How the World Became Obsessed With Time

Author: Simon Garfield

Publisher: Canongate Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 368

View: 939

Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. The Beatles learn to be brilliant in an hour and a half. An Englishman arrives back from Calcutta but refuses to adjust his watch. Beethoven has his symphonic wishes ignored. A US Senator begins a speech that will last for 25 hours. The horrors of war are frozen at the click of a camera. A woman designs a ten-hour clock and reinvents the calendar. Roger Bannister lives out the same four minutes over a lifetime. And a prince attempts to stop time in its tracks. Timekeepers is a book about our obsession with time and our desire to measure it, control it, sell it, film it, perform it, immortalise it and make it meaningful. It has two simple intentions: to tell some illuminating stories, and to ask whether we have all gone completely nuts.


Number 2 in series

Author: Catherine Webb

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 508

Sam Linnifer returns to continue what he started in Waywalkers and rid the world of the deadly plots and schemes of the elder gods. But with Seth, Jehovah and Thor now in control of the dread Pandora Spirits Sam knows Earth's only hope may rest in his unleashing the Light. But the power bestowed upon him at birth by his father Time could have deadly consequences for Sam himself. For in unleashing the Light, Sam must touch the minds of every human on Earth. To save the world, Sam may have to destroy himself... Timekeepers is the stunning follow up to the acclaimed Waywalkers. You'll meet Firedancers in London on a rainy summer night, walk the Ways between Earth and Heaven with Bhudda, hole up in a sleazy German bar with Adam, and find yourself trusting the one person you never dreamed you would. In a war between Gods, where Earth is the battle ground and humans are expendable, you'll need to have more than just sympathy for the Devil.


Author: Simon Lee

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

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"Okay Tom, you get to choose. What is your favourite period of history?" Thomas looked a bit bewildered at the bizarre twist the conversation was taking but answered without really having to think about it. "The dinosaurs," he said. The Professor let out a huge groan and Rebecca beamed with delight at the answer. "Dinosaurs? Oh very good Tom, excellent choice. Right, is everybody ready?" She stared ahead for a second as if trying to see something in the distance and then stepped forward, pulling the children with her. The three of them disappeared... Thomas and Emily Fletcher are quite normal children; normal in that their uncle mysteriously disappeared and now a medieval knight is trying to kill them. The only way to find out why somebody wants them dead would be to go back in time and ask their uncle, and the only people that can help are the teachers at the Tempus Viator School of Excellence. So it's very lucky that their new friends are time travellers...

The Timekeepers of Ancra

Author: Hannah Edge

Publisher: BookBaby


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 42

View: 917

"Dragoon felt the chilling breeze rush through the vast camp. He twitched his thin whiskers and continued to walk through the golden dust. He stopped when he reached the restless sea, and he deeply breathed in the salty marine air. Something wasn’t right... "