The Spice Companion

A Guide to the World of Spices

Author: Lior Lev Sercarz

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 1101905476

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

View: 7952

A stunning and definitive spice guide by the country’s most sought-after expert, with hundreds of fresh ideas and tips for using pantry spices, 102 never-before-published recipes for spice blends, gorgeous photography, and breathtaking botanical illustrations. Since founding his spice shop in 2006, Lior Lev Sercarz has become the go-to source for fresh and unusual spices as well as small-batch custom blends for renowned chefs around the world. The Spice Companion communicates his expertise in a way that will change how readers cook, inspiring them to try bold new flavor combinations and make custom spice blends. For each of the 102 curated spices, Lev Sercarz provides the history and origin, information on where to buy and how to store it, five traditional cuisine pairings, three quick suggestions for use (such as adding cardamom to flavor chicken broth), and a unique spice blend recipe to highlight it in the kitchen. Sumptuous photography and botanical illustrations of each spice make this must-have resource as beautiful as it is informative.

The Spice Companion

The Culinary, Cosmetic, and Medicinal Uses of Spices

Author: Richard Craze

Publisher: Peoples Medical Society

ISBN: 9781882606351

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

View: 8053

Spices are no longer confined to the kitchen. The dried parts of aromatic plants -- the seeds, flowers, leaves, bark, and roots -- that are used widely for flavoring and preserving foods, can also be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Cinnamon stimulates the glandular system and relieves indigestion. Sesame oil is used by Mediterranean women to treat dry skin. The Spice Companion is a four-color illustrated guide to the use and appreciation of more than 50 spices and their essential properties. Includes clear, concise information on how to prepare the most popular spice blends, how to store spices so they maintain their full flavor, and recipes for the most widely used spice blends from around the world.


Auswählen Kombinieren Schmecken

Author: Lior Lev Sercarz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783421040664


Page: 304

View: 8614

Eleven Madison Park

Das Kochbuch

Author: Daniel Humm,Will Guidara

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783875150728


Page: 383

View: 4978

Salz. Fett. Säure. Hitze

Die vier Elemente guten Kochens.

Author: Samin Nosrat

Publisher: Antje Kunstmann

ISBN: 3956142829

Category: Cooking

Page: 472

View: 6023

Samin Nosrat verdichtet ihre reiche Erfahrung als Köchin und Kochlehrerin zu einem so einfachen wie revolutionären Ansatz. Es geht dabei um die vier zentralen Grundlagen guten Kochens: Salz, Fett, Säure und Hitze. Salz – das die Aromen vertieft. Fett – das sie trägt und attraktive Konsistenzen ermöglicht. Säure – die alle Aromen ausbalanciert. Und Hitze – die die Konsistenz eines Gerichts letztendlich bestimmt. Wer mit diesen vier Elementen souverän umgeht, kann exzellent kochen, ohne sich an Rezepte klammern zu müssen. Voller profundem Wissen, aber mit leichter Hand und gewinnendem Ton führt Nosrat in alle theoretischen und praktischen Aspekte guten Kochens ein, vermittelt Grundlagen und Küchenchemie und verrät jede Menge inspirierender Tipps und Tricks. In über 100 unkomplizierten Rezepten wird das Wissen vertieft und erprobt: frische Salate, perfekt gewürzte Saucen, intensiv schmeckende Gemüsegerichte, die besten Pastas, 13 Huhn-Varianten, zartes Fleisch, köstliche Kuchen und Desserts. Samin Nosrats Rezepte ermuntern zum Ausprobieren und zum Improvisieren. Angereichert mit appetitanregenden Illustrationen und informativen Grafiken ist dieses Buch ein unverzichtbarer Küchenkompass, der Anfänger genauso glücklich macht wie geübte Köche.

The Herb and Spice Companion

A Connoisseur's Guide

Author: Kathryn Hawkins

Publisher: Running PressBook Pub

ISBN: 9780762430536

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 4344

Furnishes detailed descriptions and ratings of more than 150 spices and herbs from around the world, along with tips on storage and combining spices to add flavor in the kitchen, a history of herbs, their medicinal uses, and techniques for growing, harvesting, and drying them. Original.

