World War II in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, with General Sources

A Handbook of Literature and Research

Author: Vālmīki

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 525

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This volume discusses the best and most enduring literature of World War II years, incorporating all aspects from military and political history to social and cultural history.

America in the World

The Historiography of American Foreign Relations since 1941

Author: Frank Costigliola

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 384

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This volume includes historiographical surveys of American foreign relations since 1941 by some of the country's leading historians. Some of the essays offer sweeping overviews of the major trends in the field of foreign/international relations history. Others survey the literature on US relations with particular regions of the world or on the foreign policies of presidential administrations. The result is a comprehensive assessment of the historical literature on US foreign policy that highlights recent developments in the field.

Reader's Guide to Military History

Author: Charles Messenger

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 986

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This book contains some 600 entries on a range of topics from ancient Chinese warfare to late 20th-century intervention operations. Designed for a wide variety of users, it encompasses general reviews of aspects of military organization and science, as well as specific wars and conflicts. The book examines naval and air warfare, as well as significant individuals, including commanders, theorists, and war leaders. Each entry includes a listing of additional publications on the topic, accompanied by an article discussing these publications with reference to their particular emphases, strengths, and limitations.

The History Buff's Guide to World War II

Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Lethal People and Events of World War II

Author: Thomas R. Flagel

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.


Category: History

Page: 448

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Did you know that neither Hitler nor Stalin graduated from high school? Or that the Allies often employed teenage girls as spies? In The History Buff's Guide to World War II, Thomas R. Flagel leaves no stone unturned as he presents dozens of top ten lists that examine the politics, leaders, and battles of the Second World War. From Hitler to Stalin, battleground to home front, Flagel's compelling analysis and attention to often-overlooked information ensures a surprise on every page for even the most dedicated World War II buff. This fresh, impossible-to-put-down book puts a new perspective on one of the most heavily researched wars of all time and is sue to enthrall expert and amateur historians alike. Do You Think You Know World War II? •Top Ten Speeches •Top Ten Causes of Military Deaths •Top Ten Most Popular Myths and Misconceptions •Top Ten Forms of Resistance •Top Ten Military Blunders

World War 2 on the Web

Author: J. Douglas Smith

Publisher: Sr Books


Category: Computers

Page: 207

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A guide to World War II sites on the Web offers reviews of the top 100 sites organized by topic; a rating of the sites' content, aesthetics, and navigation; and a listing of more than 140 additional recommended sites.

Rommel's Desert War

The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps

Author: Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr.

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 251

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The most famous battles of one of World War II's most legendary commanders Told largely from Rommel's perspective, using his papers and letters In a series of battles marked by daring raids and quick-armored thrusts against a numerically superior enemy, Erwin Rommel, the notorious Desert Fox, and his Afrika Korps waged one of World War II's toughest campaigns in the North African desert in 1942. The Axis campaign climaxed in June with the recapture of Tobruk, a triumph that netted 33,000 prisoners and earned Rommel a field marshal's baton. By fall, however, after setbacks at Alam Halfa and the 2 battles of El Alamein, the Afrika Korps teetered on the brink of defeat, which would come in Tunisia 6 months later.

America, History and Life




Category: Canada


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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.

The Chronological Atlas of World War II

Author: Barrie Pitt



Category: Historical geography

Page: 178

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Gennem detaljerede måned-for-måned-kort beskrives krigens gang over hele kloden

Towards an Understanding of the African Experience from Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Author: Festus Ugboaja Ohaegbulam

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: History

Page: 285

View: 529

This introductory survey provides a rich understanding of the African experience which, until recently, either had been omitted from the curriculum of institutions of higher learning or was distorted in written and oral literature. The book identifies the post-World War II civil rights movement in America and the independence revolution in Africa as the most decisive forces that generated interest in the study of the African/black experience. Includes four theoretical models for interpreting the black experience. The author discusses the place and role of Africa in the development of human civilization, focusing on Africa's Nile Valley civilizations and Western Sudanic empires. It probes aspects of traditional African culture, including the family, traditional political institutions and religion, and analyzes the impact on Africa and its peoples of such historical traumas as slavery, colonialism, and decolonization.