Winning Design!

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Design Patterns for Fun and Competition

Author: James Jeffrey Trobaugh

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484221052

Category: Computers

Page: 263

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Design that works! It's what you need if you're building and competing with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics. You'll find uses for the new light sensors and gyro sensors in navigation, helping you to follow lines and make turns more consistently. Approach collision detection with greater confidence through EV3's ultrasonic sensor. Learn new designs for power attachments. Winning Design! is about building with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 for fun, for education, but especially for competition. Author James Trobaugh is an experienced coach and leader in the FIRST LEGO League. In this book, he shares his hard-won knowledge about design principles and techniques that contribute toward success in robotics competitions. Winning Design! unlocks the secrets of reliable design using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. You’ll learn proven design patterns that you can employ for common tasks such as turning, pushing, and pulling. You’ll reduce and compensate for variation in performance from battery charge levels and motor calibration differences. You’ll produce designs that won’t frustrate you by not working, but that will delight you with their reliable performance in the heat of competition. Good design is about more than just the hardware. Software counts for a lot, and Winning Design! has you covered. You’ll find chapters on program design and organization with tips on effective coding and documentation practices. You’ll learn about master programs and the needed flexibility they provide. There’s even a section on presenting your robot and software designs to the judges. Winning Design! is the book you need if you're involved in competitions such as FIRST LEGO League events. Whether coach, parent, or student, you’ll find much in this book to make your design and competition experience fun and memorable, and educational. Don't be without this book if you're leading a team of young people as they build skills toward a future in technology. What You Will Learn Build winning robots on a foundation of good chassis design Reduce variability in robot mechanical movements Design modular attachments for quick change during competition Solve navigation problems such as steering, squaring up, and collision detection Manage software using master programs and other techniques Power your robot attachments via motors and pneumatics Who This Book Is For Students, parents, teachers, and coaches involved in LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot design and programming.

Studying mammals: A winning design

Author: The Open University

Publisher: The Open University



Page: N.A

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This 10-hour free course explored some of the features that mammals have in common, such as reproduction, lactation and thermoregulation methods.

Winning by Design

Architectural Competitions

Author: Judith Strong

Publisher: Architectural Press

ISBN: 9780750624930

Category: Architecture

Page: 190

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Architectural competitions attract both young practices and established names. This book provides an opportunity for architects to gain information for their own reference in competition entry. It covers procedures in the administration of competition

Winning Designs

The Competitions Renaissance

Author: Gianni Longo,Jean Tatge,Lois Fishman

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412841559

Category: Social Science

Page: 60

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181 einfache Maschinen und clevere Konstruktionen

Author: Yoshihito Isogawa

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 386491728X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 232

View: 370

Das LEGO-MINDSTORMS-EV3-Ideenbuch stellt zahlreiche kreative Wege vor, um faszinierende mechanische Konstruktionen mit dem EV3-Set zu bauen. Die einzigartige visuelle Anleitung dazu hat LEGOBaumeister Yoshihito Isogawa genial in Szene gesetzt. Das Buch bietet visuelle Anleitungen für über 180 Mechanismen, Maschinen und Getriebe mit dem MINDSTORMS-EV3-Set. Zu jedem Modell gibt es eine Liste der benötigten Teile, minimalen Text und farbige Bilder aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln, sodass du es auch ohne Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung nachbauen kannst. Du wirst lernen, Radaufhängungen für Autos, lenkbare Raupenfahrzeuge, Ball-Shooter, Robotergreifarme und andere kreative Wunderwerke zu konstruieren. Jedes Modell zeigt einfache mechanische Prinzipien, die du als Komponente für deine eigenen Kreationen verwenden kannst - zum Beispiel um noch raffiniertere Roboter zu erschaffen. Das Beste daran: Jedes Teil, das benötigt wird, um diese Maschinen zu bauen, ist in einem LEGO-Set (# 31313) enthalten!