Herb & Spice Companion

The Complete Guide to Over 100 Herbs & Spices

Author: Lindsay Herman

Publisher: Wellfleet

ISBN: 1577151143

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 6845

You can spice up your cooking when you learn how to grow, dry, store and use over 100 herbs and spices! Herb and Spice Companion is your ultimate guide for using fresh and dried herbs and spices in the kitchen. Inside this handy book, get descriptions of more than 100 herbs and spices from around the world. Discover useful tips on storing and using spices to create innovative combinations of flavors. This is the essential guidebook to using herbs and spices to add flavor and depth in your cooking. From basil to beebalm, from lavender to lemon verbena, learn all of the interesting aspects of your herbs, including their rich history, how to grow, harvest, and dry them, and even their unique medicinal uses. This is a must-have for anyone's cookbook library.

The Jewish Holiday Home Companion

A Parent's Guide to Family Celebration

Author: Nicolas D. Mandelkern,Vicki L. Weber

Publisher: Behrman House, Inc

ISBN: 9780874415667

Category: Religion

Page: 96

View: 7642

A friendly, concise introduction to Jewish holiday celebration, this book includes everything from building a sukkah to enjoying the warmth of Shabbat with family to celebrating Hanukkah. It includes holiday songs, recipes, blessings and photos.

World Atlas of Beer


Author: Tim Webb,Stephen Beaumont

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1845338065

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 1651

The World Atlas of Beer is the definitive and essential guide to beer, with information on brews ranging from the Trappist ales of Belgium to the wheat beers of Bavaria, Breton black beers, barrel-aged Californian beers, British bitters, Vietnamese bia hoì, traditional Finnish sahti, and the output of the hundreds of craft breweries around the world, from the USA and Canada, to Japan and even the Easter Islands. It explores the development of beer and the myriad brewing techniques in use across the world today. Country by country the book considers a vast range of beer styles and traditions, with full tasting notes for over 500 beers. Detailed maps locate key breweries worldwide, and describe crucial trends in major territories. Features such as matching beer with food and how to pour different kinds of beer complete the picture. Craft brewing continues to go from strength to strength across the world, and this book is the perfect companion to help you explore the best beers the world has to offer.


Author: Paul McNally

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831012831


Page: 400

View: 5120

World Spice Plants

Economic Usage, Botany, Taxonomy

Author: Johannes Seidemann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540222798

Category: Medical

Page: 591

View: 4307

Despite their long tradition spices are subject to international modern scientific research. This has made it necessary to disseminate knowledge to a large audience of interest. The book addresses this need by informing the reader about the complex worldwide use of spice plants. The many spice and aromatic plants are arranged in alphabetical order of their botanical relevance. It includes all species which have been cultivated for the above purposes. It also covers species whose usage has long ceased or which are used only rarely or have become wild. In this respect the author has aimed at comprehensiveness. In total over 1400 plants have been collated. The very extensive register of literature has been designed to facilitate intensive study of a specific plant or spice. Works both on botany and agriculture, and on chemistry, pharmacodynamics and usage have been considered. The book is aimed principally at spice and aroma experts, pharmacists, botanists and interested lay persons. But the author also had in mind food chemists, dieticians and agricultural scientists, for whom botany, chemistry and pharmacological aspects may be of interest. It is hoped that those occupied in the spice and aroma industry involved in creating spice blends and the like will also take inspiration from the book.

