An Intimate Geography (Revised and Updated)

Author: Natalie Angier

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1844089916

Category: Social Science

Page: 560

View: 8823

WOMAN explores the essence of what it means to be female. In mapping the inner woman - from organs to orgasms - Natalie Angier presents an extraordinary new vision of the female body as an evolutionary masterpiece. 'Anyone living in or near a female body should read this book' - Gloria Steinem 'Women have long been regarded as slaves to biology and evolution, prisoners in a hormonal swamp. But now, some of the sacred tenets of evolutionary psychology . . . have come under fresh challenge. As the century turns, it could be Goodbye women's lib; hello female liberation! . . . WOMAN is a delicious cocktail of estrogen and amphetamine designed to pump up the ovaries as well as the cerebral cortex' - Barbara Ehrenreich, Time magazine 'Drawing on science, literature and history, Angier provides valuable insight into the power of hormones, breast milk and the all-important clitoris. A must for every woman's bookshelf' - Woman's Journal

Women, Gender and Development in the Caribbean

Reflections and Projections

Author: Pat Ellis

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 9781856499330

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 181

View: 728

Extrait de la couverture :"The Caribbean has undergone profound changes over the past generation, not least in the social position of women. This new volume [...] looks back over what has been achieved in the past 20 years, and foward to the issues and challenges still facing Caribbean men and women as their mutual relations continue to evolve in the context of changing development policies, the increasing incidence of poverty, and a population deeply affected by migration and ageing. [The author] [...] provides a wealth of information on the changing position of women in the region. She identifies Caribbean women's concerns, problems, and needs. She documents the shift to a new stress on gender equity and gender equality. More recent awareness of specific problems faced by Caribbean men also discussed. And thoughout she describes concrete advocacy, research, education and training, as well as legal reform programmes set up in order to transform gender relations. The result is an agenda-setting volume which will be invaluable for gender programmes and policymaking in the coming years."

Women, the Family, and Divorce Laws in Islamic History

Author: Amira El Azhary Sonbol

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815626886

Category: Social Science

Page: 357

View: 8448

A collection of 18 essays that covers a wide range of material and re-evaluates women's studies and Middle Eastern studies, Muslim women and the Shari'a courts, the Ottoman household, Dhimmi communities, family law, morality and violence.

Women in South African History

They Remove Boulders and Cross Rivers

Author: Nomboniso Gasa

Publisher: HSRC Press

ISBN: 9780796921741

Category: History

Page: 458

View: 451

In this collection of essays, the often-marginalized voices of South African women are presented, in four chronological sections, as a nuanced and complex narrative that provides new interpretations and different readings on the major phases of South African history. Activists and academics seek to illuminate the struggle for emancipation, and their interrogation of past conflict and present issues creates an overtly feminist perspective that captures the constant struggles and movements of women in South Africa.

Women in the Renaissance

Author: Theresa Huntley

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778745983

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 5971

Discusses the various roles women took on during the Renaissance.

Women, Politics, and the United Nations

Author: Anne Winslow

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313295225

Category: Political Science

Page: 213

View: 8148

Participants and scholars appraise the successes and failures of women's agendas at the UN and international conferences for equality and full partnership.

In the Company of Women

Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

Author: Grace Bonney

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 1579657265

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 4507

New York Times Bestseller “I want to rip out every page of this glorious book and hang them on my wall so that I can be surrounded by these incredible women all day long.” —Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers and Modern Lovers Over 100 exceptional and influential women describe how they embraced their creative spirit, overcame adversity, and sparked a global movement of entrepreneurship. Media titans and ceramicists, hoteliers and tattoo artists, comedians and architects—taken together, these profiles paint a beautiful picture of what happens when we pursue our passions and dreams.

