The Single Mum's Survival Guide

How to Pick Up the Pieces and Build a Happy New Life

Author: Vivienne Smith

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 188

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“Once upon a time I was perfectly happy—complacent even. But then my world came crashing down and I was suddenly a single mum of two small children, losing sleep over how to pay the bills. The things I learned allowed me to retain my sanity, self-esteem, and sense of humour and to help my children get through the experience. I discovered how to release the traumatic experiences and emotions that were holding me back and find more fun, fulfillment, and balance in my life (not to mention my lovely husband!)” You can build a happy new life! Are you a stressed-out single mum, juggling childcare, work and home—and struggling to cope with all the emotional and practical demands on you? You’re not alone! The Single Mum’s Survival Guide is packed with words of inspiration, comfort, wisdom and experience from a host of real-life single mums and expert professionals to make life easier, help you on your way, and put your mind at rest with answers to questions such as: How do I tell the kids? How do I get over this split and move on? Why is my child behaving like this and what should I do about it? How will I feel when my kids meet his new girlfriend? How do I deal with all the legal stuff? How can I manage on this little money? How can I have more energy when I’m so tired all the time? Is it OK to ask for help—and who can I ask? Can I ever forgive my ex? Can I really be single and happy? When is it time to start dating again—and how will I know if he’s Mr. Right? Vivienne Smith is a writer, trainer, presenter, and certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis practitioner. She also a Regional Director of the Athena Group, an international networking, training and development business community for female executives and entrepreneurs. Her experience as a single mum prompted Vivienne to write a book about the subject. It has been the fulfilment of a long term ambition to turn what was at the time a negative and distressing experience into an opportunity to help others get through similar challenges. Now happily remarried, she lives with her husband and two sons in beautiful West Sussex, on the south coast of England.

The Single Mother's Survival Guide to Mum & Baby Groups

Author: Stephanie Zia

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Fiction

Page: 326

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Molly longs for a baby but her lover is allergic to domesticity. Five years into their relationship Molly finds herself pregnant – and single. Devastated, but sure her man will eventually grow up, resourceful Molly determines to go it alone as a single parent. After a baptism of fire at a mom and baby group, Molly wants to run and hide and never see that crowd of happy, contented married mums ever again. But, after grasping at a shard of friendship from one of the mums in nearly as dire straits as she, Molly discovers the neatly manicured lives of the housewives of Kew Gardens aren't nearly as smooth as they appear on the surface. As unlikely friendships form, Molly finds out the hard way that independence isn't possible when children are involved. Single parent dating is even more tricky. When an affair breaks out, Molly finds herself at the centre of suspicion for all the wrong reasons.

The Single Mother's Survival Guide

Author: Patrice Karst

Publisher: Springer Science & Business


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 130

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In this engaging journey of self-discovery, Karst, a single mother, shares her practical yet witty advice with single moms everywhere.

The Single Mom's Workplace Survival Guide

Author: Brenda Armstrong

Publisher: Gospel Light


Category: Single mothers

Page: 188

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"Every Mom is a Working Mom." But never before have circumstances forced so many moms to raise their children single-handedly, which usually includes holding down a paying job in addition to taking care of the home and kids. Book jacket.

The Single Dad's Survival Guide

How to Succeed as a One-Man Parenting Team

Author: Michael A. Klumpp

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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You May Be Single, But You’re Not Alone. Being a great dad is challenging enough when you’re part of a two-person team. But now you’re raising your kids single-handedly. How can you provide the emotional, physical, and spiritual support your children need, cover all the details of running a household, and still earn a living to support your family? Being a solo dad could easily be the toughest job of your life. The good news is you’re not alone. Inside this book you’ll find the support, advice, and encouragement you need to succeed. Here are practical solutions for everything you’re facing–from conflicting emotions to day-to-day time management. You’ll find useful pointers on a daughter’s unique needs, a son’s inner struggles, and even how to recruit trusted friends to pitch in. With plenty of humor and real-world insight, The Single Dad’s Survival Guide will show you how to expand on your natural, built-in abilities so you can come out on top as a parenting team of one. • Find logistical help on everyday challenges, including finances, family schedules, household management, and staying on top of your work. • Take advantage of practical guidance on everything from supporting and nurturing your kids to protecting your own emotional health. • Learn how to get past anger, hurt, and fatigue to stand strong as the man your children need most–a man who provides security, stability, and spiritual guidance during one of the toughest times in their life. It’s all here to help you succeed as a solo dad. Single parenting takes everything you’ve got–so learn how to give it your all. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Catholic Girls Survival Guide for the Single Years

The Nuts and Bolts of Staying Sane and Happy While Waiting for Mr. Right

Author: Emily Stimpson

Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Three parts sexual license, two parts corporate I ladder, with a dash of Monolo Blahnik. If a woman's single years were a cocktail, that would be the f culture's preferred recipe.

The single parent family

proceedings of the Changing Family Conference V

Author: Susan Burden



Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 130

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Financial Relief for Single Parents

A Proven Plan for Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

Author: Brenda Armstrong

Publisher: Moody Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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The challenging spiral of financial hardship can overwhelm even the most buoyant soul. Few know this better than single parents who face the seemingly endless burden alone. As a single mom fending for herself, Brenda Armstrong learned this firsthand. She also learned how to turn her situation around. Both her personal discoveries and the key insights she gleaned from years of service alongside Larry Burkett are reflected in this proven plan for achieving the seemingly impossible. Financial Relief for Single Parents will put readers on a healthier financial path. By combining the practical, biblical principles and proven, achievable steps presented in this guidebook, they will discover that financial freedom is possible, even for single parents.