The Science of Spice

Understand Flavour Connections and Revolutionize Your Cooking

Author: Stuart Farrimond

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780241302149


Page: 224

View: 5633

Adventurous cooks, curious foodies, and fans of spicy recipes. Break new ground with this spice book like no other. Be inspired to make your own new spice blends, and take your cooking to new heights. Spicewill help you understand the practical science behind the art of cooking with spices. If you've ever wondered what to do with that unloved jar of sumac, why some spices taste stronger than others, or how to make your own personal garam masala, this inspirational guide has all the answers. Spice sets out the science behind the flavours and helps you choose, with greater confidence and intuition, how to use spices that perfectly complement each other. A "periodic table" of spices shows the connections between flavour compounds, and explains how spices can be grouped into distinct flavour families. A World of Spice chapter explores the main regions of the spice world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Indian Subcontinent, identifying the key spices in each cuisine and providing recipes for signature blends. Spice profiles - organised by their dominant flavour compound - showcase the world's top spices, with recipe ideas, information on how to buy, use, and store, and more in-depth science to help you release the flavours and make your own spice connections. Finally, a selection of recipes using innovative spice blends will brighten your palate and inspire your own culinary adventures. Spiceis an indispensable kitchen companion that home cooks will turn to time and time again to learn and innovate.


Understand the Science of Spice, Create Exciting New Blends

Author: Stuart Farrimond

Publisher: DK

ISBN: 9781465475572

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 5112

Calling all spice fans, adventurers, and curious cooks: explore the world's spices, create your own spice blends, and take your cooking to the next level. Spice is a cookbook like no other--one that will help you better understand the science behind the art of cooking with spices. If you've ever wondered what to do with that unused jar of sumac, why some spices taste stronger than others, how to make your own garam masala, or simply which are the best spices for chicken, this inspirational guide has all the answers. Spice outlines the science behind the flavors and helps you choose, with greater confidence and intuition, how to use spices that perfectly complement each other. A "periodic table" of spices shows the connections between flavor compounds, and explains how spices can be grouped into distinct flavor families. Flavor maps explore the key regions of the spice world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Indian subcontinent, and show the spice palettes of individual countries and cuisines. Spice profiles--organized by flavor groups such as "pungent," "sweet," or "nutty"--showcase each of the world's spices and suggest food pairings, spice pairings, blend ideas, and how to cook each spice to best release its flavor and aroma. Finally, spicy recipes for blends, butters, rubs, and pastes showcase authentic spice mixes from around the world, and suggest innovative combinations that you might never have considered before. Spice is an indispensable kitchen companion that home cooks will turn to time and time again to learn and innovate.

Herbs & Spices

The Cook's Reference

Author: Jill Norman

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

ISBN: 9781465435989

Category: Cooking

Page: 336

View: 381

A complete guide to preparing and cooking with fresh and dried herbs and spices furnishes detailed information on hundreds of spices and herbs, organized by aroma and taste, along with a cross-cultural selection of recipes, step-by-step preparation techniques, and full-color photography.

Spice Bible, The:

Essential Information and More Than 250 Recipes Using Spices, Spice mixes, and Spice Pastes

Author: Jane Lawson

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang

ISBN: 9781584796954

Category: Cooking

Page: 448

View: 359

The only book on spices that any chef or aspiring cook will ever need,The Spice Bibleis a fully comprehensive guide to the fascinating history and enticing culinary uses of 45 fiery foods from around the world. Each entry—from ajowan through wolfberry—includes a description of the spice’s origin and uses, guidelines on how to integrate it into your own cooking, and a trove of other helpful information. (Which are the best spices to pair with saffron? When is the right time to throw away that leftover ginger?) Like its companion volume,The Produce Bible, this must-have book also features more than 250 recipes—for appetizers, soups, entrees, side dishes, breads, desserts, and more—that highlight each ingredient’s distinctive taste and character. Carrot soup with caraway butter, seared salmon with sesame and cucumber, and beef filet poached in Asian-spiced broth are among the delectable dishes presented here, all created with flavorful spices and easily mastered by any cook. The book also includes tips on purchasing and storing spices, along with sections on spice mixes and pastes such as curry, zaatar, and chermoula. Filled with evocative photographs throughout,The Spice Bibleis an invaluable resource for anyone looking for a pinch of personality in their cooking—or a dash of inspiration.