The Art of Making Small Wood Boxes

Award-Winning Designs

Author: Tony Lydgate

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9780806995762

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

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“Dual purposes underscore this richly illustrated handbook: to pay tribute to outstanding contemporary American box makers and to guide potential box makers to successful fruition of their desire....The author presents general directions. Then come profiles of 31outstanding box makers with directions for making specific projects. A very useful and attractive addition.” —Booklist.

Classic Lego Mindstorms Projects and Software Tools

Author: Mario Ferrari,Kevin Clague,Giulio Ferrari

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9781597490894

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 549

View: 6204

This Book/DVD kit meets the growing demand from Lego Mindstorms fans for additional projects that can be built from their existing Lego Mindstorms kits. Over 40 new projects will appeal to that dedicated segment of the Lego audience that are committed to the RIS 1.x and 2.x standards. The book contains seven complete "Master" projects that illustrate how great design, planning, mechanical engineering skills, and programming can create stunning and award winning projects. The DVD contains instruction for over 40 projects in Adobe PDF form, a full suite of Lego software tools, and RCX/NQC code files. The projects range from the simple to the sophisticate, and are perfect for self-learning. * Complete new set of projects for the RIS 1.x and 2.x * This Book and DVD package delivers a complete kit, perfect for team projects as well as those individual building * packed full with award winning designs that will inspire any Mindstorms fan

Ready, Set, Teach!

A Winning Design for Your First Year

Author: Billie Enz,Sharon A. Kortman,Connie J. Honaker

Publisher: Kappa Delta Pi

ISBN: 9780912099453

Category: Education

Page: 79

View: 9089

"This practical guide eases the transition from student to teacher by providing everything a new teacher needs to make the first year of teaching successful and enjoyable: * Samples and illustrations to use as templates for creating a classroom newsletter, learning more about students, and establishing key routine procedures * Surveys to help assess and reflect on individual teaching philosophy and skills * Blueprints for setting up a classroom and creating an effective learning environment * A design for creating a personalized planning notebook to organize lesson plans and activities * Ideas for tracking student progress and assessment * Expert tips for communicating with parents about homework * Suggestions for establishing an effective classroom management plan * Techniques for managing time and recognizing stress."

Print's Best Letterheads & Business Cards 4

Winning Designs from Print Magazine's National Competition

Author: Linda Silver

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

ISBN: 9781883915018

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 183

View: 7777

The best expressive, resourceful work done for a wide range of businesses, selected from winners in Print's Regional Design Annual.

Designers' Handbook of Booklets & Brochures

Winning Designs from Print Magazine's National Design Competition

Author: N.A

Publisher: North Light Books

ISBN: 9781883915032

Category: Art

Page: 172

View: 8819

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital media, booklets and brochures remain staples of the designer's repertory. PRINT gathers here the best examples from its Regional Design Annuals and adds detailed information about how and why these pieces were created. Booklets and brochures are arranged according to type of client and function, so readers can compare pieces within categories as broad as corporate communications or as specific as college catalogs or sales brochures for office furniture. Each example is accompanied by the story of its creation - what the client wanted, who the audience would be, how the design functions, what type of stocks and ink were used, how special effects were achieved, and so forth. The booklets and brochures in this volume are divided into seven categories: Corporate Communications, Annual Reports, Retail Sales, Educational and Cultural Institutions, Design and Printing, Paper Companies, and Tourism and Travel. Designers creating booklets and brochures for a wide spectrum of clients will find guidance and inspiration in this collection of pieces drawn from the best of PRINT's Regional Design Annual.

Designed for Silver

An Exhibition of Twenty-two Award-winning Designs from the International Design Competition for Sterling Silver Flatware, Co-sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Crafts of the American Craftsmen's Council and the International Silver Company. First Shown at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, Sept. 23 Through Dec. 4, 1950

Author: American Crafts Council. Museum of Contemporary Crafts

Publisher: N.A


Category: Design

Page: 68

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Architects 49

Selected and Current Works

Author: Kate Ryan,Eliza Hope

Publisher: Images Publishing

ISBN: 9781876907099

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

View: 7748

A collection of the work of Architects 49 from the last decade providing the reader with an awareness of the architecture of Thailand.

