Women's Intuition

Realizing Your Worth

Author: T. LaShaé

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 48

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Women’s Intuition is a self help book that will make women that have no clue of their intuition aware that they have them and for the women that know that they have them, the book let’s them know how to use them. Before having to ask questions about our current situation, whether it concerns bills, tests in school or your relationship with your friends, family or spouse, look inside of yourself and realize that you know the answer before you even thought of the question. Most things are just common sense. Before making a decision about anything, a little voice tells us what to do but we fail to listen. That voice is our intuition. So many relationships have failed because we fail to follow our intuition. My purpose for writing this book is to reach out to women who are trying to find happiness, realize their worth, and gain the respect that they deserve. Our intuition is a gift from God. Some call it a blessing. We are being untrue to ourselves when we ignore it. If only women would embrace their intuitions, they would be able to avoid unnecessary drama, bad life decisions, and the people who influence both the drama and decisions made. We need to claim the responsibility for the good or bad lives that we live. No one else is to blame. Bad people run in and out of our lives everyday. It left upon us, as adults, to determine whether a person is in our lives to help us or hurt us. What we have to realize is that we are in control of our lives, no one else. No one is to blame but you. Realize it and embrace it. Follow your intuitions.

Women's Intuition

Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body

Author: Paula M. Reeves

Publisher: Conari Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 252

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Explores the biochemical relationship between mind and body to reconnect women to the intuition that is encoded in their DNA

Lonergan and Feminism

Author: Cynthia S. W. Crysdale

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 228

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While Lonergan's work has been developed and applied to a range of cultures and ideas, few scholars have addressed the question of whether it is subject to feminist critique. And few feminists have employed the transcendental method of Lonergan to aid the feminist scholarly agenda. This collection of ten essays initiates dialogue among scholars interested in Lonergan and concerned with feminism, and engages several fields of enquiry: philosophy, natural science, human science, ethics, and theology. Frederick E. Crowe deals with the challenges involved when one applies the work of a generalist, such as Lonergan, to a particular set of concerns, such as those of feminists. Three articles by philosophers - Paulette Kidder, Michael Vertin, and Elizabeth Morelli - treat questions of epistemology and gender. Cynthia Crysdale discusses women's ways of knowing from a social scientific perspective. Articles by Tad Dunne and Denise Carmody deal with the question of authenticity and the criteria by which feminist truths are delineated. Michael Shute examines Lonergan's work on `emergent probability' in light of eco-feminist critiques of the `great chain of being.' Mary Frohlich addresses the question of the theological significance of sexuality. Charles Hefling examines Lonergan's Christology in reference to the feminist question of whether a male saviour can save women. Lonergan invites his readers to engage in an experiment in cognitive self-appropriation - Lonergan and Feminism encourages this experiment.

The Women's Book of Healing

Auras, Chakras, Laying On of Hands, Crystals, Gemstones, and Colors

Author: Diane Stein

Publisher: Crossing Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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Women are naturally healers. Throughout time, they have performed curative roles as mothers, midwives, caregivers, and wisewomen, but modern medicine has suppressed this important tradition. Ancient women healers knew that the body is more than what is seen: through body, emotions, mind, and spirit, we can connect with the Goddess and actively choose to heal ourselves and others. By relearning and using ancient skills like aura and chakra work, creative visualization, meditation, laying on of hands, psychic healing, and working with crystals and gemstones, women can prevent or transform many dis-eases of the body and spirit before they become matters for modern medicine. In THE WOMEN'¬?S BOOK OF HEALING, Diane Stein, author of the best-selling ESSENTIAL REIKI, demystifies, explains, and teaches these skills in ways that modern women can learn and use. She first introduces basic healing, then applies those skills to healing with crystals and gemstones-a beautiful, effective, and empowering aspect of the ancient woman'¬?s healing methods. A comprehensive guide from a knowledgeable healer, THE WOMEN'¬?S BOOK OF HEALING proves that well-being is within a woman'¬?s choice and natural abilities, and reaffirms her timeless role as healer of herself and others. An affirmation of woman'¬?s traditional role as healer, speaking to a national trend toward alternative medicine and natural healing methods. Demystifies, explains, and teaches the healing capabilities of auras, chakras, laying on of hands, crystals, gemstones, and colors. Thoroughly revised and updated, with a new introduction. Diane Stein'¬?s books have sold more than 600,000 copies. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Connecting Analytical Thinking and Intuition

