Uncommon Law

Being 66 Misleading Cases Revised and Collected in One Volume

Author: A. P. Herbert

Publisher: International Polygonics Limited


Category: Humor

Page: 494

View: 768

"The law is an ass," says Mr. Bumble. The 66 satirical essays collected in this 494 page volume seek to prove his point. Far too funny to be wasted on the legal profession.

How the Law Works

Author: Gary Slapper

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Law

Page: 308

View: 906

How the Law Works is a refreshingly clear and reliable guide to the legal system in the UK. Offering interesting and comprehensive coverage, it makes sense of all the curious features of the law in day to day life and in current affairs. Explaining the law and legal jargon in plain English, it provides an accessible entry point to the different types of law and legal techniques, as well as the impact of European law and human rights law. In addition to explaining the role of judges, lawyers, juries and parliament, it clarifies the mechanisms behind criminal and civil law. How the Law Works is essential reading for anyone approaching law for the first time, or for anyone who is interested in an engaging introduction to the subject’s bigger picture.

Robot Rules

Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Author: Jacob Turner

Publisher: Springer


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 377

View: 864

This book explains why AI is unique, what legal and ethical problems it could cause, and how we can address them. It argues that AI is unlike any other previous technology, owing to its ability to take decisions independently and unpredictably. This gives rise to three issues: responsibility--who is liable if AI causes harm; rights--the disputed moral and pragmatic grounds for granting AI legal personality; and the ethics surrounding the decision-making of AI. The book suggests that in order to address these questions we need to develop new institutions and regulations on a cross-industry and international level. Incorporating clear explanations of complex topics, Robot Rules will appeal to a multi-disciplinary audience, from those with an interest in law, politics and philosophy, to computer programming, engineering and neuroscience.

European Tort Law

Author: Cees van Dam

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Law

Page: 601

View: 992

This textbook provides insight into the differences, commonalities and mutual influece of the tort law systems of various European jurisdictions, bringing together national tort law, comparative law, EU law, and human rights law.


Issues and Trends : the Importance and Pervasiveness of Equitable Doctrines and Principles in Modern Private, Commercial, and Public Law

Author: Malcolm Cope

Publisher: Federation Press


Category: Equity

Page: 252

View: 150

Based on papers delivered at an International Conference on Equitable Doctrines and Principles held at Queensland University of Technology, July 7-8, 1994.