100 Greatest Ancient Coins

Author: Harlan J. Berk

Publisher: Whitman Publishing


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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100 Greatest Ancient Coins, 2nd Edition

Author: Harlan J. Berk

Publisher: Whitman Publishing



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Emperors and assassins, owls and turtles, gods and goddesses, brave heroes and villainous roguesall of these and more await you in this new, updated second edition of 100 Greatest Ancient Coins. In this beautifully illustrated book, Harlan J. Berk, one of America's best-known ancient-coin dealers, takes you on a personal guided tour of the numismatic antiquities of Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and other parts of the ancient world. Coffee-table-size, Hardcover, 144 pages, full color, with enlarged photographs and stories for every coin.

Lost World of the Golden King

In Search of Ancient Afghanistan

Author: Frank L. Holt

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: History

Page: 343

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"Delightful and learned, and written in a crisp and vigorous style, this book will be read with great interest and profit by both scholars and general readers." —Stanley Burstein, author of The Reign of Cleopatra

Gems and Gemstones

Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World

Author: Lance Grande

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Nature

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"Gems and Gemstones" features nearly 300 color images of cut gems, precious and semiprecious stones, gem-quality mineral specimens, and fine jewelry to be unveiled in the new Grainger Hall of Gems at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Interstellar Comedies: Short Stories

Author: James Francis Keegan III

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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Who knew outer space could be so much fun? In a collection of over sixty unique science fiction and fantasy tales, James Francis Keegan III intertwines colorful characters with creative storylines tailored to entertain anyone who has ever been curious about the universe, its creatures, and the interior of an alien spaceship. Keegan’s stories lead others on amusing adventures through space and time as a drunken man attempts to explain his encounter with a spacecraft and its extraterrestrial passengers to a television reporter, a man tries to understand how he became a pet for aliens who are eighty feet tall, an earthling wonders why it is hard for him to get human food on Earth as he waits in a buffet line with fifty different alien spaces, and a married couple contemplate how to create a child of their dreams with replicated DNA from an Olympic champion, a Harvard mathematician, or better yet, Mario Lopez.

100 Greatest Women on Coins

Author: Ron Guth

Publisher: Whitman Publishing


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This is the tenth entry in Whitman Publishing's popular "100 Greatest" library. Award-winning author Ron Guth has studied coins depicting women from ancient times to the modern day, building a database of more than 700 queens, princesses, empresses, actresses, political and religious leaders, goddesses, and others. These were voted on and ranked by the members of Women in Numismatics and other hobbyists to determine the 100 Greatest Women on Coins. "This book is a celebration of women's impact on numismatics," says Guth, "and a study of the relationship between them and the men who monopolize the portraiture designed for coins." Each notable woman is described with an illustrated historical, biographical, and anecdotal essay and colorful images of the coins on which she appears. Guth also discusses the long history of women featured on coins, and how anyone today can assemble a remarkable and meaningful collection. The book's scholarly value is further expanded with a checklist for the specialist, and a bibliography for further research.

The Numismatist




Category: Numismatics


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Vols. 24-52 include the Proceedings of the American Numismatic Association Convention, 1911-39.

Ancient Coins and Medals

An Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Coining Money in Greece and Her Colonies; Its Progress with the Extension of the Roman Empire; and Its Decline with the Fall of that Power

Author: Henry Noel Humphreys



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Book Review Index 2009


Author: Dana Ferguson

Publisher: Gale Cengage


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