Fifty Shades vom Huhn

Ein parodistisches Kochbuch

Author: F. L. Fowler

Publisher: Riva Verlag

ISBN: 3864138078

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 603

Knackige Schenkel, straff verschnürt; saftige Brüste, die auf den leidenschaftlichen Biss der Zähne warten; weiche, nachgiebige Lenden, von denen das Öl tropft... 50 verführerische Rezepte, die jedes Essen in eine Orgie der Lust verwandeln! Ein unschuldiges und unverdorbenes Huhn und ein dominanter Koch – welch eine Kombination! Gemeinsam gehen die beiden den Weg von jungfräulicher Unschuld bis zur goldbraunen Ekstase. Langsames Schmoren, scharfes, unbarmherziges Braten, extravagante Verschnürungen, saftige Füllungen, kreative Salbungen mit genau der richtigen Würze, ausgeführt von geschickten Fingern – seine Kunst macht seine geflügelte Dienerin zu Wachs in seinen Händen. Diesem erotischen Kochbuch kann sich niemand entziehen – in drei Akten entfaltet sich unwiderstehlich das Drama, von einfachen Rezepten für den Anfänger bis zum absoluten Höhepunkt!

Herb and Spices The Cook's Reference

Author: Jill Norman

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 0241235073

Category: Cooking

Page: 336

View: 7396

The essential companion for every creative cook - now available in PDF With global herbs, spice and seasonings now widely available, cooking has never been more varied. Add exciting and exotic new flavours to your cooking with flair and creativity with this practical reference book. If you don't know your wasabi from your epazote this is the guide for you. With directions on how to choose, use, store and grow over 200 world herbs and spices, and over 100 recipes for blends, spice rubs and flavour-packed sauces this is the comprehensive reference for cooks of any skill level. This updated edition comes with 25 brand new recipes, plus a completely updated guide to include all international herbs and spices available now. Experiment with flavour and explore exotic cuisines with Herbs & Spices as your essential companion.

Kochen für Dummies

Author: Bryan Miller,Marie Rama

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 352770387X


Page: 344

View: 6184

Rein in die Schürze, ran an den Herd! Kochen ist gar nicht so schwer und kann richtig Spaß machen! Mit diesem Buch lernen Sie Kochen von der Pike auf. Los geht's mit Ausstattung und Organisation der Küche: welche Töpfe, Pfannen, Messer und sonstiges Zubehör Sie unbedingt brauchen und welche Zutaten in einen gut sortierten Vorratsschrank gehören. Dann wird auch schon der Kochlöffel geschwungen. Über 100 Rezepte, sortiert nach Zubereitungsarten, Zutaten und Kochanlässen, laden Sie zum Nachkochen ein. Dabei lernen Sie, wie Sie schmoren, braten und grillen und was bei diesen Zubereitungsarten zu beachten ist. Die Autoren zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie im Nu leckere Soßen zaubern, Reis und Kartoffeln richtig kochen, köstliche Suppen oder tolle Eier- und Nudelgerichte zubereiten. Dazu verraten Ihnen die Autoren viele Tricks und Kniffe, die das Kochen leichter und raffinierter machen.

A Modern Way to Cook

Über 150 schnelle vegetarische und vegane Rezepte für jeden Tag

Author: Anna Jones

Publisher: Mosaik Verlag

ISBN: 3641199107

Category: Cooking

Page: 352

View: 1876

Vegetarisch kochen muss nicht kompliziert sein! Anna Jones, der Shootingstar der vegetarischen Küche, stellt 150 schnelle Rezepte vor, die im Handumdrehen zubereitet sind und einfach köstlich schmecken. Ihre raffinierten Gerichte für jeden Tag sind in nur 15, 20, 30 oder 40 Minuten auf dem Tisch. Dazu gibt es jede Menge schnelle Frühstücksideen, Desserts und Rezepte für die Vorratsküche. Unkomplizierte Zubereitung, unglaublicher Geschmack – so kocht man heute!