Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439116968

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

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Named for the twelfth night after Christmas, the end of the Christmas season, Twelfth Night plays with love and power. The Countess Olivia, a woman with her own household, attracts Duke (or Count) Orsino. Two other would-be suitors are her pretentious steward, Malvolio, and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Onto this scene arrive the twins Viola and Sebastian; caught in a shipwreck, each thinks the other has drowned. Viola disguises herself as a male page and enters Orsino's service. Orsino sends her as his envoy to Olivia—only to have Olivia fall in love with the messenger. The play complicates, then wonderfully untangles, these relationships. The authoritative edition of Twelfth Night from The Folger Shakespeare Library, the trusted and widely used Shakespeare series for students and general readers, is now available as an eBook. Features include: · The exact text of the printed book for easy cross-reference · Hundreds of hypertext links for instant navigation · Freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play · Full explanatory notes conveniently placed on pages facing the text of the play · Scene-by-scene plot summaries · A key to famous lines and phrases · An introduction to reading Shakespeare’s language · Illustrations from the Folger Shakespeare Library’s vast holdings of rare books · An essay by a leading Shakespeare scholar providing a modern perspective on the play

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

A Shortened and Simplified Version in Modern English

Author: William Shakespeare,John Hort,Leela Hort

Publisher: The Kabet Press

ISBN: 9780948662003

Category: Drama

Page: 52

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Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1554810361

Category: Drama

Page: 168

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This volume includes the text of Twelfth Night as prepared and annotated by David Swain for The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, and is accompanied by the excellent introduction and supplementary materials from the anthology. The diverse and extensive appendices acquaint readers with Shakespeare's sources and contextualize the play within Elizabethan society. The appendices include an excerpt from Barnabe Riche's "Of Apollonius and Silla," Shakespeare’s primary source of inspiration for the play; selections from Galen, Plato, and others illustrating Elizabethan attitudes toward gender and sexuality; excerptions illuminating contemporary moral discomfort with the theatre, such as Philip Stubbes’s "Of Stage-plays and Interludes, with their wickedness"; and pieces on music and duelling that illustrate cultural conventions important to the interpretation of Twelfth Night. This is one of several Broadview Anthology of British Literature Editions being released this year; those wishing to teach the text will have the option of including the convenient stand-alone book as part of a specially-priced shrink-wrapped package together with a volume of the anthology.

Twelfth Night

Author: Jennifer Mulherin,George Thompson

Publisher: Cherrytree Books

ISBN: 9781842340479

Category: Drama

Page: 32

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Discusses the plot, characters, and historical background of the Shakespeare play.

Twelfth Night, Or, What You Will

Author: William Shakespeare,Burton Raffel,Harold Bloom

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300134711

Category: Drama

Page: 161

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A major figure in the world of theatre as critic, playwright, scholar, teacher, director, actor, and producer, Robert Brustein offers a unique perspective on the American stage and its artists. In this wise, witty, and wide-ranging collection of recent writings, Brustein examines crucial issues relating to theatre in the post-9/11 years, analyzing specific plays, emerging and established performers, and theatrical production throughout the world. Brustein relates our theatre to our society in a manner that reminds us why the performing arts matter. "Millennial Stages" records Brustein's thinking on the important issues 'roiling the national soul' at the start of the twenty-first century. His opening section explores the connections between theatre and society, theatre and politics, and theatre and religion, and it is followed by reviews of such landmark productions as "The Producers and Spamelot," "Long Day's Journey into Night" and "King Lear." In his final section, Brustein reflects on people and places of importance in the world of theatre today, including Marlon Brando and Arthur Miller and Australia and South Africa.

Twelfth Night, Or, What You Will

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192834157

Category: Drama

Page: 247

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Twelfth Night is one of the most popular of Shakespeare's plays in the modern theatre, and this edition places particular emphasis on its theatrical qualities throughout. Peopled with lovers misled either by disguises or their own natures, it combines lyrical melancholy with broad comedy. The introduction analyses its many views of love and the juxtaposition of joy and melancholy, while the detailed commentary pays particular attention to its linguistic subtleties. Music is particularly important in Twelfth Night, and this is the only modern edition to offer material for all the music required in a performance. James Walker has re-edited the existing music from the original sources, and where noe exists has composed settings compatible with the surviving originals.

Twelfth Night

Character Studies

Author: Graham Atkin

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441147276

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

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The characters of Twelfth Night are both memorable and engaging and it is through their funny, and at times bitter, interplay that we experience the peculiar world of Shakespeare's Illyria. This study begins with a introduction to the concept of "characters" on the early-modern stage before proceeding to a textual analysis of each of the main characters in the play, looking at how what they say and do, and what is said about them, creates the illusion of "character". Each chapter also contains a brief account of key performances by actors on stage and in film.

CliffsComplete Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Cliffs Notes

ISBN: 9780764585777

Category: Drama

Page: 216

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In the CliffsComplete guides, the play's complete text and a glossary appear side-by-side with coordinating numbered lines to help you understand unusual words and phrasing. You'll also find all the commentary and resources of a standard CliffsNotes for Literature. CliffsComplete Twelfth Night involves several separate groups of characters whose stories are flawlessly woven together to produce one of Shakespeare's lightest, most popular, and most musical comedies — full of intricate plots and subplots and witty banter that only Shakespeare could write. Discover what happens to these memorable characters, who ends up with whom — and save valuable studying time — all at once. Enhance your reading of Twelfth Night with these additional features: A summary and insightful commentary for each act Bibliography and historical background on the author, William Shakespeare A look at the historical context and structure of the play Discussions on the plays symbols and themes A character map that graphically illustrates the relationships among the characters Review questions, a quiz, discussion topics (essay questions), activity ideas A Resource Center full of books, articles, films, and Internet sites Streamline your literature study with all-in-one help from CliffsComplete guides!

