Torture and the Ticking Bomb

Author: Bob Brecher

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Philosophy

Page: 136

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This timely and passionate book is the first to address itself to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz’s controversial arguments for the limited use of interrogational torture and its legalisation. Argues that the respectability Dershowitz's arguments confer on the view that torture is a legitimate weapon in the war on terror needs urgently to be countered Takes on the advocates of torture on their own utilitarian grounds Timely and passionately written, in an accessible, jargon-free style Forms part of the provocative and timely Blackwell Public Philosophy series

Freedom of Religion and the Secular State

Author: Russell Blackford

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 943

Exploring the relationship between religion and the state Focusing on the intersection of religion, law, and politics incontemporary liberal democracies, Blackford considers the conceptof the secular state, revising and updating enlightenment views forthe present day. Freedom of Religion and the Secular State offers acomprehensive analysis, with a global focus, of the subject ofreligious freedom from a legal as well as historical andphilosophical viewpoint. It makes an original contribution tocurrent debates about freedom of religion, and addresses a wholerange of hot-button issues that involve the relationship betweenreligion and the state, including the teaching of evolution inschools, what to do about the burqa, and so on.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao

Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life


Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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This highly original work introduces the ideas and arguments of the ancient Chinese philosophies of Confucianism and Daoism to some of the most intractable social issues of modern American life, including abortion, gay marriage, and assisted suicide. Introduces the precepts of ancient Chinese philosophers to issues they could not have anticipated Relates Daoist and Confucian ideas to problems across the arc of modern human life, from birth to death Provides general readers with a fascinating introduction to Chinese philosophy, and its continued relevance Offers a fresh perspective on highly controversial American debates, including abortion, stem cell research, and assisted suicide

As Free and as Just as Possible

The Theory of Marxian Liberalism

Author: Jeffrey Reiman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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Grafting the Marxian idea that private property is coercive ontothe liberal imperative of individual liberty, this new thesis fromone of America's foremost intellectuals conceives a reviseddefinition of justice that recognizes the harm inflicted bycapitalism's hidden coercive structures. Maps a new frontier in moral philosophy and politicaltheory Distills a new concept of justice that recognizes theiniquities of capitalism Synthesis of elements of Marxism and Liberalism will interestreaders in both camps Direct and jargon-free style opens these complex ideas to awide readership

Terrorism and counter-terrorism

ethics and liberal democracy

Author: Seumas Miller

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Category: Philosophy

Page: 222

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Undoubtedly, the events of September 11, 2001 served as a wake-up call to the scourge of global terrorism facing twenty-first century societies. But was the attack on the World Trade Center a crime or an act of war? Is seemingly indiscriminate violence inflicted on civilians ever morally justified? And should society's response always be in kind--with blind, destructive violence? For that matter, are all civilians truly "innocent"? The answers are not always so simple. Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: Ethics and Liberal Democracy provides sobering analyses of the nature of terrorism and the moral justification--or lack thereof--of terrorist actions and counter-terrorism measures in today's world. Utilizing a variety of thought-provoking philosophical arguments, the historic roots of terrorism and its contemporary incarnations are explored in depth. Detailed analyses of organizations such as the IRA, ANC, Hamas, and al-Qaeda will reveal the many faces of terrorism and its disparate motives and tactics. Early chapters on the Definition of Terrorism, and Is Terrorism ever Morally Justified? are balanced with discussions on Counter-terrorism Strategies and Methods and Moral Limits on Counter-terrorism to provide insights into the complexities and ethical dilemmas posed by terrorism in today's world. Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism will greatly broaden our understanding of the nature and morality of terrorism and counter-terrorist pursuits--a crucial precondition for establishing any form of enduring peace between nations in the twenty-first century world.

Who owns you?

the corporate gold-rush to patent your genes

Author: David Richard Koepsell

Publisher: Blackwell Pub


Category: Law

Page: 187

View: 707

Who Owns You? is a comprehensive exploration of the numerous philosophical and legal problems of gene patenting. Provides the first comprehensive book-length treatment of this subject Develops arguments regarding moral realism, and provides a method of judgment that attempts to be ideologically neutral Calls for public attention and policy changes to end the practice of gene patenting

بوابة الحشاشين: أمريكا في العراق

The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq

Author: George Packer

Publisher: العبيكان للنشر


Category: Political Science

Page: 515

View: 804

كتاب حاصل على جائزة كورنيليوس رايان لنادي الصحافة عبر البحار؛ لكونه أفضل كتاب تدور أحداثه حول الشؤون الدولية، وحاصل على جائزة كتب مكتبة نيويورك العامة هيلين بيرنستاين للتميز في الصحافة. يروي كتاب (بوابة الحشاشين) كيف أن الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية شرعت تغير تاريخ الشرق الأوسط، فإذا بها قد وقعت في شرك حرب عصابات في العراق، إنه كتاب يبعث الحياة في الناس والأفكار التي أوجدت سياسة الحرب في إدارة بوش، وذهبت بأمريكا إلى بوابة الحشاشين التي تعدُّ نقطة العبور الرئيسة إلى المنطقة الأمريكية في بغداد، كما أن الكتاب يبين موقع الحرب في الحياة الأمريكية: إذ المعركة الأيديولوجية في واشنطن أدّت إلى فوضى في العراق، وأفرزت مصائب لعوائل جراء أبنائها المقتولين هناك، وكشفت البيئة السياسية لبلد ذي أقطاب متعددة، لدرجة يصعب معها أن يفهم المشروع الأمريكي المعقد. إن سرد باكر (الموثوق والواقعي) بصيغة المتكلم يجمع ما بين التاريخ الملحمي وعمق الرواية وحميميتها، كما أنه يقدم وصفاً بارعاً لأكثر مغامرات أمريكة الخارجية إثارة للجدل منذ حرب فيتنام. الكتاب رواية لحرب العراق تقف في مصاف الروايات التاريخية العالمية، مثل: «A Bright Shining Lie ،«Fire in the Lake و«Hell in a Very Small Place»... إن كتاب (بوابة الحشاشين) يحتاج أن يقرأه كل أمريكي. توم بيسل، The New York Observer «إنه كتاب متألق». ريتشارد هولبروك، The Washington Post «إنه كتاب بارع... فتصوير باكر للمناقشات قبل الحرب متقن وجذاب ومؤثر... فهو يضع القارئ في جانب وولتر بنجامين من التاريخ، حيث يكتفي بالمشاهدة، دون أدنى حيلة له، بينما ينتشر الحطام من حوله». غيديون روز، The Washington Post Book World اختير كتاب (بوابة الحشاشين) بوصفه أحد أفضل عشرة كتب لعام 2005 من قبل: The New York Times Book Review, Time Slate, USA Today The Washington Post Book World, The Economist, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, New York, the San Francisco Chronicle العبيكان للنشر


Author: James Meyer

Publisher: Phaidon Incorporated Limited


Category: Art

Page: 304

View: 367

Documents the careers of the leading figures associated with Minimalism - Carl andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt and Robert Morris.