The Culture and Technology of Millennials

Author: Michel Serres

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781783480708

Category: Computers

Page: 96

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This book is an English-language translation of a bestselling book in France that explores the relationship between humans and new technologies.


The Culture and Technology of Millennials

Author: Michel Serres

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781783480715

Category: Computers

Page: 85

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This book is an English-language translation of a bestselling book in France that explores the relationship between humans and new technologies.

The Sociology of Children, Childhood and Generation

Author: Madeleine Leonard

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473952719

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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Outlining sociology’s distinctive contribution to childhood studies and our understanding of contemporary children and childhood, The Sociology of Children, Childhood and Generation provides a thought provoking and comprehensive account of the connections between the macro worlds of childhood and the micro worlds of children’s everyday lives. Examining children’s involvement in areas such as the labour market, family life, education, play and leisure, the book provides an effective balance between understanding childhood as a structural phenomenon, and recognising children as meaning makers actively involved in constructing, co-constructing and reconstructing their everyday lives. Through the concept of 'generagency' Madeleine Leonard offers a model for examining and illuminating how structure and agency are activated within interdependent relationships influenced by generational positioning. This framework provides a conceptual tool for thinking about the continuities, challenges and changes that impact on how childhood is lived and experienced.

The Chrysalis Effect

The Metamorphosis of Global Culture

Author: Philip Elliot Slater

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

Page: 242

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The Chrysalis Effect shows that the chaos and conflict experienced worldwide today are the result of a global cultural metamorphosis, one which has accelerated so rapidly in recent decades as to provoke fierce resistance. Many of the changes that have taken place in the last fifty years – the feminist movement, the rapid spread of democracy, the global economy, quantum physics, minority movements, the peace movement, the sexual revolution –are part of this cultural transformation. Contrary to accepted opinion, the conflict it engenders is not a struggle between Left and Right, or between the West and Islam, but one taking place within the Left, within the Right, within the West, within Islam, within everyone and every institution. … Currently, the world is in the middle of an adaptive process, moving toward a cultural ethos more appropriate to a species living in a shrinking world and in danger of destroying its habitat –a world that increasingly demands for its survival integrative thinking, unlimited communication, and global cooperation. … Award-winning author Philip Slater explains the metamorphosis of global culture through the analogy of the transition from caterpillar to butterfly – the Chrysalis Effect – whereby by old cultural assumptions are challenged and innovations are seen as a social ill, a critical moral infection, and attacked as such by the upholders of tradition. And when the budding culture replaces the previous one, it doesn’t create a new way of being out of nothing, but merely rearranges old patterns to make the new ones. Today our world is caught in the middle of this disturbing transformative process –a process that creates confusion over values, loss of ethical certainty, and a bewildering lack of consensus about almost everything. The Chrysalis Effect provides an answer to the question: Why is the world in such a mess?


Author: Richard Schiver

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781502910394


Page: 236

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The alien invasion of the earth continues, but this is no independence day, for the threat to mankind comes not from the stars, but the shadows of the past. They've awakened from an ageless sleep. Quietly taking over the world one household at a time. Moving in the dead of night, replacing those smiling neighbors across the street with an unholy union of man and beast. They've waited eons to reclaim this world as their own and when the balance of power tilts in their favor, the feeding will begin. What should have died in the fire at his cabin didn't and Sam Hardin is faced with the responsibility of putting an end to it once and for all. As he battles to eradicate the menace in his neck of the woods, discoveries in Washington state and Russia add to the growing threat. Mankind faces an extinction event like no other, for there is only room for one at the top of the food chain. Will we retain our dominance over the world, or will we awaken one morning to new masters?


A Media Genealogy of Net Cultures

Author: Clemens Apprich

Publisher: Media Philosophy

ISBN: 9781786603135

Category: Cyberspace

Page: 210

View: 4216

Introducing technotopia -- Postmodern complexity -- Net cultures -- Space of flows -- Digital urbanism -- Network dispositif -- Transindividuality -- Critical infrastructures


The Temporal Being and Operativity of Technological Media

Author: Wolfgang Ernst

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783485710


Page: 288

View: 5361

An abridged and translated edition of two of Wolfgang Ernt s major works, representing the ambitious claim of a comprehensive knowledge-oriented analysis of media tempor(e)alities."

Social Epistemology and Technology

Toward Public Self-Awareness Regarding Technological Mediation

Author: Frank Scalambrino

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783485338


Page: 224

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This book examines the social epistemological issues relating to technology for the sake of providing insights toward public self-awareness and informing matters of education, policy, and public deliberation.

