Under a Bomber's Moon

The True Story of Two Airmen at War Over Germany

Author: Stephen Harris

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com


Category: Airmen

Page: 342

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They were the best of enemies dedicated, skilled and deadly. In the night skies above wartime Germany an RAF navigator-bomber from New Zealand and a Luftwaffe pilot seek out their targets, testing the gap between success and their own destruction as they cross each others paths. The odds are heavily against either of them making it through the war, but as this sobering realisation displaces their initial exuberant adventurism, both come to see in their youthful sacrifice the survival of all they hold dear. Under a Bombers Moon reaches across the divide of years, of geography, of nationality to tell their story largely in their own words describing both the breathtaking clashes in the air and the camaraderie, humour, patriotism and personal tragedies that became their war. Visit www.underabombersmoon.com to view extensive supplementary information on this title, including photographs, videos and additional information on the people and places featured in the book.

Bombers' Moon

Author: Iris Gower

Publisher: Severn House/ORIM


Category: Fiction

Page: 232

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At the height of WWII, two Welsh sisters struggle for survival—and the love of the same man—in this novel from the bestselling author of Spinner’s Warf. 1941. Motherless Meryl Jones and her older sister, Hari, are living together in Swansea during World War II while their father is fighting in the war. After their home is destroyed in an air raid, thirteen-year-old Meryl is evacuated to Carmarthen. Hari visits her sister in the countryside, but has a wartime job in the city, and is living a life of air raids, dangerous work, and meeting young soldiers and airmen at night. Meryl eventually ends up on a farm owned by a kind Welsh woman, and falls for her son Michael—who is half German—but Michael becomes smitten with Hari. Then the military police come for Michael. Meryl poses as his wife to help him escape, and their relationship blossoms. But, as the war ends, Meryl knows that the man she loves will have to make a fateful choice between her and her sister.

Tail-End Charlies

The Last Battles of the Bomber War, 1944--45

Author: John Nichol

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: History

Page: 432

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Night after night they stifled their fears and flew through flak and packs of enemy fighters to drop the bombs that would demolish the Third Reich. The airmen of the United States 8th Army Air ForceAmerican and British Bomber Command were among the greatest heroes of the Second World War, defying Hitler in the darkest early days of the war and taking the battle to the German homeland when no one else would. Toward the end of the conflict, too, they continued to sacrifice their lives to shatter an enemy sworn never to surrender. Blasted out of the sky in an instant or bailing out from burning aircraft to drop helplessly into hostile hands, they would die in their tens of thousands to ensure the enemy's defeat. Especially vulnerable were the "tail-end Charlies"---for the Americans, which meant two things: the gunners who flew countless missions in a plexiglass bubble at the back of the bomber, and the last bomber in the formation who ended up flying through the most hell, and for the British, the rear-gunners who flew operations in a Plexiglas bubble at the back of the bomber. Following their groundbreaking revelations about the ordeals suffered by Allied prisoners of war in their bestselling book, The Last Escape, John Nichol and Tony Rennell tell the astonishing and deeply moving story of the controversial last battles in the skies of Germany through the eyes of the forgotten heroes who fought them. "This is the best account that has been written of the heroic American and British bomber crews . . . the best of its kind." ---George McGovern "Rivaling the best of Stephen Ambrose's work, Tail-End Charlies gives a breathtakingly intimate look at the lives, loves, and deaths of the brave airmen of the greatest generation. This fascinating book is as valuable for its stories of joyous life on the ground as it is for its sobering tales of death in the air. You see the whole picture of the war here from the eyes of the strong young men who fought it." ---Walter J. Boyne, bestselling author of Beyond the Wild Blue "Adds new dimensions to the saga of the air war in Europe. The eyewitness accounts, reported within the context of the battle against Nazi Germany, provide a sense of the ordeals, the terror, the gore, and the heroism of ordinary men thrust into the savagery of aerial combat." ---Gerald Astor, author of The Mighty Eighth

Death Under the Cold Moon - A Compendium

Author: Craig C. Hall

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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London 1929, someone is strangling the daughters of the wealthy with a leather bootlace under the gaze of the full moon. Scotland Yard have no motive, no suspect and no hope of ending the slaughter. Netherby Chase finds himself suspected of being the the murderer. An innocent man; can he avoid the gallows and succeed were the police have failed by ending the maniac's murderous reign? London, 1956 and Cassie James, American jazz diva is dead. Helped into the hereafter by a Seconal overdose. Was it suicide or did someone in the Soho nightclub murder her? Scotland Yard's Maltravers and Mudd must unravel the opaque evidential threads that may solve why another young woman has apparently taken her own life. In the dying weeks of WW2 Germany appears finished as a combatant nation. If so, what are the feared SS and Luftwaffe doing at a secret underground airbase in Denmark? Can the five men of Cobra team quickly find and destroy the hidden lair and its deadly secrets before millions die and the Nazis win the war?

