Das ist Management

Author: Jack Welch,Suzy Welch

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593423359

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

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Mit diesem Buch erhalten Sie das E-Book inklusive! Jack Welch ist die größte lebende Managementlegende. General Electric wurde unter seiner Führung eines der erfolgreichsten Unternehmen der Welt. In »Winning« gibt er sein fundiertes Wissen weiter – handfeste, erprobte und garantiert wirksame Methoden – die ihn bis heute weltweit einflussreich machen. Welch verrät, was zu tun ist, um als Manager außergewöhnlich erfolgreich zu werden. »Sie werden nie wieder ein anderes Managementbuch benötigen!« Warren Buffett


Das ist Management

Author: Jack Welch,Suzy Welch

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 359339684X

Category: Political Science

Page: 400

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Mit diesem Buch erhalten Sie das E-Book inklusive! Jack Welch ist die größte lebende Managementlegende. General Electric wurde unter seiner Führung eines der erfolgreichsten Unternehmen der Welt. In »Winning« gibt er sein fundiertes Wissen weiter – handfeste, erprobte und garantiert wirksame Methoden – die ihn bis heute weltweit einflussreich machen. Welch verrät, was zu tun ist, um als Manager außergewöhnlich erfolgreich zu werden. »Sie werden nie wieder ein anderes Managementbuch benötigen!« Warren Buffett


The Guide to a Life of Peace and Purpose

Author: Travis Moody

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491785977

Category: Religion

Page: 388

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There is no question that life is definitely more fun when we win. Unfortunately, many of us are just drifting through life while often facing defeat at every turn. We long to improve our relationships, our health, and our finances, but for many of us, it seems as though we are just getting by in life. The good news is that God does not want us just to survive so that we can enjoy eternity. God wants for us the same thing that we all want for ourselvesto win in life. He wants for us to win in our relationships, in our health, and in our finances. This book will help you do just that. Winning begins with a brief self-assessment that encourages honest reflection on the kinds of behaviors that trigger freedom, peace, and inner strength. Travis Moody, a former college athlete and corporate executive turned life coach and stewardship consultant relies on his personal experiencesboth good and badto provide practical and spiritual advice intended to help you move from merely surviving to living a life of success and ultimately a life fulfilling your own unique purpose. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to win in every area of your life.

Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Author: Richard Lustig

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452077460

Category: Reference

Page: 31

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In his book, Richard discusses the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of buying lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning. He has created a method that he and members of his family use that has enabled them to WIN several lottery game GRAND prizes. This is a very easy to use method and will work with any type lottery games (scratch tickets or number games) in any state or country. Here are some quotes from people who have used his method: "My husband and I used Richard Lustig's lotto method and within months of starting the method we hit a Mega Money jackpot for 2 million dollars! It was really easy to follow. You only play what you can and you can still win! Shaun and I will only play lotto from now on using these strategies." -Jennifer and Shaun, Florida "Since we've been using your method, we have definitely been winning more that we used to. It's easy to follow" -Dale, Florida "I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I read through your lottery method last night. It seems great. It seems to be just simple logic and makes sense." -Kate, Illinois

The Habit of Winning

Author: Prakash Iyer

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 8184753667

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 264

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Do you feel like throwing in the towel, but want to be a great leader? Would you like to build an organization? Do you want your child to be the best she can be? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Habit of Winning is the book for you. It is a book that will change the way you think, work and live, with stories about self-belief and perseverance, leadership and teamwork—stories that will ignite a new passion and a renewed sense of purpose in your mind. The stories in The Habit of Winning range from cola wars to cricketing heroes, from Michelle Obama’s management techniques to Mahatma Gandhi’s generosity. There are life lessons from frogs and rabbits, sharks and butterflies, kites and balloons. Together they create a heady mix that will make the winner inside you emerge and grow.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Author: N.A

Publisher: Zero Moment of Truth

ISBN: 1614302251


Page: N.A

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Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Today we're all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase. At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth -- or simply ZMOT. Winning the Zero Moment of Truth is a powerful new eBook by Jim Lecinski, Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist at Google. Jim shares how to get ahead at this critical new marketing moment, supported by exclusive market research, personal stories, and insights from C-level executives at global leaders like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and VivaKi. If you're a marketer, a CEO, a sales rep, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this eBook will help you understand this shift in the marketing landscape and show you the strategies it takes to win.

