The Reef Aquarium Volume Three

Science, Art, and Technology

Author: J. Charles Delbeek,Julian Sprung

Publisher: Two Little Fishies Incorporated

ISBN: 9781883693145

Category: Science

Page: 680

View: 7676

Reefkeeping science involves the interplay of biology, chemistry, and physics. However, a reef aquarium is not simply a product of scientific knowledge. The application of engineering and its product technology, makes it possible to duplicate the specific biological, chemical, and physical requirements of a coral reef in a relatively small volume of water. This third volume in The Reef Aquarium series, provides the most thorough description of the science behind the creation of a captive reef, and critically reviews and explains the different philosophical approaches to reef aquarium design. It also describes and illustrates the existing as well as emerging technology for building reef aquariums, to help guide the selection of equipment, its proper use, and installation.

The Reef Aquarium

A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification and Care of Tropical Marine Invertebrates

Author: Julian Sprung,J. Charles Delbeek

Publisher: Two Little Fishies Incorporated


Category: Nature

Page: 546

View: 9743

The Marine Reef Aquarium

Author: Philip Hunt

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764160233

Category: Pets

Page: 208

View: 2627

(back cover) This book focuses on developing a system using natural rock and sand as the foundation for a sustainable reef aquarium. Detailed step-by-step guidance throughout. Features more than 400 photos and illustrations.

Ultimate Marine Aquariums

Saltwater Dream Systems and how They are Created

Author: Michael S. Paletta

Publisher: Microcosm Limited


Category: Pets

Page: 192

View: 3597

"... Portraits of 50 world-class marine aquariums, along with priceless advice on how they were planned and how they are kept healthy and vibrant"--P. [4] of cover.

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium

Author: Svein A. Fosså,Alf Jacob Nilsen

Publisher: Two Little Fishies Incorporated


Category: Aquariums

Page: 367

View: 9633

Aquatic Systems Engineering

Devices and How They Function

Author: Pedro Ramon Escobal

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781888381108

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 7614

All You Need to Know about Turnover Times, Filters, Sterilizers, Reactors, Venturis, Skimmers, Pumps, Hydraulics, Heat, Ozone, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Calcium, Tank Bio-Load Capacity, and Light Requirements, Presented Wherever Possible in an Easy-to-Use Graphical Format, Backed up by Many Examples and Problems with Worked-Out Answers Book jacket.

A Practical Guide to Corals for the Reef Aquarium

Author: Ed Puterbaugh,Eric Borneman

Publisher: Crystal Publications


Category: Pets

Page: 112

View: 6531

This is a beautiful guide to more than 200 species of corals that are available to the reef hobbyist. For the first time ever, corals can now be correctly identified by a standardized common name, and of course all specimens are cross referenced with scientific names. This book contains 112 pages, including color photographs of corals as they appear in aquariums throughout the country -- over 300 magnificent pictures, including close-ups, detail shots, and identification tips. There are easy to follow charts on lighting and water flow requirements, aggressiveness, and difficulty of care. Each specimen has a written description, individual care requirements, identification clues, environmental notes, and much more. This is an outstanding book for the serious reef hobbyist or nature lover interested in learning more about these beautiful and endangered creatures. -- "A must have addition to every reef aquarists' library", -- Aquarium Fish Magazine -- "Outstanding Photography...a truly beautiful book", -- Marine Fish Monthly -- A beautiful coffee table book for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting a tropical coral reef -- This is the first book to identify corals by standardized common names. It is quickly becoming an important reference guide the world ever.

Biosensors and Molecular Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics

Author: Keith E. Herold,Avraham Rasooly

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1439841667

Category: Science

Page: 844

View: 2498

Bridging the gap between research and clinical application, Biosensors and Molecular Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics explores the use of biosensors as effective alternatives to the current standard methods in cancer diagnosis and detection. It describes the major aspects involved in detecting and diagnosing cancer as well as the basic elements of biosensors and their applications in detection and diagnostics. The book addresses cancer molecular diagnostics, including genomic and proteomic approaches, from the perspective of biosensors and biodetection. It explains how to measure and understand molecular markers using biosensors and discusses the medical advantages of rapid and accurate cancer diagnostics. It also describes optical, electrochemical, and optomechanical biosensor technologies, with a focus on cancer analysis and the clinical utility of these technologies for cancer detection, diagnostics, prognostics, and treatment. Making biosensor technology more accessible to molecular biologists, oncologists, pathologists, and engineers, this volume advances the integration of this technology into mainstream clinical practice. Through its in-depth coverage of a range of biosensors, the book shows how they can play instrumental roles in the early molecular diagnosis of cancer.

Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium

Author: John H. Tullock

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764120381

Category: Pets

Page: 95

View: 4498

Written by an expert on marine biology, this title is must reading for the marine aquarium hobbyist. Keeping ocean-dwelling fish and other marine life forms thriving in the synthetic environment of an aquarium requires special knowledge and care, especially in regard to water quality. The author discusses the properties of natural seawater, then gives details on how to create and maintain high-quality synthetic seawater. He describes biochemical cycles and fluctuating conditions that are normal in a flourishing marine aquarium, instructs on adding needed chemical components, and advises on water analysis test kits, instrumentation, and record keeping. Includes illustrations plus informative tables and charts.

Persuasive Technology

Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do

Author: B.J. Fogg

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 9781558606432

Category: Computers

Page: 283

View: 2017

An overview of the study of "captology"--the study of computers as persuasive technologies--examines the integration of behavior altering techniques and information technology.

The Coral Reef Aquarium

From Inception to Completion

Author: Tony Vargas

Publisher: Ricordea Publishing

ISBN: 9781883693305

Category: Pets

Page: 272

View: 2204

A comprehensive guide that puts in perspective all the details a beginning or advanced hobbyist needs when planning a small or a giant reef aquarium. With detailed illustrations & diagrams and featuring a large collection of some of the most spectacular reef aquariums ever created from all over the world. 272 pages, hardcover.Tony's over brimming enthusiasm, knowledge and charm is just contagious and packaged in a style that can only be described as “Tonyesque.” It just permeates throughout this book as he walks the reader though the complete process from concept, design, planning, and final decision making to the actual building of reef aquariums ranging in size from nano to mega scale. The second half of the book showcases a gallery of some of the most spectacular coral reef aquariums from around the world, coupled with information sections that provide a snapshot of each system's features and care. It's a visual treat for all reef aquarists, filled with outstanding examples of passionate reef keepers who have created a magnificent slice of the reef in their homes.Tony has truly delivered on the concept and created a unique book that provides something tangible for a wide range of aquarists from beginner to advanced. Read it, be inspired, and learn through the many illustrated examples.

Corals of the world

Author: John Edward Norwood Veron,Mary Stafford-Smith

Publisher: Sea Challengers


Category: Nature

Page: 490

View: 3735

On Food and Cooking

The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

Author: Harold McGee

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416556374

Category: Cooking

Page: 896

View: 4483

Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking is a kitchen classic. Hailed by Time magazine as "a minor masterpiece" when it first appeared in 1984, On Food and Cooking is the bible to which food lovers and professional chefs worldwide turn for an understanding of where our foods come from, what exactly they're made of, and how cooking transforms them into something new and delicious. Now, for its twentieth anniversary, Harold McGee has prepared a new, fully revised and updated edition of On Food and Cooking. He has rewritten the text almost completely, expanded it by two-thirds, and commissioned more than 100 new illustrations. As compulsively readable and engaging as ever, the new On Food and Cooking provides countless eye-opening insights into food, its preparation, and its enjoyment. On Food and Cooking pioneered the translation of technical food science into cook-friendly kitchen science and helped give birth to the inventive culinary movement known as "molecular gastronomy." Though other books have now been written about kitchen science, On Food and Cooking remains unmatched in the accuracy, clarity, and thoroughness of its explanations, and the intriguing way in which it blends science with the historical evolution of foods and cooking techniques. Among the major themes addressed throughout this new edition are: Traditional and modern methods of food production and their influences on food quality The great diversity of methods by which people in different places and times have prepared the same ingredients Tips for selecting the best ingredients and preparing them successfully The particular substances that give foods their flavors and that give us pleasure Our evolving knowledge of the health benefits and risks of foods On Food and Cooking is an invaluable and monumental compendium of basic information about ingredients, cooking methods, and the pleasures of eating. It will delight and fascinate anyone who has ever cooked, savored, or wondered about food.