Women, Gender, and Human Rights

A Global Perspective

Author: Marjorie Agosín

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813529837

Category: Political Science

Page: 339

View: 5796


Women, Gender, and Terrorism

Author: Laura Sjoberg,Caron E. Gentry

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820335835

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

View: 9244

In the last decade the world has witnessed a rise in women's participation in terrorism. Women, Gender, and Terrorism explores women's relationship with terrorism, with a keen eye on the political, gender, racial, and cultural dynamics of the contemporary world. Throughout most of the twentieth century, it was rare to hear about women terrorists. In the new millennium, however, women have increas­ingly taken active roles in carrying out suicide bombings, hijacking air­planes, and taking hostages in such places as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and Chechnya. These women terrorists have been the subject of a substantial amount of media and scholarly attention, but the analysis of women, gender, and terrorism has been sparse and riddled with stereotypical thinking about women's capabilities and motivations. In the first section of this volume, contributors offer an overview of women's participation in and relationships with contemporary terrorism, and a historical chapter traces their involvement in the politics and conflicts of Islamic societies. The next section includes empirical and theoretical analysis of terrorist movements in Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, and Sri Lanka. The third section turns to women's involvement in al Qaeda and includes critical interrogations of the gendered media and the scholarly presentations of those women. The conclusion offers ways to further explore the subject of gender and terrorism based on the contributions made to the volume. Contributors to Women, Gender, and Terrorism expand our understanding of terrorism, one of the most troubling and complicated facets of the modern world.

Women in Iran from the Rise of Islam to 1800

Author: Guity Nashat,Lois Beck

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252071218

Category: History

Page: 253

View: 7371

Combining scholarship from a range of disciplines, this collection of essays is a comprehensive examination of the role of women in Iranian society and culture, from pre-Islamic times to 1800. The contributors challenge common assumptions about women in Iran and Islam. Sweeping away modern myths, these essays show that women have had significant influence in almost every area of Iranian life. Focusing on a region wider than today's nation-state of Iran, this book explores developments in the spheres that most affect women: gender constructs, family structure, community roles, education, economic participation, Islamic practices and institutions, politics, and artistic representations. The contributors to this volume are among the most prominent international scholars working in this field, and each draws on decades of research to address the history of Iranian women within the context of his or her area of expertise. This broad framework allows for a thorough and nuanced examination of the history of a complex society.

Women, Gender, and Language in Morocco

Author: Fatima Sadiqi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004128530

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 8181

This text is an original investigation in the complex relationship between women, gender, and language in a Muslim, multilingual, and multicultural setting. Moroccan women's use of monolingualism (oral literature) and multilingualism (code-switching) reflects their agency and gender-role subversion in a heavily patriarchal society.

The Case for Women in Medieval Culture

Author: Alcuin Blamires

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 9780191589447

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 8939

Misogyny is of course not the whole story of medieval discourse on women: medieval culture also envisaged a case for women. But hitherto studies of profeminine attitudes in that periods culture have tended to concentrate on courtly literature or on female visionary writings or on attempts to transcend misogyny by major authors such as Christine de Pizan and Chaucer. This book sets out to demonstrate something different: that there existed from early in the Middle Ages a corpus of substantial traditions in defence of women, on which the more familiar authors drew, and that this corpus itself consolidated strands of profeminine thought that had been present as far back as the patristic literature of the fourth century. The Case for Women surveys extant writings formally defending women in the Middle Ages; breaks new ground by identifying a source for profeminine argument in biblical apocrypha; offers a series of explorations of the background and circulation of central arguments on behalf of women; and seeks to situate relevant texts by Christine de Pizan, Chaucer, Abelard, and Hrotsvitha in relation to these arguments. Topics covered range from the privileges of women, and pro-Eve polemic, to the social and moral strengths attributed to women, and to the powerful modelsfrequently disruptive of patriarchal complacencypresented by Old and New Testament women. The contribution made by these emphases (which are not to be confused with feminism in a modern sense) to medieval constructions of gender is throughout critically assessed, and the book concludes by asking how far defenders were controlled by, or able to query, assumptions about what was natural (and therefore imagined inflexible) in gender theory.