War Slang

American Fighting Words & Phrases Since the Civil War, Third Edition

Author: Paul Dickson

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 464

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From the homegrown "boodle" of the 19th century to current "misunderstandistan" in the Middle East, America's foremost expert on slang reveals military lingo at its most colorful, innovative, brutal, and ironic. Author Paul Dickson introduces some of the "new words and phrases born of conflict, boredom, good humor, bad food, new technology, and the pure horror of war." This newly updated reference extends to the post-9/11 world and the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recommended by William Safire in his "On Language" column of The New York Times, it features dictionary-style entries, arranged chronologically by conflict, with helpful introductions to each section and an index for convenient reference. "Paul Dickson is a national treasure who deserves a wide audience," declared Library Journal. The author of more than 50 books, Dickson has written extensively on language. This expanded edition of War Slang features new material by journalist Ben Lando, Iraq Bureau Chief for Iraq Oil Report and a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Time. It serves language lovers and military historians alike by adding an eloquent new dimension to our understanding of war.





Category: World War, 1939-1945


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Virtue Under Fire

How World War II Changed Our Social and Sexual Attitudes

Author: John Costello

Publisher: Fromm International


Category: Social Science

Page: 309

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Red Sea

Author: Diane Tullson

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 176

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Fourteen-year-old Libby didn't want to go on a year long sailing adventure with her mother and her stepfather, Duncan, and she isn't about to let them forget it. Traveling through the Red Sea, Libby causes them to be late and make a dangerous crossing alone. When modern-day pirates attack, Duncan is killed and Libby's mother is left seriously injured and unconscious. Libby is left alone on a crippled boat to find safety and help for her mother. Libby must call on all her strength and face some hard truths about herself if she is to survive and reach land. A thrilling tale of one girl's struggle for survival against the elements and her inner demons, Red Sea is adventure writing at its best.

Bombs Away!

Dramatic First-hand Accounts of British and Commonwealth Bomber Aircrew in WWII

Author: Martin W. Bowman

Publisher: Casemate Publishers


Category: History

Page: 224

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This is a unique selection of wide-ranging experiences of British and Commonwealth Bomber Command aircrew during World War II. Their endearing bravery and fortitude and sometimes their despondency and cynicism, shows through in these stirring, daring, often irreverent, humorous and sometimes sardonic but memorable stories. All reflect the ethos, camaraderie, fear and bravery of the largely ordinary men, most of whom were plucked from 'civvy street' and thrust into a frightening, bitter conflict which was made even more dangerous by the lethal advance of technology.Death would normally come from an anonymous assassin, either in the black of night, or from behind a cloud or out of the sun, or simply from the Flak gunner on the ground. And, if all this was not enough, the often unmerciful weather was no respecter of mortality. There was no escaping the all-embracing shock wave that rippled through the bomber squadrons after a heavy mauling over enemy territory. Nothing could be more poignant than the vacuous places at tables in the depleted mess halls, the empty locker of the departed, or the dog pining by the barracks for its missing master. Each man had to deal with tragedy in his own inimitable way. Some hid their feelings better than others did only for the pain to resurface months or even years later. Some who had survived the physical pressures and who completed their tours then succumbed to the mental torture that had eaten away at their psyche during the incessant and interminable onslaught day after day, night after night. There was little respite. The valorous men of Bomber Command were, in turn, the Light Brigade, the stop gap, the riposte, the avengers, the undefeated. Always, they were expendable.

The valley of the shadow of death

an account of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command night bombing and minelaying operations including "The Battle of the Ruhr" March 5th/6th to July 18th/19, 1943

Author: J. Alwyn Phillips



Category: Ruhr (Germany : Region)

Page: 544

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