Violent Property Crime

Author: David Indermaur

Publisher: Federation Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 192

Why do offenders use violence? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and one that is explored directly through an analysis of 123 accounts of violent property crime.This book puts the rise in acquisitive crimes in a social context and asks questions about the needs of young males in Australian society. It also contains an analysis of approaches to crime prevention.Professor Frank Zimring, Director of the Earl Warren Legal Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, says in his foreword to this important study:"The multi-faceted and detailed report is of interest to a general audience for two reasons. It provides information on risks and patterns of crime that hold true for the rest of Australia. It also provides a model of the kind of work that is needed when hard questions must be asked about the nature and cost of crime in a specific setting."

Principles of Cybercrime

Author: Jonathan Clough

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Law

Page: 500

View: 440

A comprehensive doctrinal analysis of cybercrime laws in four major common law jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

Family Group Conferences

Perspectives on Policy & Practice

Author: Joe Hudson

Publisher: Criminal Justice Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 715

This book assesses the principles and practices of family group conferences in the juvenile justice and child protection systems. All the chapters emphasise the values which distinguish family group conferences from conventional mechanisms for making decisions about young people who are either in need of care and protection or who commit offences: respecting the integrity of the family unit; including the extended family; strengthening family and community supports; sharing power between the state and families; creating opportunities for parents to feel responsible for their children and themselves; and showing sensitivity and respect for families cultures.

Crime and Insecurity

Author: Adam Crawford

Publisher: Routledge



Page: 336

View: 635

Concerns over insecurity have become central issues in political debates across Europe and the western world, and crucial changes have followed in the wake of these concerns. This book contributes to an understanding of these developments.

Homicide, patterns, prevention, and control

proceedings of a conference held 12-14 May 1992

Author: Heather Strang



Category: Law

Page: 284

View: 429

Conference papers on the patterns, prevention and control of homicide, containing case studies, statistical data, perpetrator profiles, legal, cultural and gender issues, and perspectives by police and forensic experts. A discussion of prevention and control strategies highlights the effects of childhood exposure to violent attitudes and behaviours, as well as the problems of reaching consensus on firearms control. Includes a bibliography and an index.