Ocean literacy for all: a toolkit

Author: Santoro, Francesca,Selvaggia, Santin,Scowcroft, Gail,Fauville, Géraldine,Tuddenham, Peter,UNESCO Office Venice and Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (Italy),IOC

Publisher: UNESCO Publishing

ISBN: 923100249X


Page: 136

View: 4652

Information Arts

Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology

Author: Stephen Wilson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262731584

Category: Art

Page: 945

View: 1850

An introduction to the work and ideas of artists who use—and even influence—science and technology.

Reef Notes


Author: Julian Sprung

Publisher: Two Little Fishies Incorporated


Category: Nature

Page: 192

View: 693


Imagining an Oceanic Worldview Through Art and Science

Author: Stefanie Hessler,Markus Reymann

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: 9780262038096

Category: Art

Page: 240

View: 1849

Essays, research, and art projects that formulate a Tidalectic worldview, addressing our most threatened ecosystem: the oceans. The oceans cover two-thirds of the planet, shaping human history and culture, home to countless species. Yet we, as mostly land-dwelling humans, often fail to grasp the importance of these vast bodies of water. Climate change destabilizes notions of land-based embeddedness, collapses tropes of time and space, and turns our future more oceanic. Tidalectics imagines an oceanic worldview, with essays, research, and artists' projects that present a different way of engaging with our hydrosphere. Unbound by land-based modes of thinking and living, the essays and research in Tidalectics reflect the rhythmic fluidity of water. Tidalectics emerges from the Thyssen-Bornesmisza Art Contemporary (TBA21)--Academy, the only Western arts organization entirely dedicated to work on climate change and the oceans. In 2016, TBA21--Academy became the first cultural organization to gain UN observer status at the International Seabed Authority Assembly. The book presents newly commissioned work from a range of disciplines and often-neglected perspectives, alongside classic "anchor texts" by such writers as Rachel Carson. The contributors include an anthropologist from Fiji, a Norwegian scholar who specializes in maritime legal history, the author of the first comparative history of Caribbean and Pacific Island literatures, and a poet from Barbados who coined the term "tidalectics" as a play on "dialectics." The art projects documented in the book form part of an exhibition curated by the volume's editor, and include a video of the infinite whites, blues, and grays of Antarctica; a collection of oceanic smells from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica; and a quartz submersible capsule designed to communicate with cetaceans. Tidalectics provides a unique collection of the strongest voices in oceanic thinking, bridging arts, oceanography, history, law, and environmental studies. With contributions by Nabil Ahmed, Tamatoa Bambridge, Kamau Brathwaite, Guigone Camus, Rachel Carson, Cynthia Chou, Paul D'Arcy, Tony deBrum, Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Keller Easterling, Bill Graham, Francesca von Habsburg, Stefan Helmreich, Stefanie Hessler, Cresantia Frances Koya Vaka'uta, Rosiana Lagi, Stéphanie Leyronas, Chus Martínez, Astrida Neimanis, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Markus Reymann, Philip E. Steinberg, Khal Torabully, Lingikoni Vaka'uta, Davor Vidas, Susanne M. Winterling Artists surveyed in the book Atif Akin, Darren Almond, Julian Charrière, Em'kal Eyongakpa, Tue Greenfort, Ariel Guzik, Newell Harry, Alexander Lee, Eduardo Navarro, Sissel Tolaas, Janaina Tschäpe & David Gruber, Jana Winderen, Susanne M. Winterling Copublished with TBA21-Academy, Vienna, Austria

The New Marine Aquarium

Step-by-step Setup & Stocking Guide

Author: Michael S. Paletta

Publisher: Microcosm Limited

ISBN: 9781890087524

Category: Pets

Page: 144

View: 5325

Creating a beautiful, thriving first saltwater aquarium has never been easier, using the natural, simplified methods learned and practiced by the world's leading reef hobbyists. By helping newcomers avoid the pitfalls of outdated, high-maintenance filtration techniques, the author offers an easy-to-follow route to long-term success with live rock, appropriate equipment, aquascaping, disease prevention, and essential husbandry techniques. Includes a photographic guide to selecting fishes, with dozens of hardy choices that are highly recommended for beginning hobbyists or others wanting beautiful, interesting, and long-lived marine species.