Reflections of Women in Antiquity

Author: Helene P. Foley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0677163703

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 420

View: 9364

Women on the Renaissance Stage

Anna of Denmark and Female Masquing in the Stuart Court (1590-1619)

Author: Clare McManus

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719060922

Category: Drama

Page: 276

View: 4608

Women on the Renaissance stage provides a unique reassessment of women's relationship to performance in early modern England. A study of women's participation in the Jacobean court masque, it gives detailed historicised and interdisciplinary readings of the performances of Anna of Denmark (wife of James VI and I) in the Scottish and English Jacobean courts. Clare McManus investigates the staging conditions, practices and gendering of Annas performances, from the ceremonies and festivities of the Scottish court to the English court masques of Jonson, Daniel, Campion and others. Current critical theorisations of race, class, gender, space and performance are brought to bear on the courtly woman's body in dance, staging, scenery, costume and make-up within what might be thought of as female court. In doing this, McManus establishes a tradition of seventeenth-century female performance which provides a trajectory for the emergence of the professional female actors of the Restoration. This innovative study of a hitherto neglected performance tradition will expand the understanding of gender and performance for scholars and students of early modern culture.

Women in the Field

Anthropological Experiences

Author: Peggy Golde

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520054226

Category: Social Science

Page: 397

View: 8410

What is it like to be an anthropologist or, more specifically, a woman anthropologist? Here we see highly trained and qualified women anthropologists examining their own efforts to live and work in alien cultures in many parts of the world. New chapters have been added to this ground-breaking volume, and each contributor is, in one way or another, a pioneer. All have chosen to devote their lives and energies to the understanding of worlds not their own. All have felt it important to explain what they do, why they do it, and how they feel about their work. Cultures vary widely in their perception of a woman engaged in anthropological field work. Each of these women has had to deal with the influence of her gender, as well as the subject of her study, on the mechanics of establishing a living-working relationship with people of another culture. The diversity of their responses to the presence of a foreign woman at work in their midst gives the book an invaluable cross-cultural perspective, as does the great variety of reactions and strategies on the part of the authors themselves. Besides providing rare insight into field work in general, Women in the Field mirrors the difficulties and delights of any person thrust into an unfamiliar culture.

Women, Islam, and the State

Author: Deniz Kandiyoti

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9780877227861

Category: Religion

Page: 276

View: 6450

This collection of original essays examines the relationship between Islam, the nature of state projects, and the position of women in the modern nation states of the Middle East and South Asia. Arguing that Islam is not uniform across Muslim societies and that women's roles in these societies cannot be understood simply by looking at texts and laws. the contributors focus, instead, on the effects of the political projects of states on the lives of women.--provided by publisher.

Wise Women

A Celebration of Their Insights, Courage, and Beauty

Author: Joyce Tenneson

Publisher: Bulfinch

ISBN: 9780821228180

Category: Photography

Page: 144

View: 1082

In ancient times older women were the keepers of primal mysteries and were revered for their special wisdom: today there is a feeling that our culture is reawakening to the power of our elders. Joyce Tenneson presents 80 portraits of women aged 65 to 100, who comment on their experiences of ageing.

A History of Women in the West: Renaissance and Enlightenment paradoxes

Author: Michelle Perrot,Natalie Zemon Davis,Arlette Farge

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674403727

Category: History

Page: 595

View: 4677

Discusses the legal, social, and religious position of women in the Greco-Roman world and during the Middle Ages

Women of the Jordan

Islam, Labor, and the Law

Author: Amira El Azhary Sonbol

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815629856

Category: Political Science

Page: 300

View: 2616

Extrait de la couverture : "In the first book to address the dilemma faced by Jordanian women in the work-force, AmiraEl-Azhary Sonbol delineates the constraints that exist in a number of legal practices, namely penal codes that permit violence against Muslim women and personal status laws that require a husband's permission for a women to work. Leniency in honor crimes and early marriage and motherhood for girls are other factors that extend tha patriarchal power throughout a woman's life, and ultimately deny her full legal competency. Significantly, Sonbol notes that society's accepting as "Islamic" the legal constraints that control women's work constitutes a major barrier to any effort o change them, even though historically the Islamic Shari'a actually encourages women's work, and despite the fact that Muslim women have contributed materially to their society's economy. The author covers new ground as she effectively illustrates how Jordanian laws governing gender, family, and work combine with laws and legal philosophies derived from tribal, traditional, Islamic, and modern laws to form a strict patriarchal structure."

Women, Gender, and Radical Religion in Early Modern Europe

Author: Sylvia Monica Brown

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004163069

Category: History

Page: 319

View: 9770

This collection of essays explores the role of women and gender in a broad range of 'radical' religious movements of the post-Reformation.