Design Review

Challenging Urban Aesthetic Control

Author: Brenda C. Scheer,Wolfgang F.E. Preiser

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461526582

Category: Political Science

Page: 219

View: 5169

That the topic ofdesign review is somehow trou My biases are clearfrom the start: I am among blesome is probably one thing all readers can those who believe that, despite all signals to the contrary, the physical structure of our environ agree on. Beyond this, however, I suspect pros pects of consensus are dim. Differing opinions ment can be managed, and that controlling it is on the subject likely range from those desiring the key to the ameliorationofnumerous problems control tothosedesiringfreedom. Saysonecamp: confronting society today. I believe that design our physical and natural environments are going can solve a host ofproblems, and that the design to hell in a hand basket. Says the other: design of the physical environment does influence be review boards are only as good as their members; havior. more often than not their interventions produce Clearly, this is a perspective that encompasses mediocre architecture. more than one building at a time and demands As a town planner and architect, I am sympa that each building understand its place in a larger thetic to the full range of sentiment. Perhaps a context-the city. Indeed, anyone proposing discussion of these two concepts-control and physical solutions to urban problems is designing freedom-and their differences would now be or, as may seem more often the case, destroying useful. But let me instead suggest that both posi the city.

Design Scenarios Methodology - Enabling Requirements-driven Design Spaces

Author: N.A

Publisher: Stanford University



Page: N.A

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During the conceptual design process, the building shape, orientation, materials and other major properties are established, all of which have a substantial impact on multi-aspect performance. In this process, multidisciplinary teams define project objectives, create various alternatives, and try to understand their impacts and value. With non-parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD) methods designers produce and analyze as few as three alternatives, whereas with parametric CAD -- they can generate thousands. However, with current parametric methods, CAD experts lack a comprehensive method to build and analyze multi-objective parametric models. Therefore the resulting models do not effectively encapsulate multi-objective value measures. This research introduces the Design Scenarios Methodology (DS), which builds on research from Systems Engineering, Process Modeling, and Parametric Modeling. With DS, Enablers use Methods to create Elements using five interconnected models to define (1) project stakeholders and their objectives, (2) designer logic used to address objectives, (3) the connection between designer logic and computable models to generate alternatives, (4) the predicted impact and (5) value of the generated alternatives. I implemented DS as a web-based software prototype and tested it on an industry project. The results provide evidence that the DS method provides CAD experts with well-defined logic and parameters for addressing objectives and the process enables creating parametric alternatives with clear multi-objective values that potentially provide clients with better building designs. This thesis lays the foundation for future research on automating the design alternative generation and analyses processes by leveraging such well established methods as Multi-Disciplinary Optimization.


International Designers, Companies and Universities in the iF ranking

Author: iF Design

Publisher: iF DESIGN MEDIA GmbH

ISBN: 3942776359

Category: Architecture

Page: 138

View: 3938

"Erfolgreiche Kreative“ aus der Welt des Designs – BEST CREATiFES 2014 zeigt, wie sie aussehen. Auch die dritte Ausgabe des Design-Kompendiums versammelt Porträts von Gestaltern, Designstudios, Agenturen, Unternehmen und Universitäten, die im vergangenen Jahr mit innovativem oder einfach nur „gutem“ Design auf sich aufmerksam gemacht haben. Neben den Porträts steht ein redaktioneller Teil zum Thema „Universal Design“. / BEST CREATiFES 2014 presents ‘successful creatives’ from the world of design. Introducing themselves in individual portraits, the designers, design studios, agencies, companies and universities included in this third edition attracted a great deal of attention last year with their innovative, or simply good, design. With an editorial part on ‘Universal Design’ and a comprehensive address directory.