Winning in Emerging Markets

A Road Map for Strategy and Execution

Author: Tarun Khanna,Krishna G. Palepu

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422166953

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 247

View: 1998

About the Book : - The best way to select emerging markets to exploit is to evaluate their size or growth potential, right? Not according to Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu. In Winning in Emerging Markets, these leading scholars on the subject present a decidedly different framework for making this crucial choice. The authors argue that the primary exploitable characteristic of emerging markets is the lack of institutions (credit card systems, intellectual property adjudication, data research firms) that facilitate efficient business operations. While such institutional voidspresent challenges, they also provide major opportunities for multinationals and local contenders. Khanna and Palepu provide a playbook for assessing emerging markets potential and for crafting strategies for succeeding in those markets. They explain how to: Spot institutional voids in developing economies, including in product, labour, and capital markets, as well as social and political systems Identify opportunities to fill those voids, for example, by building or improving market institutions yourself Exploit those opportunities through a rigorous five-phase process, including studying the market over time and acquiring new capabilities Packed with vivid examples and practical toolkits, Winning in Emerging Markets is a crucial resource for any company seeking to define and execute business strategy in developing economies. About the Authors : - Tarun Khanna is the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at Harvard Business School and the author of Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Future and Yours. Krishna Palepu is the Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration and senior associate dean for international development at the Harvard Business School.

Soccer Practice for Winning

Author: Derek Smethurst

Publisher: Reedswain Inc.

ISBN: 9781591640516

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

View: 598

Winning the Peace

An American Strategy for Post-conflict Reconstruction

Author: Robert Cameron Orr

Publisher: CSIS

ISBN: 9780892064441

Category: Political Science

Page: 353

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Winning the peace

amerikanische Aussenpolitik und der Council on Foreign Relations, 1945-1950

Author: Michael Wala

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515053341

Category: History

Page: 331

View: 408



Author: Clive Woodward

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717227

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 496

View: 2967

Winning! tells the story of the remarkable past six years - an unforgettable journey that began in September 1997 and took the team from the lower ranks of international first-class rugby to the top as World Cup Champions. Sir Clive Woodward and his team mounted a campaign of vast change, great learning, team building and clear vision to achieve their aim. 'We would question everything, change anything and leave no stone unturned,' he writes. WINNING! will talk about the team's journey of innovation and discovery and will reveal exactly how it happened, the fundamentals of their success and how these principles can be applied to any human endeavour. 'We changed the way we coached, the way we played and, of equal importance, how we operated off the field.' Bringing his business management skills to the game, Woodward simplified the entire approach to the structure of the team and created new management systems both on and off the pitch. In an anecdotal style, Clive Woodward entertains and informs while he describes the thrilling build-up to England's World Cup triumph.

Winning with Software

An Executive Strategy

Author: Watts S. Humphrey

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780768685107

Category: Computers

Page: 256

View: 7398

"Every senior executive needs to read this book." --Robert Musson Vice President, Business Strategy Cenus Technologies "An informative book for any business person (not just technologists) who has ever been associated or involved with a software development effort and thought 'there must be a better way!' Watts has provided that better way-- the PSP/TSP, and a great book." --Roy Kinkaid, Head of Continuous Improvement and Software Quality Assurance, EBS Dealing Resources Watts Humphrey is the well-known author of methods and models widely used by organizations, teams, and individuals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software development. In Winning with Software, he shows corporate executives and senior managers why software is both a business problem and a business opportunity. "This book is extremely well written and targets the right audience. I plan to buy a copy for each of my executives." --Kevin J. Berk, Director, Process Improvement, Total Quality Systems Humphrey, drawing on his own extensive executive and management experience, first demonstrates the critical importance of software to nearly every business, large and small. He then outlines seven steps needed to gain control of a software operation and transform it into a professional, businesslike engineering function. Failure to recognize the importance of software, and to take charge of its development process, runs the risk of damaging the entire business. By contrast, Humphrey relates the substantial benefits real organizations have obtained from such awareness and control, and he concludes with an analysis of the impressive financial returns the recommended transformations typically yield. "This is a great book that will play a valuable role. It has excellent anecdotes that illustrate the points being made, as well as good examples depicting the problems faced by teams and managers. I look forward to sharing it with my colleagues." --Steven Sliwa, President & CEO, Insitu Group Inc. and former President of Embry-Riddle University "The logical approach, the high level explanations, and the application of real-life experiences make the book not only credible but easily understood. If a large number of CEOs don't at least try out the book's concepts, I will be greatly surprised." --David Webb Software Engineering Project Manager, Hill Air Force Base

