War at Sea in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Author: Ernest J King Professor of Maritime History Chairman Maritime History Department and Director Naval War College Museum John B Hattendorf

Publisher: Boydell Press


Category: History

Page: 276

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The role and characteristics of armed force at sea in western Europe and the Mediterranean prior to 1650.

The Sea and Civilization

A Maritime History of the World

Author: Lincoln Paine

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd


Category: History

Page: 300

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A monumental, wholly accessible work of scholarship that retells human history through the story of mankind's relationship with the sea. An accomplishment of both great sweep and illuminating detail, The Sea and Civilization is a stunning work of history that reveals in breathtaking depth how people first came into contact with one another by ocean and river, and how goods, languages, religions, and entire cultures spread across and along the world's waterways. Lincoln Paine takes us back to the origins of long-distance migration by sea with our ancestors' first forays from Africa and Eurasia to Australia and the Americas. He demonstrates the critical role of maritime trade to the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley. He reacquaints us with the great seafaring cultures of antiquity like those of the Phoenicians and Greeks, as well as those of India, Southeast and East Asia who parlayed their navigational skills, shipbuilding techniques, and commercial acumen to establish vibrant overseas colonies and trade routes in the centuries leading up to the age of European overseas expansion. His narrative traces subsequent developments in commercial and naval shipping through the post-Cold War era. Above all, Paine makes clear how the rise and fall of civilizations can be traced to the sea.

Shipping, Trade and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean

Studies in Honour of John Pryor

Author: Dr Ruthy Gertwagen

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: History

Page: 444

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The cutting-edge papers in this collection reflect the wide areas to which John Pryor has made significant contributions in the course of his scholarly career. They are written by some of the world's most distinguished practitioners in the fields of Crusading history and the maritime history of the medieval Mediterranean. His colleagues, students and friends discuss questions including ship construction in the fourth and fifteenth centuries, navigation and harbourage in the eastern Mediterranean, trade in Fatimid Egypt and along the Iberian Peninsula, military and social issues arising among the crusaders during field campaigns, and wider aspects of medieval warfare. All those with an interest in any of these subjects, whether students or specialists, will need to consult this book.

Alfred's Wars

Sources and Interpretations of Anglo-Saxon Warfare in the Viking Age

Author: Ryan Lavelle

Publisher: Boydell Press


Category: History

Page: 378

View: 599

Collection of source material and crucial interpretations, offering a comprehensive guide to Anglo-Saxon warfare.

Neptune and the Netherlands

State, Economy, and War at Sea in the Renaissance

Author: L H J Sicking

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Law

Page: 551

View: 652

This book, mainly based on primary sources from various countries, provides fascinating new insights into the origin and development of the Admiralty and maritime policy in the Low Countries before the Dutch Revolt, including government interference with maritime strategy, warfare, privateering, prize law, commerce, and fishery.

War In The Early Modern World

Author: Jeremy Black

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 280

View: 930

A collection of essays charting the developments in military practice and warfare across the world in the early modern and modern periods.

Geography, Technology, and War

Studies in the Maritime History of the Mediterranean, 649-1571

Author: John H. Pryor

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 238

View: 239

A study of the technological limitations of maritime traffic in the Mediterranean, seen in conjunction with the geographical conditions within which it operated.

Classical Myths and Legends in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

A Dictionary of Allegorical Meanings

Author: H. David Brumble

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 420

View: 176

While numerous classical dictionaries identify the figures and tales of Greek and Roman mythology, this reference book explains the allegorical significance attached to the myths by Medieval and Renaissance authors. Included are several hundred alphabetically arranged entries for the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines, and places of classical myth and legend. Each entry includes a brief account of the myth, with reference to the Greek and Latin sources. The entry then discusses how Medieval and Renaissance commentators interpreted the myth, and how poets, dramatists, and artists employed the allegory in their art. Each entry includes a bibliography and the volume concludes with appendices and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources.