Twisted Dark

Author: Neil Gibson,Leonardo Gonzalez

Publisher: T Pub

ISBN: 9780956943460

Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: 193

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Are you afraid of the dark?

Twisted Dark

Author: Neil Gibson

Publisher: T Pub

ISBN: 9781943276455


Page: 200

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Step further into the dark side of humanity as NeilGibson returns with his sixth and final volume of acclaimed series Twisted Dark.

Twisted Dark: Volume 1

Author: Neil Gibson

Publisher: T Pub

ISBN: 0956943470

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 205

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Twisted Dark is a series of interconnected psychological thrillers, perfect for fans of twist endings and comics that reveal more on the second reading. Each story stands alone, but the more you read, the more connections you see between the characters. There are over 100 characters that appear more than once and one of the joys of reading is when you spot a reference that you know others will have missed. A rotating team of talented artists draw the stories, with each style offering something new.

Twisted Light

Author: Neil Gibson

Publisher: T Pub

ISBN: 9780956943439

Category: Graphic novels

Page: 130

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From the mind behind Twisted Dark comes something a little lighter. Twisted Light is the other side of the coin, each short story designed to leave the reader feeling uplifted.

Twisted Dark 6

Author: Neil Gibson

Publisher: TPub Ltd



Page: N.A

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Step further into the dark side of humanity as Neil Gibson returns with his sixth and final volume of acclaimed series Twisted Dark.

Dark Desires

Author: Eve Silver

Publisher: Eve Silver

ISBN: 0986935727

Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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Betrayed by those she trusted, penniless and alone, Darcie Finch is forced to accept a position that no one else dares, as assistant to dangerously attractive Dr. Damien Cole. Ignoring the whispered warnings and rumours that he's a man to fear, she takes her position at his eerie estate, where she quickly discovers that nothing is at it seems, least of all her handsome and brooding employer. As Darcie struggles with her fierce attraction to Damien, she must also deal with the blood, the disappearances … and the murders.With her options dwindling and time running out, Darcie must rely on her instincts as she confronts the man she falling in love with. Is he an innocent and misunderstood man … or a remorseless killer who prowls the East End streets?

Locke & Key Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega

Author: Joe Hill

Publisher: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 1623024811

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 191

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The shadows have never been darker and the end has never been closer. Turn the key and open the last door; it's time to say goodbye. Omega and Alpha, the final two storylines of the New York Times bestselling series, are collected together to offer a thunderous and compelling conclusion to Locke & Key. An event not to be missed!


Author: Tsutomu Nihei

Publisher: TokyoPop

ISBN: 9781595328410

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 216

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Killy and Dhomochevsky don't trust each other, but they have a more pressing concern: retrieving Cibo's capsule of human genetic information. The capsule has been stolen by the Silicon Creatures, who will use it to attempt a provisional connection to the Netsphere. Older teens.

Requiem Vampire Knight Vol. 6

Deceased Loves

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781846536717


Page: 100

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Resurrection, a dark and twisted world where evil souls are reborn as monsters. When Heinrich Augsburg, a German officer fighting on the Eastern front, is killed he finds himself reborn into this corrupt reality as one of the vampire elite. Renamed Requiem, he explores the bizarre world of Resurrection and its terrifying vampire society, all the while looking for his lost love, Rebecca, and one hope of redemption. While war rages in Resurrection between the vampires and reptiles, will Requiem be reunited with Rebecca, and if so, what will be the price?


Author: Neil Gibson

Publisher: TPub Ltd

ISBN: 0992752353


Page: 140

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Luke works as a mailman in Los Angeles and moonlights as a thief — the empty houses on his postal route are rich, easy pickings for him and his friends. Everything goes as planned until one house turns out to not quite be so empty. The situation spirals out of control, leaving the happy-go-lucky thieves battling for their lives. And all because of Tabatha.

