks to analyse and criticise the legal developments in contingencies and resilience on a comparative basis, which engages with not only law and constitutionalism but also political theory and policy, including relations between public and private, national and local, and civil and military. Two transcending themes are of interest. One is institutional or structural – what bodies and power relations should we establish in a late modern world where Critical National Infrastructure is mainly held in private hands? The second is dynamic and concerns the grant of powers and arrangements for live responses. Both aspects are subjected to a strong critical stance based in 'constitutionalism', which demands state legitimacy even in extreme situations by the observance of legality, effectiveness, accountability, and individual rights. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Human Rights.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan

A vital food and fitness plan to boost resilience and protect your health

Author: Rosemary Conley

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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A strong and healthy immune system is important at any age, but now more than ever it's vital to protect yourself from illness, especially if you're aged 65 and over. Renowned diet and fitness expert Rosemary Conley CBE has created a simple and effective 28-day plan specifically aimed at doing just this, to help you boost your immunity, lose excess weight and increase your chances of living a longer, fitter and healthier life. Practical nutritional advice (what to include in your diet to promote good health, including good gut health which is increasingly being linked to immunity) is accompanied by a daily eating plan and a collection of delicious, defence-boosting recipes. These include: Ginger beef stir-fry Tandoori salmon with spicy noodles Horseradish fish pie Beef and ale stew Thai sweet chilli chicken Spicy butternut squash soup Rich mushroom tagliatelle Tomato, basil and lemon penne Aubergine tagine with couscous . . . And much, much more Additionally, highly respected fitness expert, Mary Morris MSc, explains how regular exercise can lead not only to weight loss, but can also strengthen your muscles, bones and boost your body's circulatory system, all of which contribute to a strong and resilient immune system. A safe and progressive exercise programme will encourage you to take small and achievable steps towards better fitness, no matter what level you're starting from. Rosemary and Mary have both had almost 50 years' experience in helping people to lose weight and get fit and have now condensed their joint expertise into this simple and accessible plan with advice to boost your body's natural defences so you can become fighting fit from home in less than a month.

Report to the President

Author: United States. Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident



Category: Space shuttles


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Risk and Resilience in Childhood

An Ecological Perspective

Author: Mark W. Fraser

Publisher: National Assn of Social Workers Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 295

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Research aims to understand the risks faced by children through treatment of the child's ecological environment and with a systems perspective. Risk factors identified include: attention deficiency and hyperactivity, school failure, drug use, early sexual activity, and childhood depression. The multisystems perspective argues that a conceptual frame of reference that incorporates individual and contextual conditions helps determine the probability of the problem, not identifying the risk after the fact.

Criteria for the Use of Lime-cement-flyash on Airport Pavements

Author: William Pailen



Category: Fly ash

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A laboratory LCF assessment program was conducted in which samples were fabricated using LCF materials from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Texas sources. The samples were analyzed for the effects of LCF ingredient variations on modulus of resilience, unconfined compressive strength, fracture toughness, tensile strength, and fatigue. Effects of deicing chemicals on modulus of resilience, unconfined compressive strength, fracture toughness, and tensile strength were analyzed. A field testing program was conducted in which core samples were obtained from Newark, Portland, and JFK airports. The samples were tested for modulus of resilience and unconfined compressive strength. A search was conducted of pertinent recent literature on pavement design and analysis, especially LCF pavements. Keywords: Airports, Runways, Airport pavements, Lime-cement-flyash. (jes).

A Structure for Resilience

Subsistence Strategies of the To Maki Toraja (Indonesia)

Author: Carol Ann Burch



Category: Celebes (Indonesia)

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Resilience to Risk

Business Success in Turbulent Times

Author: Sean Cleary



Category: Risk (Insurance)

Page: 255

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