The Troubadour of Knowledge

Author: Michel Serres

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472065516

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 166

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What do we do when we raise a child, teach a student, or educate a person as a member of society? For the French philosopher Michel Serres, all of these forms of pedagogy require painful yet exhilarating departures from home and encounters with Otherness. Like a swimmer who plunges into the river's current to reach the opposite bank, the person who wishes to learn must risk a voyage from the familiar to the strange. True education, Serres writes, takes place in the fluid middle of this crossing. To be educated is to become a harlequin, a crossbreed, a hybrid of our origins--like a newborn child, complexly produced as a mixture of maternal and paternal genes, yet an independent existence, separated from the familiar and determined. In this wide-ranging meditation on learning and difference, Serres--the scientist turned epistemologist, philosopher turned moralist, reveler of being a half-breed from every point of view--explores numerous pathways in philosophy, science, and literature to argue that the best contemporary education requires knowledge of both science's general truths and literature's singular stories. He heralds a new pedagogy which claims that from the crossbreeding of the humanities and the sciences a new educational ideal can be born: the troubadour of knowledge. With his agile and poetic voice, Serres has created a meditation of precisely this pluralistic creation, deftly recognizing it as a third party bred not of orderly dialectics but of the destabilizing multiplicity of the present age. Those who know the enormous range and clarity of this thinker will welcome this latest volume translated into English by Sheila Glaser with the assistance of William Paulson. Michel Serres has taught at Clermont-Ferrand, the University of Paris VIII [Vincennes], the Sorbonne, and Stanford University, and has served as visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University. Other works of his available in English translation include Conversations on Science, Culture, and Time (with Bruno Latour), Genesis, and The Natural Contract, also published by The University of Michigan Press. Sheila Glaser is Reviews Editor of Artforum magazine. William Paulson is Professor of French and Chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan.

Philosophy, Myth and Epic Cinema

Beyond Mere Illusions

Author: Sylvie Magerstadt

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN: 9781783482504

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 212

View: 6770

This is a philosophical discussion of cinema's power to create positive illusions and myths, drawing on Nietzsche, Kracauer, and Deleuze.

Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real-World

Author: Volker Wulf,Kjeld Schmidt,David Randall

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1447167201

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 8689

This book is concerned with the associated issues between the differing paradigms of academic and organizational computing infrastructures. Driven by the increasing impact Information Communication Technology (ICT) has on our working and social lives, researchers within the Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) field try and find ways to situate new hardware and software in rapidly changing socio-digital ecologies. Adopting a design-orientated research perspective, researchers from the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET) elaborate on the challenges and opportunities we face through the increasing permeation of society by ICT from commercial, academic, design and organizational perspectives. Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real-World is directed at researchers, industry practitioners and will be of great interest to any other societal actors who are involved with the design of IT systems.

Selection Day

A Novel

Author: Aravind Adiga

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501150855

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 1106

AN NPR BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR A NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST NOTABLE BOOK From Aravind Adiga, the bestselling, Booker Prize-winning author of The White Tiger, a “ferociously brilliant” (Slate) novel about two brothers in a Mumbai slum who are raised by their crazy, obsessive father to be star cricket players that “offers the sound of a serious and nervy writer working at the top of his form” (The New York Times). Manjunath Kumar is fourteen and living in a slum in Mumbai. He knows he is good at cricket—if not as good as his older brother, Radha. He knows that he fears and resents his domineering and cricket-obsessed father, admires his brilliantly talented sibling, and is fascinated by curious scientific facts and the world of CSI. But there are many things, about himself and about the world, that he doesn’t know. Sometimes it even seems as though everyone has a clear idea of who Manju should be, except Manju himself. When Manju meets Radha’s great rival, a mysterious Muslim boy privileged and confident in all the ways Manju is not, everything in Manju’s world begins to change, and he is faced by decisions that will challenge his sense of self and of the world around him. Filled with unforgettable characters from across India’s social strata—the old scout everyone calls Tommy Sir; Anand Mehta, the big-dreaming investor; Sofia, a wealthy, beautiful girl and the boys’ biggest fan—Selection Day “brings a family, a city, and an entire country to scabrous and antic life” (Chicago Tribune). Aravind Adiga’s “voice is so exuberant, his plotting so jaunty, that the sadness of this story feels as though it is accumulating just outside our peripheral vision” (The Washington Post). It is, simply, “extraordinary” (The Atlantic).