The Claiming of Beauty by the Beast

Author: Bella Swann

Publisher: Bella Swann Erotica


Category: Fiction

Page: 61

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This is an erotic interpretation of the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty undergoes darkly tinged BDSM sexual encounters with alpha males who turn her into their pet and sexual plaything. Beauty slowly realizes that only through her complete sexual submission will she become the woman she was always meant to be.


A Consequences stand-alone novel

Author: Aleatha Romig

Publisher: Romig Works LLC

ISBN: 1947189093

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Ripples: A Consequences Stand-alone Novel You don’t have to read the Consequences series to enjoy this stand-alone novel, but if you know Tony Rawlings, you know that disappointing him isn’t an option. Imagine being his youngest daughter...imagine telling him the unimaginable... “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Sometimes ideas find you, and dreams begin as nightmares. Sometimes the truth that has been kept hidden is the key to opening a door you never knew existed. “You might not know me. I’m the baby of the Rawlings family, the princess, the daughter who came along later. I’m not like my older siblings, successful at everything they touch. My mother and father have provided me with every luxury as well as their unyielding love and support, but I’m not spoiled. I’m also not content. By example, my parents have shown me how love should be. I don’t know their past, and that doesn’t matter. I know what I’ve seen—two people devoted to one another. I don’t believe that I’ll ever find that kind of love, the kind that forgives and accepts all. And as my life falls to pieces and I travel to visit my family to face their disappointment, I’m not even looking for it. I’m looking for an escape...from my life as a Rawlings...from the pressure to achieve and not let others down. I dream of the time I can live for my own desires without the expectations that come with my name. I don’t find what I’m finds me. Or should I say...he finds me. This time is different. I have a family who will search for me and find the answers. Little do we know—any of us—that my father set my journey into motion long before I was born.” "Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects." ~Dalai Lama Ripples (Unabridged Version) is Natalie’s story, the youngest of Tony and Claire’s children—their baby. This story first appeared in shorter form in Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings. Due to the length restriction of each novella in that anthology, many scenes in Ripples were shortened or omitted for that anthology. This unabridged edition is the entire story—double in length and—a full-length novel. Please enjoy this Consequences novel along with special appearances from your favorite Consequences characters.

Criminal Vol. 6: The Last Of The Innocent

Author: Ed Brubaker

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN: 1632155192

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 120

View: 8857

WINNER OF THE EISNER AWARD FOR BEST LIMITED SERIES! BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS's gorgeous new CRIMINAL editions finally gets to the most critically-acclaimed and innovative piece of pulp fiction they've ever done. It's "like Watchmen for the Archie set" as CRIMINAL reaches new heights.

Bedlam Vol. 2

Who I Am.

Author: Nick Spencer

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN: 163215000X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 120

View: 4023

Fillmore Press, formerly the maniacal crime lord Madder Red, is trying to protect the city he once terrorized Ñ but what happens when the city turns on itself? No one is safe when a new killer emerges, pulling unseen strings and wreaking chaos on every corner. Collects BEDLAM #7-11

Sex Volume 6: World Hunger

Author: Joe Casey

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN: 9781534308770

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 120

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FINALLY--SEX RETURNS IN AN ALL-NEW SIXTHVOLUME! Return to the world of Saturn City and the various twisted charactersthat live there, as Simon Cooke embarks on a trek across the world to discoverthe illicit secrets of the so-called Illuminati. This leaves his beloved cityopen to all manner of desperate depravity. You'll never know how much you missedSEX until you read the newest chapter of this continuing saga! RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLEFOR ALL AGES SEX is (tm) and © Joe Casey2018. All Rights Reserved.

Batman Vol. 5: Zero Year - Dark City (The New 52)

Author: Scott Snyder

Publisher: DC

ISBN: 1401255787

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: N.A

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Before the Batcave and Robin, the Joker and the Batmobile ... there was ZERO YEAR. The Riddler has plunged Gotham City into darkness. How will a young Dark Knight bring his beloved hometown from the brink of chaos and madness and back into the light? From the critically acclaimed, New York Times #1 best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, BATMAN VOL. 5: ZERO YEAR--DARK CITY is the concluding volume to Batman's origin story, as you've never seen it before. Collects Batman #25-27, 29-33.