A Study Guide for William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1410361349

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 35

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A Study Guide for William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Shakespeare for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Shakespeare for Students for all of your research needs.

Twelfth Night

Critical Essays

Author: Stanley Wells

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317532325

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 326

View: 4743

Originally published in 1986. Among the most frequently performed and high admired of Shakespeare’s plays, Twelfth Night is examined here in this collection of writings from well-known essayists and scholars. The chapters present to the modern reader discussions of the play to enhance understanding and study of both the text and performances. Opening essays address individual characters; then some accounts of its potential and theatrical reviews are included; finally followed by critical studies looking at various parts and themes. The editor’s introduction explains the usefulness of each chapter and gives an overview of the selection.

Twelfth Night

The Wisdom of Shakespeare

Author: Peter Dawkins

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 148355077X

Category: Drama

Page: 118

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In this thought provoking book the author takes the reader into the fascinating world of Alchemy and Cabala that underlies Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night or What You Will. We are shown not only how the play is based on a profound understanding of the biblical Genesis and Revelation but also of the mystery path of initiation that lies between. The story takes on another depth of meaning when we realise that the characters represent aspects of our own psyche and spirit as well as of society generally, and that the play is an allegory of a possible path to our own and humanity’s future happiness.

Twelfth Night

Author: Harold Bloom

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438112629

Category: Comedy

Page: 232

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Presents a collection of essays discussing aspects of William Shakespeare's comedy in which shipwrecked Viola disguises herself as a man to serve in Duke Orsino's court.

Twelfth Night: A Critical Reader

Author: N.A

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472503317

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 8294

Twelfth Night is the most mature and fully developed of Shakespeare's comedies and, as well as being one of his most popular plays, represents a crucial moment in the development of his art. Assembled by leading scholars, this guide provides a comprehensive survey of major issues in the contemporary study of the play. Throughout the book chapters explore such issues as the play's critical reception from John Manningham's account of one of its first performances to major current comentators like Stephen Greenblatt; the performance history of the play, from Shakespeare's day to the present and key themes in current scholarship, from issues of gender and sexuality to the study of comedy and song. Twelfth Night: A Critical Guide also includes a complete guide to resources available on the play - including critical editions, online resources and an annotated bibliography - and how they might be used to aid both the teaching and study of Shakespeare's enduring comedy.

William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Author: Ratri Ray

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126906567


Page: 224

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The Present Book Aims At Making Shakespeare S The Merchant Of Venice More Comprehensible To The Common Reader. Beginning With The Life And Works Of Shakespeare, The Book Provides A Scene-Wise Critical Summary Of The Play So That, As The Reader Casts His Eyes Over Them, He Becomes Familiar With The Common Critical Views About The Individual Scenes Themselves. It Has Numerous Citations From The Text So That Even If The Reader Is Not Familiar With It, He Will Have A Chance Of Reading Shakespeare S Poetry. The Analyses Of The Different Elements Of Drama Are Accompanied With The Views Of Renowned Critics. This Latter Feature Makes The Book All The More Useful To Teachers As Well As Students. Along With The Recent Critical Views, The Classical Theories About Comedies As Well As Elizabethan Conventions Have Been Lucidly And Briefly Explained So That The Student May Not Find Any Difficulty In Understanding Them. A Brief Analysis According To Classical Sanskrit Dramaturgy Has Also Been Included. Important Questions Have Also Been Given So As Help In Further Consideration Of Literary Text. A Select Bibliography And Index Completes The Book.The Book Is Highly Readable, Self-Contained And Comprehensive; It Will Undoubtedly Prove An Invaluable Reference Book To Both Students And Teachers Of English Literature.


Or, what You Will

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: N.A



Page: 103

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William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Author: Harold Bloom

Publisher: Chelsea House Pub


Category: Drama

Page: 164

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A collection of ten critical essays on the Shakespearean comedy, arranged in chronological order of original publication

Twelfth Night

New Critical Essays

Author: James Schiffer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135777756

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 286

View: 7841

This volume in the Shakespeare Criticism series offers a range of approaches to Twelfth Night, including its critical reception, performance history, and relation to early modern culture. James Schiffer’s extensive introduction surveys the play’s critical reception and performance history, while individual essays explore a variety of topics relevant to a full appreciation of the play: early modern notions of love, friendship, sexuality, madness, festive ritual, exoticism, social mobility, and detection. The contributors approach these topics from a variety of perspectives, such as new critical, new historicist, cultural materialist, feminist and queer theory, and performance criticism, occasionally combining several approaches within a single essay. The new essays from leading figures in the field explore and extend the key debates surrounding Twelfth Night, creating the ideal book for readers approaching this text for the first time or wishing to further their knowledge of this stimulating, much loved play.

Twelfth Night

Author: Simon Greaves

Publisher: Shakespeare Comic Books

ISBN: 9780954432546

Category: Brothers and sisters

Page: 58

View: 5141

Presented in an illustrated, cartoon format, this dual text offers an edited Shakespeare text with modern English translation. It allows comparatively inexperienced or reluctant readers to tackle Shakespeare with confidence. Suitable for schools at Key Stages 2-4, it is also useful for home study - for those studying Shakespeare for SATs and GCSE.