Winning on Betfair For Dummies

Author: Jack Houghton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470029412

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 224

View: 3234

The world of betting is being transformed by internet betting exchanges, and there’s none bigger than Betfair, the world’s leading online betting exchange. Winning on Betfair For Dummies is the definitive insider’s guide, giving you a full picture of the way Betfair works, explaining the terms, lingo and jargon, and letting you in on insider knowledge and know-how. It’s the perfect reference for the first time Betfair player, and also reveals tips and tricks to satisfy even the most seasoned punter. Winning on Betfair FD includes information on: Backing and laying Placing more than one bet in a market Betting in-play Telephone, mobile phone and PDA betting Trading, arbing and bots Making a profession of it

Winning 42

Strategy & Lore of the National Game of Texas

Author: Dennis Roberson

Publisher: Texas Tech University Press

ISBN: 9780896725416

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 160

View: 2418

A book for those who play the game and who want to learn the game.

Winning with Library Leadership

Enhancing Services Through Connection, Contribution, & Collaboration

Author: Christi A. Olson,Paula M. Singer

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838908853

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 116

View: 9876

Under pressure to achieve more with less, libraries need to change how they achieve goals. In networked organizations, teamwork, communication and collaboration are keys to getting results. This title offers a roadmap with strategies and action steps to create shared accountability and responsibility in a customer-focused, fast-paced environment.

Winning Digital Photo Contests

Author: Jeff Wignall

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781600594755

Category: Photography

Page: 192

View: 374

Digital photo contests are hot and this savvy guide reveals the inside secrets and technical advice photographers need to find - and win - the best competitions. Jeff Wignall covers all aspects of this rising phenomenon, from finding safe and trustworthy contests to taking visually impressive and emotionally powerful photos that will catch the judges' eyes. He also includes one-on-one interviews with key contest owners and judges to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on why a particular photo won. The featured contests include: Digital Image Cafe, Kodak, Wet Pixel and many more. Well over 100 original contest-winning images appear throughout the book, with commentary from the contributing photographers on their specific style and shooting techniques.

Winning - Die Antworten

...auf die 74 brisantesten Managementfragen

Author: Jack Welch,Suzy Welch

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593403137

Category: Political Science

Page: 249

View: 4654

Jack Welch, die größte lebende Managementlegende, und seine Frau Suzy, erfahrene Autorin, legen nach: Auf den großen Bestseller »Winning «, der die Grundlagen des Managements erklärte, folgt nun mit »Winning – Die Antworten auf die 74 brisantesten Managementfragen« die ideale Ergänzung: Management in Reinform.

Winning with People Workbook

Author: John C. Maxwell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418571989

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 2793

What does it take to win with people? Does an individual have to be born with an outgoing personality or a great sense of intuition to succeed relationally? When it comes to people skills, are there simply the haves and the have-nots?and we just have to accept whatever abilities God has given us? In this interactive workbook, great for individual or group study, best-selling author John C. Maxwell halps you answer these questions while leading you through the 25 People Principles, which are designed to help make you relationally successful. Features include: Questions for in-depth study and reflection Insightful quotes A system to help you learn and understand the 25 Key People Principles In life, the skills you use and the people you choose will make or break you. Winning with People Workbook divided the 25 People Principles according to five critical questions we must ask ourselves if we want to win with people: Readiness: Are we prepared for relationships? Connection: Are we willing to focus on others? Trust: Can we build mutual trust? Investment: Are we willing to invest in others? Synergy: Can we create a win-win relationship? Learn and practice the 25 People Principles and you will not only be able to answer each of these questions in a positive way, but you will become skillful relationally?able to build healthy, effective, and fulfilling relationships. And once you can do that, you will become the kind of person who makes others successful too!

Winning Library Grants

A Game Plan

Author: Herbert B. Landau

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 0838910475

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 176

View: 2897

Here's a practical and comprehensive manual that guides you through grant fundamentals. The author's game plan will help you find relevant funders by analyzing eligibility criteria, write and prepare grant applications, and increase your chances for success by using additional tactics, such as pre- and post-submission marketing to "sell" your institution to a funder.--[book cover]