Dark Screams: Volume Four

Author: Clive Barker,Ed Gorman,Heather Graham

Publisher: Hydra

ISBN: 0804176647

Category: Fiction

Page: 102

View: 7236

Clive Barker, Heather Graham, Lisa Morton, Ray Garton, and Ed Gorman lead readers down a twisted labyrinth of terror, horror, and suspense in Dark Screams: Volume Four, from Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the revered Cemetery Dance Publications. THE DEPARTED by Clive Barker On All Hallows’ Eve, a dead and disembodied mother yearns to touch her young son one last time. But will making contact destroy them both? CREATURE FEATURE by Heather Graham What could be better publicity for a horror convention than an honest-to-goodness curse? It’s only after lights out that the hype—and the Jack the Ripper mannequin—starts to feel a little too real. THE NEW WAR by Lisa Morton Mike Carson is a war hero and a decorated vet. He doesn’t deserve to be trapped in a hospital with some black thing sitting on his chest as patients die all around him. His only hope is to take out the nurse—before it’s his turn. SAMMY COMES HOME by Ray Garton It’s what every family prays for: a lost pet returning home. But when Sammy, the Hale family sheepdog, appears on their doorstep, he brings back something no parent would ever wish upon his or her child. THE BRASHER GIRL by Ed Gorman Cindy Marie Brasher is the prettiest girl in the Valley, and Spence just has to have her. Unfortunately, Cindy has a “friend” . . . a friend who tells her to do things . . . bad things. Praise for Dark Screams: Volume Four “Collectively, Volume Four constitutes the most cohesive, narratively enriching and entertaining Dark Screams entry to date. Be it the presence of genre icons Barker and Morton, stories from the lesser-known but equally talented Garton and Gorman, or the pure fun of Graham’s tale, fans of horror of every variety will find something to love in these pages.”—LitReactor “The best of the bunch so far.”— “Stacks up well with any of the other three books so far [with] a fairly good variety in the kinds of horror stories too . . . If you’re new to the series, this is a good jumping-on point.”—Wagging the Fox “Dark Screams is one of the best values on the horror market. . . . Do yourself a favor, and pick it up.”—Adventures Fantastic

The Flash Vol. 7 (the New 52)

Author: Robert Venditti,Van Jensen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781401258757


Page: 144

View: 5323

Out of time! The Flash is trapped in a bizarre, lost land terrorized by castaways from the past, present, and future. But that leaves Central City without a hero and, even worse, an all-new murderous Flash shows up to take Barry's place. With Barry Allen trapped in the Speed Force while an impostor wreaks havoc at home, will the Fastest Man Alive make it back in time to put things right? Collects THE FLASH #36-40 and SECRET ORIGINS #7.

Crossed Volume 6


Author: Garth Ennis,Simon Spurrier,David Lapham

Publisher: Avatar Press

ISBN: 9781592912063

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 256

View: 2339

Extreme horror for desperate survivors in a world overrun by psychopaths (think The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre), as written by best-selling authors Garth Ennis, Simon Spurrier, and David Lapham! In a volume that spans several eras of Crossed infection, we join three prolific writers each telling a tale set in the horrifying misery of the world during the plague. Simon Spurrier puts us in the mind of a unique Crossed relationship, one which sees lovers from two different worlds as they are driven apart by infection. David Lapham continues fan favorite Crossed Psychopath survivor, Amanda’s tale as she fights with the rising insanity in her own mind and a group of lunatic scavengers in “The Livers.” And series creator Garth Ennis returns to tell a story so big that it re-defines the way you will see the Crossed. In “The Fatal Englishman” the biggest question in the Crossed universe is answered…how it all begins. Go where other horror survival stories fear to tread and enter the grueling world of the Crossed! Trade collects issues #19-28 of the Crossed Badlands series.