100 Yards of Glory

The Greatest Moments in NFL History

Author: Joe Garner

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

View: 647

The creators of the best-selling And the Crowd Goes Wild present an officially endorsed collection of key historical events that combines archival photography with coverage of such famed stories as the Immaculate Reception, the Ice Bowl and the Music City Miracle, in a volume complemented by a 10-part documentary by an Emmy Award-winning team.

The Glory of Washington

The People and Events That Shaped the Husky Athletic Tradition

Author: Jim Daves

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 300

View: 855

The Glory of Washington is the most comprehensive book ever written on the fabled and rapidly growing University of Washington athletic program. This book chronicles over 100 years of Husky athletics, listing yearly accounts of statistics, records, individual achievements, and team accomplishments. Fans of the Huskies will enjoy reading about legends such as Hugh McElhenny, Aretha Hill, Gil Dobie, Hec Edmundson, Jim Owens, Karen Deden, Al Ulbrickson, Hiram Conibear, Don James, and Marv Harshman. Included is a complete listing of letter winners and Olympic competitors. Even the most rabid Washington fan will discover something new in this collection of vignettes that tell the tale of the purple and gold.

Meditations on the Glory of Christ

Genesis through 2 Chronicles

Author: J. Craig Chaffin

Publisher: WestBowPress


Category: Religion


View: 920

Meditations on the Glory of Christ is the beginning volume in a new series. Each day, you will read a Scripture passage, and then the author will lead you through a devotion concerning Christ's glory found in that passage. Following this path, you will have read Genesis through 2 Chronicles in a year, savoring the wonder of Christ. So grab your Bible and this book, and seek His glory!

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LSU's Championship Season

Author: Times-Picayune

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

View: 859

Describes the championship season of the LSU Tigers, including coverage of the 2004 Sugar Bowl.

Gut Check: The Glory Days of Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins 1981-1992

Author: Rich Tandler

Publisher: Game by Game Sports Media


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 130

View: 386

It was a bolt out of the blue. The Redskins were looking for a coach to replace the disappointing Steve Spurrier. It appeared that the choice was going to come down to one of three coaches, all of whom had been fired at least once. Then, late in the evening on Tuesday, January 6, reports started to circulate that there was a new name in the mix, a magical name: Joe Gibbs. Internet boards buzzed and phones rang late into the very early hours of the next morning. There was utter disbelief at first-Gibbs turned down countless attempts to lure him back into coaching. Besides that, it's just way too good to be true. Then there was a scramble for more information. What's ESPN saying? Does the Post have anything new? After sunrise, as many bleary-eyed fans made their way to work, the various news services started confirming the story. As much as everyone wanted to believe it, there were still doubts, still fears that the deal would collapse at the last minute. Then, early in the afternoon, came a statement from Gibbs saying that he was returning to coach the Washington Redskins. Yes, Virginia-and DC, and Maryland and everywhere else on the planet where Redskins fans reside-there is a Santa Claus. There wasn't a buzz about the developments around town, there was a roar. The local media went to an all Joe Gibbs, all the time mode. People were walking the area just smiling for no apparent reason. At his introductory press conference he was treated like royalty. It was Hail to the Redskins, Hail to Joe Gibbs. In the days that followed, Gibbs continued to be the topic of conversation. One thing that many wanted to know was, "What were things like the first time around?" In the 11 years that had passed since he suddenly resigned as the Redskins coach, many new fans had begun to follow the team. Others had only dim memories of the glory days from 1981 through 1992, having lived in other areas of the country at the time-there was no Internet to allow them to follow the day to day developments, no satellite dishes to watch more than a handful of games a season. Still others were too young during all or part of Gibbs Era I to remember much of it. There are many fine books out there in which one could find out a lot about those Redskins teams. One is my book, the Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games, which has accounts of every game the team played from 1937 through 2001 including, of course, the Gibbs years. But, like most Redskins history books, there is a lot of information about the team before 1981 and more than a decade's worth of games and events since recounted. There was nothing on the market that was one-stop shopping for everything you wanted to know about the Joe Gibbs Redskins, no easy way to either get up to speed on, or refresh your memory about, the golden era of Redskins football. Instead of looking around for a resource for those starved for Gibbs information, I decided to create one. So was born Gut Check: The Complete History of Coach Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins. Starting with the game accounts, annual statistical leader tables and annual player rosters that I had created for The Redskins From A to Z, I went about adding elements that would give the reader a solid notion of what those Redskins teams were about, what kind of character those layers had and what made Joe Gibbs tick. I had already been working on compiling information on every player in Redskins history for my second book (which will now end up being my third). Here, you get the profiles of every player who appeared in at least one game for the Redskins under Joe Gibbs. The basic information was obtained from Total Football, a giant reference book that's packed with excellent data. Details in the player profiles came from a variety of sources, including some of the excellent Redskins history books mentioned above.

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The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Racing Car

Author: Robert Ackerson

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 144

View: 782

A limited edition of 1500 copies. This book chronicles the development and racing career of a car regarded as the ultimate example of the purebred sports car of the 20th century and the epitome of functional beauty and extraordinary performance: the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Taking second place at its 1952 Mille Miglia debut, it went on to win every one of its races that season. Dramatic photos, vivid descriptions, and dramatic recollections from the drivers ensures this book will be a joy to read and enjoy for years to come.

A Farewell to Glory

The Rise and Fall of an Epic Football Rivalry Boston College Vs. Holy Cross

Author: Wally Carew

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 791

It began in November 1896 when football was still in its infancy. About 500 people turned out on a soggy field in Worcester, Massachusetts to watch Holy Cross battler Boston College. That game initiated one of the great rivalries in football history. Itinvolved some of the most famous players and coaches to ever step on a football field. In its 91 years, the rivalry spawned controversy, contention, fierce competitiveness, elation, gloom, and great moments. It was also linked to heart-breaking tragedy. In the end, the rivalry of the two Jesuit colleges, Boston college and Holy Cross, would prove to be a microcosm of intercollegiate sports.