Desiring Modes of Being Black

Author: Jean-Paul Rocchi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783483990


Page: N.A

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Joining the Conversation: A Guide and Handbook for Writers

A Guide and Handbook for Writers

Author: Mike Palmquist,Barbara Wallraff

Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education

ISBN: 1319087434

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 832

View: 9150

Grounded in the best practices of effective writing instruction, Joining the Conversation's rhetorical approach builds an awareness of writing purposes and genres as it teaches students to read critically, research effectively, and respond thoughtfully to the conversations around them. Comprehensive assignment chapters span reflective, informative, analytical and persuasive writing, following real students throughout their writing processes.Supportive apparatus guides writers from finding a conversation to join all the way through documenting their essays. Throughout the text, with techno-literate practice at the fore, multimodality is always an option and the conversation metaphor empowers students to make their voices heard--with their peers, in academic communities, and in the world. Based on reviewer feedback, the third edition of Joining the Conversation offers a new opening chapter on understanding yourself as a writer, more substantial academic readings on compelling subjects that matter to students, and an expanded digital option in Launchpad for Joining the Conversation. With theory put into practice, Joining the Conversation exemplifies the best of what writing instruction should be.

The Dialectic of Duration

Author: Gaston Bachelard

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN: 9781786600585

Category: Science

Page: 160

View: 6130

In The Dialectic of Duration Gaston Bachelard addresses the nature of time in response to the writings of his great contemporary, Henri Bergson. For Bachelard, experienced time is irreducibly fractured and interrupted, as indeed are material events. At stake is an entire conception of the physical world, an entire approach to the philosophy of science. It was in this work that Bachelard first marshalled all the components of his visionary philosophy of science, with its steady insistence on the human context and subtle encompassing of the irrational within the rational.

Freedom and Negativity in Beckett and Adorno

Something Or Nothing

Author: Natalie Leeder

Publisher: Founding Critical Theory

ISBN: 9781786603197

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 5515

This book offers a radical reappraisal of the intellectual affinities between Theodor W. Adorno and Samuel Beckett, in particular with regard to freedom and its reconceptualization by Adorno.

The Many Altars of Modernity

Toward a Paradigm for Religion in a Pluralist Age

Author: Peter L. Berger

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 1614516472

Category: Religion

Page: 161

View: 3995

This book is the summation of many decades of work by Peter L. Berger. It outlines a new paradigm for understanding religion and pluralism in an age of multiple modernities. Along the way, Berger addresses a wide range of issues spanning individual faith, interreligious socieities, and the political order. The book also includes responses from three eminent scholars of religion: Nancy Ammerman, Detlef Pollack, and Fenggang Yang.

The Great Elephant Chase

Author: Gillian Cross

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780192753700

Category: Children's stories

Page: 193

View: 3616

When the elephant came to town, Tad and Cissie went to the show like everyone else. Little did they know it would change their lives for ever. Because of the elephant, Tad and Cissie get involved in a chase across America, by train, by flatboat, and steam boat. Close behind is Hannibal Jackson, who is determined to have the elephant for himself. And how do you hide a large Indian elephant? * This book was the winner of the Whitbread Children's Novel Award and the Smarties Prize. Gillian Cross has also won the Carnegie Medal and is a highly-acclaimed author.


RancièreMilner Badiou

Author: Robert Boncardo,Christian R. Gelder

Publisher: Insolubilia: New Work in Conte

ISBN: 9781786603104

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 105

View: 4476

Featuring original interviews with three of the most important theorists of the 21st century, this volume clarifies the relationship between contemporary French philosophy and poetry. The interviews demonstrate how Ranci�re, Milner, and Badiou are all in conversation with one another on various points.

The Five Senses

A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies

Author: Michel Serres

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474299962

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

View: 2006

Marginalized by the scientific age the lessons of the senses have been overtaken by the dominance of language and the information revolution. With The Five Senses Serres traces a topology of human perception, writing against the Cartesian tradition and in praise of empiricism, he demonstrates repeatedly, and lyrically, the sterility of systems of knowledge divorced from bodily experience. The fragile empirical world, long resistant to our attempts to contain and catalog it, is disappearing beneath the relentless accumulations of late capitalist society and information technology. Data has replaced sensory pleasure, we are less interested in the taste of a fine wine than in the description on the bottle's label. What are we, and what do we really know, when we have forgotten that our senses can describe a taste more accurately than language ever could? The book won the inaugural Prix Médicis Essai in 1985. The Revelations edition includes an introduction by Steven Connor.