And the Nights Abound with Inspiration

Author: Anders Omstedt

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 60

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This book demonstrates how analytical thinking and intuition can be systematically connected and trained. It is illustrated by figures and photographs and includes creative and stimulating exercises. We are living in a world of increasing complexity, in which perceiving reality accurately is increasingly important and difficult. Society’s need to address “global grand challenges” requires that the scientific community initiates inter-disciplinary research programmes. These are often far removed from current programmes, which are usually based on intra-disciplinary science. Improving our understanding of complex problems and communicating this understanding to a large group of people from different backgrounds represents an important educational challenge. Connecting Analytical Thinking and Intuition stimulates students and scientists to improve their skills in thinking, communicating and learning more about being humans. A guide to connecting analytical thinking and intuition is presented using the “dream group” method developed by Montague Ullman, in which a group of 6–8 people systematically and carefully helps the dreamer to appreciate dreams. The importance of good memory, which can be trained through recalling the dreams, is also discussed in relation to science and literature.

Women's Intuition

Author: Lisa Samson

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Lark Summerville’s life has few surprises–and that’s just how she likes it. All she wants is to live out her angst-riddled life in her blue-collar Baltimore neighborhood, punctuated by weekly trips to her local parish, where Lark is organist, and telephone conversations with desperate souls who dial her hotline at 1-777-IPRAY4U. Then one night, Lark’s home is destroyed by a fire, forcing her out of her comfortable nest and back to the childhood home she has avoided for years. At Stoneleigh House, Lark is surrounded by three very different women: her grown daughter, Flannery; her barely tolerable socialite mother, Leslie; and Prisma Percy, housekeeper and family confidante, all of whom believe Lark was widowed years before. In this circle of women, Lark’s carefully constructed existence begins to unravel, even as the promise of a new one unfolds. But when her contrite ex-husband shows up, longing to assume his role as Flannery’s father, twenty years after his desertion, Lark finds that she must face her own lies–and her past–before a new life can unfold. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Ladies Who Launch

An Innovative Program That Will Help You Get Your Dreams Off the Ground

Author: Victoria Colligan

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Ladies Who Launch is the first company to define the feminine approach to launching a business and to make the connection between starting a business and bringing creativity into your life with self-esteem and happiness. The nationally acclaimed Ladies Who Launch program has enabled thousands of women across the country to break out of 9-5 and thrive in entrepreneurial enterprises that reflect their true passions, skills, and desires. Located in more than 40 cities in the United States, the Ladies Who Launch incubators - workshops that give women the support and encouragement they need to embark on making their dreams reality - have inspired women to start businesses, grow existing companies, and tap into their creativity to develop essential services and products and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams while doing it. Available for the first time in book form, the 4-step incubator process, using self-tests, inspiring stories, and practical information, gives women the courage to dare to follow a cherished but unfulfilled dream. Through this unique program women are encouraged to Imagine it - allow a secret desire to come to lightSpeak it - choose a dream to pursueDo it - take effective action to make it realityCelebrate it - revel in successes, reward effort, and be good to yourself along the way Ladies Who Launch provides a proven approach to igniting a fire under a long-smoldering dream, have more fun, and catapult a lifestyle, relationship or occupation to an infinitely higher level. "If you want to pop the lid off anything you ever thought you couldn't do, shouldn't have or couldn't achieve, you've bought the right book. All the tools you need to ignite a fire under a long smoldering dream, catapult a lifestyle, relationship, or career to a higher level are right here. Women tend to think of dreams as bigger than themselves, pies in the sky, morsels of imagination saved for a rainy day...in other words, out of reach. Well, guess what? Ladies Who Launch will reprogram how you think about your dreams so that they are as real as the coffee you drink each morning. They're real and they're all yours! To be truly happy and inspired by the life you're living, you can take steps to wake up and launch your dreams right now. It is time to start believing that you can have what you really want. With the help of Ladies Who Launch, you will." --Victoria Colligan & Beth Schoenfeldt

American Women's Rights Movement

A Chronology of Events and of Opportunities from 1600 to 2008

Author: Paul D. Buchanan

Publisher: Branden Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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More than 140 entries in this book depict events which have had lasting national significance in opening opportunities in the struggle for equal civil rights and opportunities for women. The impact of many of the included events was initially felt on a local level; but in time it created repercussions that spread across the country. These stories show women assuming roles of providers and heads of households, and their leadership, exerted in and outside the home, would often manifest in the community at large and, in turn, in the nation and in the world.The book is divided into four parts: OneThe Seeds Are planted; Two19th CenturyThe Movement Takes Root; Three20th CenturyReaching for the Sunlight; Four21st CenturyComing into Full Bloom. The book begins with Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer and ends with Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Oprah Winfrey, and Sarah Palin.

Beltaro, the Book of Izra

Author: Carolyn M. Martin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 596

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